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Reply #14: Bush also ripped on his tan [View All]

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phish420 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-29-04 05:33 PM
Response to Original message
14. Bush also ripped on his tan
this topic is in another thread...looks like they sent out the dogs on Kerry's tan...this will definately backfire, especially with great, quick reponses like the ones we put out today. lol
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  -Lynne Cheney Jokes About Kerry's Tan BrentTaylor  Sep-29-04 05:23 PM   #0 
  - Lynne, softening Dick up for soft on terror! Mr. and Mrs. Satan, what  Catfight   Sep-29-04 05:25 PM   #1 
  - Lynn needs this reminder  Carla in Ca   Sep-29-04 05:44 PM   #16 
  - Lynne, go back and write another shitty, soft-core romance novel!  npincus   Sep-29-04 05:27 PM   #2 
  - Don't you mean: Shut the Cheney up?  rainy   Sep-29-04 05:31 PM   #11 
  - Ya-HOO  ayeshahaqqiqa   Sep-29-04 05:28 PM   #3 
  - Hee hee! More likely it's the R's desire to keep the party pasty-white  grannylib   Sep-29-04 05:31 PM   #12 
     - That would make sense  ayeshahaqqiqa   Sep-29-04 05:53 PM   #17 
  - Lynne Cheney is whore  calico1   Sep-29-04 05:28 PM   #4 
  - Biatch slap!  Wife_of_a_Wes_Freak   Sep-29-04 05:29 PM   #5 
  - I'm waiting for the day where our side  scmirage   Sep-29-04 05:30 PM   #9 
  - Perhaps she prefers her husband's maggot-like complexion  lightbulb   Sep-29-04 05:29 PM   #6 
  - Oh the Kerry campaign response is indeed excellent! Good night,  grannylib   Sep-29-04 05:29 PM   #7 
  - GREAT comeback...  Arioch   Sep-29-04 05:29 PM   #8 
  - LOL! Here is the Kerry camp response...  leftchick   Sep-29-04 05:30 PM   #10 
  - SWEET  phish420   Sep-29-04 05:31 PM   #13 
  - Zoing!!!!  plastic_turkeys   Sep-29-04 05:40 PM   #15 
  - Bush also ripped on his tan  phish420   Sep-29-04 05:33 PM   #14 
  - The undead can't survive in the sunlight...  rezmutt   Sep-29-04 06:08 PM   #18 
  - Problem is, Faux cameras WILL make Kerry orange  robbedvoter   Sep-29-04 06:28 PM   #19 
  - because Dick Cheney is so sexy  JI7   Sep-29-04 09:34 PM   #20 
  - can these fuckers talk about anything IMPORTANT?  jonnyblitz   Sep-29-04 09:37 PM   #21 
  - No, they don't WANT TO. Any here's why:  Lex   Sep-29-04 09:41 PM   #22 
     - oh, that cartoon just says it all  JI7   Sep-29-04 09:43 PM   #23 
  - I'd rather have a tan hubby than a short fat dick anyday.  dieharderdem   Sep-29-04 09:43 PM   #24 

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