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Reply #20: The NEP table shows that the max. MoE for 8000 respondents is 1% [View All]

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TruthIsAll Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-15-05 04:14 AM
Response to Reply #19
20. The NEP table shows that the max. MoE for 8000 respondents is 1%
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  -Ignore the RW spin. Calc the SAMPLE-SIZE for any MoE and confidence level TruthIsAll  Apr-14-05 08:08 AM   #0 
  - Truth is truly ALL there is. Keep spreading the word TIA and thanks for  In Truth We Trust   Apr-14-05 08:13 AM   #1 
  - TIA thank you again.  Botany   Apr-14-05 08:55 AM   #2 
  - This was fun but  davidgmills   Apr-14-05 08:58 AM   #3 
  - It's More Than Just Being Clustered  ribofunk   Apr-14-05 09:10 AM   #5 
     - It always amazes me about how the "lie" factor always creeps in  davidgmills   Apr-14-05 09:25 AM   #6 
        - It Doesn't Matter  ribofunk   Apr-14-05 09:45 AM   #7 
           - My point exactly  davidgmills   Apr-14-05 10:35 AM   #8 
           - So an exit poll is NOT EVEN A SAMPLE of the actual votes?  TruthIsAll   Apr-14-05 10:55 AM   #9 
           - It's Not a Sample of the Actual Votes  ribofunk   Apr-14-05 11:38 AM   #10 
              - You're still leaving out something....  Sancho   Apr-14-05 03:04 PM   #11 
                 - Of Course, I'm Leaving Out a Lot  ribofunk   Apr-14-05 03:48 PM   #14 
           - You cannot assign a probability to a sample? What do all posters do?  TruthIsAll   Apr-14-05 04:16 PM   #16 
              - Your "600-Million-to-One" Claims Would be Correct  ribofunk   Apr-15-05 09:42 AM   #22 
                 - Tell it to  TruthIsAll   Apr-15-05 12:48 PM   #23 
                 - Of Course They Arouse Suspicion  ribofunk   Apr-15-05 01:50 PM   #25 
                 - Did Zogby say this in print?  davidgmills   Apr-15-05 06:35 PM   #27 
  - PBS on Karl Rove  kansasblue   Apr-14-05 09:09 AM   #4 
  - If I understand....we're saying the same thing...  Sancho   Apr-14-05 03:18 PM   #12 
  - Kerry won the new voters. All exit polls said from 54-59%  TruthIsAll   Apr-14-05 04:29 PM   #17 
  - a good example...Neilsen Ratings  Sancho   Apr-14-05 03:24 PM   #13 
  - One more thing...  libertypirate   Apr-14-05 04:06 PM   #15 
  - Thank you  StudentOfDarrow   Apr-14-05 08:34 PM   #18 
  - The NEP Methods Statement includes discussion of sampling error:  kiwi_expat   Apr-14-05 10:07 PM   #19 
  - The NEP table shows that the max. MoE for 8000 respondents is 1%  TruthIsAll   Apr-15-05 04:14 AM   #20 
     - To see how NEP prefaced the table:  kiwi_expat   Apr-15-05 08:06 AM   #21 
  - TIA, I don't remember the thread but...  anaxarchos   Apr-15-05 12:59 PM   #24 
  - My calculated MoE for 13047 respondents was always 0.875%  TruthIsAll   Apr-15-05 02:19 PM   #26 
  - How to take the Mystery out of the Pollster in just a few minutes.  TruthIsAll   Apr-26-05 06:52 PM   #28 
  - kick.nt  kster   Apr-27-05 01:39 AM   #29 

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