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Reply #44: Thunder Rouge At The Trails End Over End. [View All]

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-12-11 07:17 PM
Response to Reply #43
44. Thunder Rouge At The Trails End Over End.
Edited on Wed Jan-12-11 07:25 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
She did it, and she can't get enough. Sarah I see is hard to not notice in red. She does have her way of holding attention when speaking. Well versed in color psychology no doubt. I imagine she read and recited her speech many many times in prep for the release. I imagine she is so completely caught up in herself that memorizing her lines word for word and practicing her speech by memory or heart as they say is far too complicated for Sarah.
But she appeared to be a person of convection.

Blood Libal and Dueling Pistols - it all came down to reload. What remained to be seen has been seen and she came out swinging her bat but I think she struck out.

No reason to keep it in the closet says Sarah ,say what you mean and mean what you say. But really, who wrote that?

Still her oratory was colorful to the tune of red.

Odd isn't it, one summer day Joe Miller,Sarah's Lieutenant was dancing in the star light ready to kiss the Alaska sky's good by and say hello to the land of big game hunting in Washington D.C. Joe Miller must have imagined himself standing in front of Teddy Roosevelt's portrait worthy as can be being a Washington new comer. Indeed Joe Miller standing there wearing his well worn and well polished combat boots, a army academe man,West Point and well polished through Yale Law and worthy as they come.There is no swamp,no mud hole and no desert oasis that Smoking Joe Miller has not or will not tramp through.Certainly Teddy Roosevelt would smile upon Joe if he were there.

Joe Miller felt he was ever so close to reaching his dream,his living fantasy-his destiny ,-to lead the charge up Capital Hill.

But than it came,the shit hit the fan- hell came and Joe Miller's dream ,his living fantasy was slowly slipping down the toilet. And McCain had already shipped the dagger to Joe the Plumber ,so Joe Miller got screwed there too. The toilet became like quick sand with a very slow flush. Even if Joe The Plumber would come,could he get there in time to preform the Big fix ? Hell too or even a quick fix on a crutch that lasts long enough to get poor Joe through the election would do-,but it did not happen.
And so Joe Miller slowly sank down the toilet hole until finally he was swallowed up down into the place where all the shit eating crap goes.And of course he drowned in it. Poor poor Joe Miller down there in a world of shit. And Joe The Plumber really couldn't give a shit.

One thing is for certain Joe kept on swinging to the end.Poor joe just couldn't see what he was swinging at.
And Sarah will keep on swinging to the end.
And both of them end up end over end just as sure as shit does indeed stink.

The thing of it is, that story never gets put to bed as history will show.

People like Sarah Palin should try to refashion our history to suit their selves

Joe Miller tried harder than anybody ever to avoid a confrontation with the truth. He used hand cuffs ,he used security guards ,he used methods out of the depths of deception never before seen or heard of and he created a few methods along the way. Yet still he was swallowed up and taken down into the deep depths ,down into the world of shit.

And Sarah is well on her way to the very same place.And there is no avoiding that. Joe tried like all hell and lost.

We are indeed standing at the trails end.

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