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Reply #16: The New Lying DeVos Ad [View All]

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Hidden Stillness Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-11-06 05:05 PM
Response to Reply #14
16. The New Lying DeVos Ad
Hi, blue4barb. I just happened to get this latest DeVos filth on tape because I was taping, I admit it, today's "Oprah." Here are my notes from it:

(voice-over, DeVos; while showing empty factory on screen--hey, maybe it's Amway!) "Michigan's still losing jobs. Governor Granholm's response?"
(now shows a bizarrely grinning DeVos) "Negative attacks. It's too bad. Our company never sent a single American job to China--not one." (now shows newspaper onscreen: "Michigan Could Learn from DeVos' China Experience" Detroit News, Editor, 4/20/06 Nolan Finley)
DeVos: "We built a plant in China to make products we sell in China" (now adds second newspaper quote onscreen) "...The Chinese government requires it." Lansing State Journal Column, 8/31/05 Chris Andrews) "That's what their law requires."
(shows active plant) "We're selling Michigan-made products in over 70 countries. That's how we saved 4000 Michigan jobs."
(shows DeVos again, both close-up alone, and a very uncomfortable-looking shot of DeVos in the plant with "employees") "Political attacks aren't what I'm really worried about. I want us to compete with the world for more Michigan jobs." Paid for and Authorized by Dick DeVos for Governor

A few opinions: First, you know that this liar is just playing with words, and the whole solution rests on what phraseology is being screwed around with. For example, they did not "move" "American" jobs, because they outsourced the whole plant, and so therefore they were not "American" but Chinese jobs, etc. Notice also that DeVos can never provide proof af any of these claims--I have never seen a single DeVos news article refuting anything; they are always, only, opinion columns, which of course prove nothing. Second, the weird grin DeVos has the whole time looks like nothing so mauch as one of these, "I am even more of a criminal than you will ever know or can prove." I hope it comes across that way to others; that is what it is. Finally, the very strange and scary last line, which comes across as something very different from what they were pretending: It is as if, "I want us to have to compete now with the whole world-economy for our Michigan jobs." Everything, Amway-like, will be deregulated, outsourced, downsized, and you peons will be fighting--for your lives--with the whole rest of the world now, for what was once your own job. I hope the Granholm campaign picks up on this threat and can use it.
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  - It's a great ad. We cannot afford to have DeVos as the Governor.  AX10   Sep-21-06 08:49 PM   #23 

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