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Reply #15: EXACT SCENARIO regarding states and homeland security. [View All]

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Niche Donating Member (687 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-08-05 04:35 AM
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15. EXACT SCENARIO regarding states and homeland security.
Without full funding of HAVA, the states are being forced to comply with the new federal law without adequate assistance from the very leaders who promised to provide the resources to make federal participation in this process a success.


Also, Kevin Shelley CA Secretary of State worked his ass off here for us to get voting machines out of CA. And in LA we had ads and voter info en masse about Ink Dot -- he did a great job here and money was spent on voter info like never before and I've been here 14 yrs. AND THE REPS ARE AFTER HIM saying he didn't spend the monies appropriatly or some nonsense. If you live in CA please support Shelley he went up against Deibold and won - got them out of the state - must be why repoos are mad.
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