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Reply #33: I keep thinking of two things Kerry said during the campaign [View All]

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hvn_nbr_2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-05-05 12:39 AM
Response to Original message
33. I keep thinking of two things Kerry said during the campaign
I don't remember exactly what he said and don't have links but the two things were these: In regard to the potential for Republican dirty tricks and cheating in the election, he said something like "They better not try it." He also said something like "they're the crookedest bunch" that ever was or that he ever saw.

Neither of those are the kind of things that politicians say. The first would be like daring them to, and he better be prepared to back up his implied threat. The second, although many may think it, they just don't say things like that into microphones. Maybe he was ready to back it up; maybe he already had whistleblower spies in Diebold, Triad, etc.

But why wait so long? Bush has pardon power till Jan. 20. Better to wait as long as possible to reveal anything, so they have less time to react. Even then reveal as little as possible.

A couple more things:

I haven't seen any mention of this on DU, and I'm a little surprised that there's no speculation about it. In prep school, Kerry played on lacrosse and hockey teams captained by Robert Mueller, current head of the FBI. They crossed paths again during the BCCI investigation. I haven't found any indication of any friendship between them, and Mueller seems to be a fairly typical repub stooge, but maybe he has a shred or two of integrity. I seem to remember during his nomination hearings that there was some suggestion of that. Anyway, the number of Google hits on -- "John Kerry" "Robert Mueller" -- is increasing fairly rapidly. A week ago it was 6660 hits, tonight is 7010. I don't know what to make of that.

Odd stuff is happening: Hilary says she doesn't know anything about a challenge. Yeah, right! Other senators saying odd things and seeming to contradict themselves. Kerry being out of the country now. It's still odd that he sent all those lawyers back to Ohio to prove that Bush won fair and square; still doesn't make any sense. There's still no sniping at Kerry as a candidate from Dem insiders; plenty here on DU but insiders aren't bashing him; that always happens. Something weird is going on.

Also a couple very subjective and wu-wu things: I've just unaccountably gotten a good feeling during the last day or so; I've been alternately devastated, angry, and depressed since an hour after the polls closed on the east coast and now suddenly I feel good. My unaccountable shifts in feelings and attitudes often correspond with external reality.

Tonight the team from one of the bluest of the blue states (USC) whomped on the team from one of the reddest of the red states (Oklahoma) for the college football national championship. An omen? I can hope.

Finally, take this with many grains of salt or else just ignore it: About a month before the election I did a remote viewing session about who would beome president Jan. 20. I deliberately avoided framing it as who would win the election because I already suspected Diebold et al would try to steal it if it looked like they'd lose, so asking that question invited ambiguous and weird answers. The answer to my question was that Kerry would, because of help from some Republican, and it seemed like something that would happen after election day; I thought of McCain as possibly the Repub but that seemed to be my own analytical overlay. Make of it what you will, if anything.
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  -I still believe we are going to see a bombshell on the 6th Ugnmoose  Jan-04-05 10:27 PM   #0 
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  - I hope so too!!!!!!  Not_Giving_Up   Jan-04-05 10:29 PM   #3 
  - i hope to god you are right  Faye   Jan-04-05 10:30 PM   #4 
  - Faye you always make me smile. n/t  buzzard   Jan-04-05 10:40 PM   #12 
  - I like your optimism!  madison2000   Jan-04-05 10:30 PM   #5 
  - kick it up for us optimists!!! n/t  dalloway   Jan-04-05 10:33 PM   #6 
  - I pray that you are right!  Blossom   Jan-04-05 10:37 PM   #9 
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  - I start to feel this way  SueZhope   Jan-04-05 10:42 PM   #13 
  - I just don't buy this b.s. that Clinton doesn't know  Ugnmoose   Jan-04-05 10:48 PM   #14 
  - That right there is to strange,  mary195149   Jan-04-05 10:53 PM   #16 
  - yes i agree , it sure look like what you are saying  SueZhope   Jan-04-05 11:06 PM   #24 
  - But elsewhere she said she sent a legal team to the Conyers hearing!  saracat   Jan-05-05 03:27 AM   #41 
  - There Is NO Excuse for Any Elected Democrat NOT to Know  leftchick   Jan-05-05 04:31 AM   #43 
  - If The little  bywho4who   Jan-04-05 10:49 PM   #15 
  - I agree with you about the government insiders.  bush_is_wacko   Jan-04-05 10:54 PM   #17 
  - I still believe...  w13rd0   Jan-04-05 10:56 PM   #18 
  - I love optimists. I hope you are right. It would truly change history.  bunny planet   Jan-04-05 10:56 PM   #19 
  - I am praying you are right, I believe we all would be happy to see it  GetTheRightVote   Jan-04-05 10:58 PM   #20 
  - This is my fervent prayer!!!  fooj   Jan-04-05 11:01 PM   #21 
  - Could be why  EC   Jan-04-05 11:02 PM   #22 
  - Kerry cannot be involved with this  NV Whino   Jan-04-05 11:08 PM   #26 
  - Either a bombshell or a bomb  NV Whino   Jan-04-05 11:04 PM   #23 
  - Kick!!!!!!!1  bunny planet   Jan-04-05 11:08 PM   #25 
  - Kick again for optimism - it sure beats the alternative  Laurab   Jan-04-05 11:41 PM   #27 
  - Dayton is meeting with CASE tomorrow  catgirl   Jan-04-05 11:47 PM   #28 
  - I'm trying to be hopeful  m.standridge   Jan-04-05 11:58 PM   #31 
  - you mean Walternative?  bettyellen   Jan-05-05 04:26 AM   #42 
  - A good movie starts with a dark theater.  bleever   Jan-04-05 11:49 PM   #29 
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     - OMG  Vektor   Jan-05-05 03:18 AM   #39 
  - I so hope you are right. Keeping the faith here. n/t  Blue_In_AK   Jan-05-05 12:02 AM   #32 
  - I keep thinking of two things Kerry said during the campaign  hvn_nbr_2   Jan-05-05 12:39 AM   #33 
  - And don't forget that the Packers beat the Skins, 28-14.  RevCheesehead   Jan-05-05 01:26 AM   #37 
  - To be a criminal  Oversea Visitor   Jan-05-05 03:25 AM   #40 
  - What is a remote viewing? n/t  buzzard   Jan-05-05 08:33 AM   #44 
     - Remote viewing = psychic spying  hvn_nbr_2   Jan-05-05 12:46 PM   #59 
  - I kinda doubt it  Democrat Dragon   Jan-05-05 12:51 AM   #34 
  - It will happen. And, for weeks, for example, we had all kinds...  understandinglife   Jan-05-05 12:56 AM   #35 
  - I believe it, too  txindy   Jan-05-05 01:08 AM   #36 
  - I do too.  zann725   Jan-05-05 02:53 AM   #38 
  - Do you people have any idea--ANY idea-....  swami   Jan-05-05 09:04 AM   #45 
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  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-05-05 12:16 PM   #57 
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  - get your popcorn ready  bmoney07   Jan-05-05 09:07 AM   #46 
  - KEEP THE FAITH, GET THE POPCORN n/t  TruthIsAll   Jan-05-05 09:23 AM   #49 
  - keep  krrywon   Jan-05-05 09:23 AM   #48 
  - hmm  Faye   Jan-05-05 09:24 AM   #50 
     - Now where did I put that category list of yours?  emulatorloo   Jan-05-05 09:28 AM   #52 
     - The catagory list WAS tight!  Darknyte7   Jan-05-05 09:57 AM   #53 
  - Why I am hopeful  nmoliver   Jan-05-05 10:03 AM   #54 
  - I don't know what to think anymore  neek   Jan-05-05 10:29 AM   #56 
  - Jan 6th? -- Either way it's going to be a "bombshell" !!!  Imagevision   Jan-05-05 12:47 PM   #60 
  - I agree Ugnmoose, something is brewing here and the  texpatriot2004   Jan-05-05 05:24 PM   #61 

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