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Reply #28: The Bodies Having Been Placed So Close Together [View All]

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-15-11 11:51 AM
Response to Reply #27
28. The Bodies Having Been Placed So Close Together
Edited on Fri Apr-15-11 12:06 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
is unusual or unique says one expert. But isn't it odd that the UK's Suffolk Strangler Steven Wright formed a cluster with his victims similar to Gary Ridgeway's way about it in the end? The cluster or the arrangement of the bodies close together is the scumbags prize collective. The scumbag can simply drive by the collective and grain gratification by making frequent visitations -the drive by enhances the replaying of the crimes over and over again as it all goes down in their minds.So this is to say it progresses past simply keeping trophy's such as a shoe-or jewelry or any small item a scumbag will keep in a collective to help enhance the replaying of the events in their minds-movies or sports events cannot give them the same gratification . As far as we know it will appear the killer thus far has eight murders to replay over and over again as it all goes down in their minds.Some people watch reruns of their favorite television program over and over again for years on end over end.Or even a life time.

And so given the arrangement of the bodies isn't really unusual or unique since it has all been done before,what is unusual or unique about it is the under brush-the killers was sure the elements would clean up his mess over a long length in time-thus giving the killer plenty of time to revisit his collective. Just driving by it is enough of a gain to sustain the killer for a length in time.

But this killer is also a obsessive compulsive with knowledge of police procedure. So this one most likely is compelled to keep a visual watch over his collective.Watching as he drives by for anything unusual. Other visitors or any little thing seeming out of place. That part of the thrill is over now that the killers collective has been exposed-so the scumbag is off on all the publicity now.

And so the arrangement of the bodies or victims will appear to be another progressive phase for the serial scumbag to pass through. OK so, collecting little things does not bring enough gratification and it progresses to keeping the the bodies or arranging the bodies in a collective.John Wane Gacy-another example. And the scumbags pick locations that make it easy to drive by visiting the collective or cluster. There the scumbag would most likely be a local or former local ,or one who visits family and would be a frequent traveler down that particular road.

If the scumbag felt the compulsive urge to stop and breath the air close to the collective-why the scumbag could just put on the emergency signal lights open the trunk and place a jack along side the car making it look like a flat tire or mechanical trouble.The object is the feeling of being a little closer to the collective with-out getting too close.

That same irresistible urge to the scumbag would also apply to the taunting phone calls the scumbag placed back there in western New York and no doubt for a unique and unusual reason. 6 of those.
So the scumbag has a obsessive compulsive personality and no doubt has family connections in western New York or the Buffalo area for some reason is highly significant to the scumbag.As it says in the news, those phone calls may be the best evidence they got or will get.Not just a lead-but evidence.

So the arrangement of the bodies in a cluster choicely located is a progressive phase or perhaps what it all comes down to for the serial killer-molester/rapist-revenge motivated arsonist -terrorist on and so on.In the progressive phases in some cases that may be the final phase-But you still have to look at john Wane Gacy's cluster or collective-,we know where it end's ,but do we know where it began ?

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