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Reply #25: Ohio recount over, shows Bush, Kerry few hundred votes closer [View All]

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dzika Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-28-04 01:28 PM
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25. Ohio recount over, shows Bush, Kerry few hundred votes closer
Edited on Tue Dec-28-04 01:29 PM by dzika

December 28, 2004

Ohio recount over, shows Bush, Kerry few hundred votes closer

TOLEDO, Ohio -- The presidential recount in Ohio finished Tuesday, shaving a few hundred votes off President Bush's six-figure margin of victory in the state that gave him the election.

The recount shows Bush winning the election by 118,457 votes over John Kerry, according to unofficial results provided to The Associated Press by the 88 counties. Lucas County, where Toledo is located, was the last to finish counting, with its results reported Tuesday coming about two weeks after the recount started.

The Kerry campaign supported the recount, saying it did not expect the tally to change the election winner. Supporters of the recount requested by two minor party candidates said they wanted to make sure that every valid vote was counted.


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