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Reply #28: DNC Political Landscape Prioroties Prioritized [View All]

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-17-07 02:08 PM
Response to Reply #27
28. DNC Political Landscape Prioroties Prioritized
Edited on Fri Aug-17-07 02:17 PM by Wash. state Desk Jet
Rumsfeld,s resignation letter makes little mention of war.
The word Iraq doesn,t appear in former defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld,s resignation letter . Neither does the word war.-asscoiated press Louta C. Baldor.
Letter was signed sealed and dilivered the day after the election. All one hundred and fourty eight words of it.

The ELUSIVE letter which the pentagon denied existed as recently as April!, -surfaced this week in response to multiple freedom of infromation act requests by the Asociated press.

But it sheds no light on why it is Rumsfeld believed he should leave his post after having directed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly five years.

Instead Rumsfeld says in his last paragraph (It,s time to conclud my service.

It is indeed a most difficult letter to decipher-very elusive-, in fact I almost thought it may be the next thing to impossible to figure out- ,that is until a song ran threw my mind- Rumsfeld ,s letter is a coded message to the Babe.

Here is that message-

You,ve got to know when to hold up- ,know when to fold up-know when to walk away and know when to run! You never count your money when your setting at the tables, there will be time enough for counting ,when the dealing,s are done.
Never wait until it,s too late!

Neither Bush or Congress ranks high in public polling.
Associated Press. David Espo.

The Democratic controled Congress and Bush seem locked in a perverse competition for public unfavorability ,according to a new associated press ipsos poll.

27 % say the country is heading in the right direction.
39 % say they support the Iraq war. 58 % appose the Iraq war.
Babe Bush,s popularity has remained relatively unchanged.

Some were prompted to volunteer reason.
A solid 22 % stated that lawmakers are not doing their jobs.
A wise 12 % said that they disapprove of congress because lawmakers only care about themselves and party.
They only seem to care about THEMSELVES and party interests. Personal political survivabitity.

That,s where we are not doing our jobs- there must be a price those politicans pay for that.Only the people can fire them.
So much for surveys today in yesterdays news.

Syndicated columnist Helen Thomas,;

Dean surveys political landscape.

Howard Dean doesn,t think the democrates should become too over confident.
The election is far from over.As for the depatrure of the White House political strategist Karl rove ,Dean opined that it,s long over due but he indicated that Rove will continue to advise behing the seans-or under the old cuff. Dean was tentative to the fact that the republicans have a lot of money-lot,s of money to throw around in the fear -smear tactics campaign strategy.

In a telephone interview from his home Dean the DNC chairman claimed the democrates have three thing going as it stands.

(1) The President Bush,s decision to launch the diastrous war in Iraq-;

(2) The lack of leadership in the country.

(3) The incompetence of the adminstration (as personified ) by the poor handeling of the Katrina hurricane catstrophe.

Now- you can put it in any numeral order and it all adds up to the same thing-1 is 3 or 2 is 1 -it is the same in any order -all adding up to the very same thing,- it,s simple math really- perhaps too simple ,or too easily missed because nothing can be so simple -Simplicity just seems to fool us sometimes. So simple it,s too simple.

I really don,t think we have a candidate yet that has a true grip on it. At least not a visable one!
However I do believe we shall see one in the near future!

Let freedom ring.

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