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First Two IA Newspapers To Endorse - Choose Kerry! [View All]

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sandnsea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-10-04 01:30 PM
Original message
First Two IA Newspapers To Endorse - Choose Kerry!
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"Yesterday's endorsements from Attorney General Miller and from the Quad-City Times are followed today by the endorsement of the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Those are the first two Iowa newspapers to endorse, and they chose John Kerry. Senator Ted Kennedy, one of the nation's greatest fighters for working Americans, is also with John Kerry on the campaign trail in Iowa today to rally for America's future. John Kerry is winning the trust of Iowans on the issues."

Read The Iowa City Press-Citizen Endorsement
Read The Quad-City Times Endorsement

They're lovin' Kerry in Iowa!
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  -First Two IA Newspapers To Endorse - Choose Kerry! sandnsea  Jan-10-04 01:30 PM   #0 
  - Congratulations  Jack_Dawson   Jan-10-04 01:31 PM   #1 
  - Good News for a change!  CalProf   Jan-10-04 01:32 PM   #2 
  - Congratulations to John Kerry and his supporters.  FubarFly   Jan-10-04 01:32 PM   #3 
  - yay for kerry  windansea   Jan-10-04 01:35 PM   #4 
  - Congratulations.  Padraig18   Jan-10-04 01:37 PM   #5 
  - Congrats to the Kerry campaign!  Ilsa   Jan-10-04 01:38 PM   #6 
  - Congrats!  Sean Reynolds   Jan-10-04 01:39 PM   #7 
  - more good news for John Kerry  maddezmom   Jan-10-04 01:40 PM   #8 
  - I love the ending on John Kerry's vision:  NewYorkerfromMass   Jan-10-04 01:42 PM   #9 
  - Kerry DOES sell to the Midwest. Midwesterners see it.  blm   Jan-10-04 01:51 PM   #10 
  - and it shows his ability to appeal across a broad spectrum of America  NewYorkerfromMass   Jan-10-04 01:54 PM   #11 
  - Rural folks see into the heart  sandnsea   Jan-10-04 02:16 PM   #15 
  - Great news! The Quad-City Endorsement is a must read!  flpoljunkie   Jan-10-04 02:11 PM   #12 
  - rumor is that the Des Moines Register will endorse Dean tomorrow  CMT   Jan-10-04 02:12 PM   #13 
  - and that's why the Des Moines Register trumps those two newspapers  slinkerwink   Jan-10-04 02:13 PM   #14 
  - You mean the more CORPORATE run newspaper?  blm   Jan-10-04 02:38 PM   #16 
  - BLM please cite your proof that the two papers that endorsed Kerry...  TLM   Jan-10-04 07:02 PM   #24 
     - Give it a rest, TLM.  blm   Jan-10-04 07:08 PM   #25 
  - Are all these "tit for tats" necessary?  EXE619K   Jan-10-04 02:44 PM   #17 
  - YAY...The Register gave it to Edwards.  blm   Jan-10-04 10:44 PM   #30 
  - and congratulations on your backhanded  Clark Can WIN   Jan-11-04 02:50 AM   #35 
  - Congrats!!!  saywhat   Jan-10-04 02:49 PM   #18 
  - kick  NewYorkerfromMass   Jan-10-04 04:41 PM   #19 
  - Congrads to Kerry  mot78   Jan-10-04 04:43 PM   #20 
  - Rake in those undecided votes. Kerry is the best qualified for the job.  oasis   Jan-10-04 06:02 PM   #21 
  - True. Newspapers can do that.  NewYorkerfromMass   Jan-10-04 06:56 PM   #23 
  - No training needed n/t  cheryl27   Jan-10-04 08:36 PM   #27 
  - Congrats!!  gore-is-my-president   Jan-10-04 06:10 PM   #22 
  - Why don't they like Dean?  MIMStigator   Jan-10-04 07:11 PM   #26 
  - Because they did indepth interviews.  blm   Jan-10-04 10:43 PM   #28 
  - So true  NewYorkerfromMass   Jan-10-04 10:44 PM   #29 
  - A strong , steady hand is needed at the helm. Kerry is a proven leader.  oasis   Jan-11-04 02:26 AM   #32 
  - LOL n/t  Clark Can WIN   Jan-11-04 02:52 AM   #36 
  - I guess because he's such a straight shooter  arewethereyet   Jan-10-04 10:46 PM   #31 
  - Kudos on Kerry, he's a good man  Clark Can WIN   Jan-11-04 02:40 AM   #33 
  - Nice one for Kerry!  bhunt70   Jan-11-04 02:42 AM   #34 
  - I thought 1 paper endorsed Edwards today. Now 2 for Kerry.  Clark4VotingRights   Jan-11-04 05:40 AM   #37 
  - Kick!  flpoljunkie   Jan-11-04 07:28 AM   #38 

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