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Police: SC state attorney caught with stripper [View All]

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DainBramaged Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-29-09 12:56 AM
Original message
Police: SC state attorney caught with stripper
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Edited on Thu Oct-29-09 12:59 AM by DainBramaged
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A deputy assistant attorney general who said he was on his lunch break when an officer found him with a stripper and sex toys in his sport utility vehicle has been fired, his boss said Wednesday.

Roland Corning, 66, a former state legislator, was in a secluded part of a downtown cemetery when an officer spotted him Monday, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act.

As the officer approached, Corning sped off, then pulled over a few blocks away. He and the 18-year-old woman with him, an employee of the Platinum Plus Gentleman's Club, gave conflicting stories about what they were doing in the cemetery, Officer Michael Wines wrote in his report, though he did not elaborate.

Corning gave Wines a badge showing he worked for the state Attorney General's Office. Wines, whose wife also works there, called her to make sure Corning was telling the truth. He then searched the SUV, where he found a Viagra pill and several sex toys, items Corning said he always kept with him, "just in case," according to the report.

Corning and the woman were let go without charges. Wines' wife reported the call to her supervisor, who told Attorney General Henry McMaster

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no comment necessary.... too funny......

There is one comment, under related topics at the bottom of the article are the following:

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  -Police: SC state attorney caught with stripper DainBramaged  Oct-29-09 12:56 AM   #0 
  - Let's not be too quick to cast the first stone here  Orrex   Oct-29-09 01:06 AM   #1 
  - birmingham  mid5500   Oct-23-10 06:44 PM   #32 
  - Consenting adults ...?? WTF? Where is our Freedom them Repigs yammering about?  opihimoimoi   Oct-29-09 01:07 AM   #2 
  - I'd like to know why the cop searched his car n/t  dmr   Oct-29-09 02:30 AM   #8 
  - the perp had squealed his tires and drove off initially when he first saw a cop car  Mari333   Oct-29-09 08:24 AM   #25 
  - "sport utility vehicle" = Viagra  Hubert Flottz   Oct-29-09 04:26 AM   #14 
  - Resuscitating sausages is a skill taught at Universities....Ms 18 years old prolly was resuscitating  opihimoimoi   Oct-29-09 09:57 AM   #29 
  - Uh - A car is not considered a private place for the purpose of having sex.  yellowcanine   Oct-29-09 09:08 AM   #27 
  - bradford  mid5500   Oct-23-10 06:48 PM   #33 
  - This is just part of Obama's faceist plan to control everything we do on our lunch hour.  Loudmxr   Oct-29-09 01:20 AM   #3 
  - I keep a round-nose shovel in my car...  necso   Oct-29-09 01:24 AM   #4 
  - That's too kinky  Blandocyte   Oct-29-09 06:42 AM   #17 
  - And the crime or the law broke is? n/t  countmyvote4real   Oct-29-09 02:01 AM   #5 
  - Well, let's consider adultery for one  DainBramaged   Oct-29-09 02:10 AM   #6 
  - One clue is that 18 year olds generally don't..  girl gone mad   Oct-29-09 02:19 AM   #7 
  - Clues don't make crimes; and proof, not clues, are required to convict even  pundaint   Oct-29-09 02:42 AM   #10 
     - So it's OK for DU to rail against people who buy soda with food stamps  DainBramaged   Oct-29-09 06:47 AM   #18 
        - +1  snagglepuss   Oct-29-09 07:15 AM   #19 
  - Prostitution comes to mind, along with the steamed up windows.  Historic NY   Oct-29-09 03:32 AM   #11 
  - Dude! Get a motel.  depakid   Oct-29-09 02:34 AM   #9 
  - Not only is there a very nice hotel...  DAMANgoldberg   Oct-29-09 04:12 AM   #13 
  - Why was the cop bothering them in the first place?  sabrina 1   Oct-29-09 03:40 AM   #12 
  - Because the car was in a PUBLIC place - a cemetary. How would you like to be at Auntie Sarah's  yellowcanine   Oct-29-09 09:11 AM   #28 
  - Bruce Hornsby put this to song over 20 years ago--nailed it, too:  DFW   Oct-29-09 04:38 AM   #15 
  - SC must have something in the water...  Sancho   Oct-29-09 05:33 AM   #16 
  - Now now, Porky's II took place in FL, not SC  Malikshah   Oct-29-09 07:22 AM   #20 
  - other websites I have been reading on this say  Mari333   Oct-29-09 08:11 AM   #21 
  - I expect he'll sue the state  JustABozoOnThisBus   Oct-29-09 08:13 AM   #22 
  - Know your rights people  Ed76638   Oct-29-09 08:16 AM   #23 
  - And WTF is the cop doing sharing police reports with his wife?  Ed76638   Oct-29-09 08:24 AM   #24 
  - He Was Investigating A Crime  jberryhill   Oct-29-09 10:50 PM   #30 
  - (sigh) so this gets buried under SC even though it's A)LBN B) GD  DainBramaged   Oct-29-09 08:54 AM   #26 
  - bath  mid5500   Oct-23-10 06:44 PM   #31 

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