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Reply #25: Apparently she doesn't even know what she just voted for [View All]

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riverdale Donating Member (881 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-14-08 08:13 PM
Response to Reply #24
25. Apparently she doesn't even know what she just voted for
Remembering your interest . .

. . in the issue of warrantless wiretapping and domestic surveillance programs, I wanted to write to you with an update on recent Congressional action.

On February 12, I voted against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act. This legislation would have endorsed the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program. I voted against similar legislation last year. I share your grave concerns about this program and its lack of oversight. This legislation also included full immunity for telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Administration's wiretapping program. Full immunity prevents these important constitutional issues from getting a hearing in the courts. Because of this, and because the legislation did not go far enough to protect the civil liberties of American citizens, I opposed the FISA bill.

The House of Representatives did not include immunity in its version of the bill, and President Bush has threatened a veto. As this issue continues to be debated in Congress, I will continue to fight for our civil liberties and to hold the Bush Administration accountable for its actions. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if my office can be of assistance to you or your family.


Debbie Stabenow

United States Senator
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  -Stabenow does it again. Snotcicles  Feb-12-08 12:23 PM   #0 
  - You read my mind.  SharonRB   Feb-12-08 12:48 PM   #1 
  - Right  catbyte   Feb-12-08 02:42 PM   #2 
  - I don't know what her deal is. nt  Snotcicles   Feb-12-08 02:54 PM   #3 
  - D.L.C.  PassingFair   Feb-12-08 08:15 PM   #10 
  - I'm still ticked at her because of her vote on the...  maddogesq   Feb-12-08 05:06 PM   #4 
  - Dagnabbit, Debbie! Stop listening to the DLC!  knitter4democracy   Feb-12-08 05:39 PM   #5 
  - Yep. We are DEVO, we are DLC.  maddogesq   Feb-12-08 07:08 PM   #7 
  - She helps out her constituents through her office  noonwitch   Feb-13-08 03:49 PM   #22 
     - That's her job. It's also her job to uphold and defend the Constitution.  knitter4democracy   Feb-13-08 04:29 PM   #23 
  - I'm DONE WITH DEBBIE!  GigiMommy   Feb-12-08 06:34 PM   #6 
  - You're so right, Gigi  SharonRB   Feb-12-08 07:11 PM   #8 
     - Grrr. It says a lot about our state party, though.  knitter4democracy   Feb-12-08 07:16 PM   #9 
        - What the hell has happened to the Michigan Democratic Party? nt  Snotcicles   Feb-12-08 08:17 PM   #11 
        - I ask myself that at least once a week.  knitter4democracy   Feb-12-08 08:24 PM   #13 
        - Damn straight, we do!  PassingFair   Feb-12-08 08:18 PM   #12 
           - Thanks PF. Could not have said it better myself.  maddogesq   Feb-12-08 09:43 PM   #14 
           - Give me a break  bfealk   Feb-13-08 09:47 AM   #16 
              - It's not ABOUT Gary Peters...  PassingFair   Feb-13-08 02:28 PM   #18 
                 - Gary is neither the problem or the symptom  bfealk   Feb-13-08 03:28 PM   #20 
                    - They want to win. (But they'll LOSE with these tactics)  PassingFair   Feb-13-08 03:32 PM   #21 
  - This was an earlier vote yesterday where she voted nay.  Snotcicles   Feb-13-08 06:55 AM   #15 
  - We deserve better. She's a complete hack  Strawman   Feb-13-08 10:29 AM   #17 
  - Ha Ha. Just got two consecutive e-mails.  PassingFair   Feb-13-08 02:38 PM   #19 
  - Stabenow's Fundraising  Back to 92   Feb-14-08 12:33 PM   #24 
     - Apparently she doesn't even know what she just voted for  riverdale   Feb-14-08 08:13 PM   #25 
     - I got this, too  SharonRB   Feb-14-08 08:37 PM   #26 
        - Clueless!  maddogesq   Feb-14-08 10:20 PM   #27 
     - Jim Dean's group.......  fadedrose   Feb-15-08 09:53 AM   #28 
        - I don't think she's up until 2012.  PassingFair   Feb-16-08 01:12 PM   #29 
           - LETS! (nt)  GigiMommy   Feb-17-08 08:28 PM   #30 

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