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Reply #5: LOL!! You're right, Tex! While so many DUers are in D,.C., standing up [View All]

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loudsue Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-05-05 10:43 PM
Response to Original message
5. LOL!! You're right, Tex! While so many DUers are in D,.C., standing up
for our Democracy, the roaches are over here trying to slip their little germs into everything.

Take it with a grain of salt, and step on 'em when you get a chance! They're transparent.

:kick: :kick:
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  -What's up with all the anti-Kerry threads? How interesting that texpatriot2004  Jan-05-05 10:38 PM   #0 
  - kick it for Kerry  texpatriot2004   Jan-05-05 10:40 PM   #1 
  - "consider where it's coming from???"  truthseeker1   Jan-05-05 10:41 PM   #2 
  - Well, he's out of town, so I'm letting him off the hook this time.  Warpy   Jan-05-05 10:52 PM   #19 
  - i was just going to post the same  seabeyond   Jan-05-05 10:42 PM   #3 
  - Its the Democracy!  sd_UDO   Jan-05-05 10:43 PM   #4 
  - LOL!! You're right, Tex! While so many DUers are in D,.C., standing up  loudsue   Jan-05-05 10:43 PM   #5 
  - What the hell are you even talking about?  truthseeker1   Jan-05-05 10:56 PM   #24 
  - summary of Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance" essay  smurfygirl   Jan-05-05 10:44 PM   #6 
  - that + Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience' = Required Liberal Reading.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:47 PM   #9 
  - 10 and counting. Don't believe the hype. DU'ers... STAY ON POINT. Unite!  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:46 PM   #7 
  - Viva Kerry!  pamela   Jan-05-05 10:47 PM   #8 
  - Most are most definitely freeptards. The others 'discuss'. They 'whine'.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:49 PM   # 
  - I think it's a little of both  Laurab   Jan-05-05 11:01 PM   #31 
     - Whenever you try to explain how damaging it would be, the reply is  LittleClarkie   Jan-05-05 11:06 PM   #35 
     - Well said, Laurab. n/t  pamela   Jan-05-05 11:13 PM   #40 
  - you're right / it's about counting the votes. All the votes  skylarmae   Jan-05-05 10:47 PM   #10 
  - People are upset with Kerry. Most of these people worked for him.  genius   Jan-05-05 10:48 PM   #11 
  - Hmmm. Most of my friends from the Kerry campaign don't feel that way.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:49 PM   #15 
  - well, gee, the world revolves around you, eh?  truthseeker1   Jan-05-05 10:58 PM   #27 
     - I'm sorry, I thought we were discussing Kerry's former workers here,  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 11:00 PM   #28 
        - Why did you edit your post? HUh?  truthseeker1   Jan-05-05 11:03 PM   #34 
           - What? You're losing it, chuckles. Soak your head.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 11:36 PM   #51 
  - i did, i gave money, i gave 6 months of my life  seabeyond   Jan-05-05 10:52 PM   #20 
     - I feel exactly as you do - spent a year and a half  truthseeker1   Jan-05-05 11:00 PM   #30 
        - but see truth seeker, i was surprised to see your post  seabeyond   Jan-05-05 11:15 PM   #43 
        - I was ecstatic when I got his email today  Laurab   Jan-05-05 11:25 PM   #46 
  - Anyone get Kerry's last email?  Proud_Lefty   Jan-05-05 10:49 PM   #12 
  - I would have been much better off if --  Old Crusoe   Jan-05-05 10:49 PM   #13 
  - Right on - we Dems weren't the only ones defrauded... ALL OF AMERICA WAS.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:51 PM   #17 
     - Here, here!  Old Crusoe   Jan-05-05 10:55 PM   #22 
        - I'm studying 'curmudgeon 101' and he's the first three chapters. LOL  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:57 PM   #25 
           - : )  Old Crusoe   Jan-05-05 11:00 PM   #29 
  - I still have his back  LittleClarkie   Jan-05-05 10:49 PM   #14 
  - me too LittleClarkie  bunny planet   Jan-05-05 10:54 PM   #21 
     - Did you know there is a FReeper who claims to be you?  lib_1138   Jan-05-05 11:03 PM   #33 
        - OMG I am horrified.  bunny planet   Jan-05-05 11:11 PM   #37 
        - I looked at the thread again and someone is actually quoting from one of  bunny planet   Jan-05-05 11:18 PM   #45 
        - freedumb2003 is claiming to be me. I knew I shouldn't have chosen such  bunny planet   Jan-05-05 11:35 PM   #50 
  - No wonder the republican are winning  surfermaw   Jan-05-05 10:50 PM   #16 
  - Oh yes we are. More every day. Despite the fifth-column freeptics.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:52 PM   #18 
  - maw  whalerider55   Jan-05-05 11:06 PM   #36 
  - Just wanted to say Hi to surfermaw  Sydnie   Jan-05-05 11:11 PM   #38 
  - I just have to finally get this out  smurfygirl   Jan-05-05 10:55 PM   #23 
  - A few of us  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 10:57 PM   #26 
  - Amen, Sister. You are COMPLETELY RIGHT. All that can defeat us, is us.  FreepFryer   Jan-05-05 11:31 PM   #47 
  - i inhaled otherwise, lol lol, i have the time  seabeyond   Jan-05-05 11:35 PM   #49 
  - yes, and people need to give it up  Faye   Jan-05-05 11:02 PM   #32 
  - I trust him, period. I am sick of all those threads.  juajen   Jan-05-05 11:12 PM   #39 
  - Hmm. Same exact message now posted 3 times on one thread  wakemewhenitsover   Jan-05-05 11:17 PM   #44 
  - I wonder why you'd waste everyone's time being so negative yourself?  sfexpat2000   Jan-05-05 11:13 PM   #41 
  - I must have missed all that  Laurab   Jan-05-05 11:33 PM   #48 
  - The "anti-Kerry" threads are not just here  Mirwib   Jan-05-05 11:14 PM   #42 
  - Excellent post. Some people can't wait until tomorrow's events  txindy   Jan-05-05 11:51 PM   #52 
  - I chalk it up to the maturity level ....  NVMojo   Jan-05-05 11:53 PM   #53 
  - I'm genuinely irritated with Kerry but I'm pumped for tomorrow!  yardwork   Jan-05-05 11:53 PM   #54 
     - Exactly! I think it's what we're all learning from this.  zann725   Jan-06-05 12:32 AM   #55 

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