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Reply #14: Paul possibly plagiarized his writings from Mithraism [View All]

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kokomo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-27-04 01:17 AM
Response to Reply #4
14. Paul possibly plagiarized his writings from Mithraism
St. Paul was from Tarsus, in Asia Minor, a hotbed of the Mithra cult of Zoroastrianism from Persia. The god Mithra was born on December 25th but several centuries BEFORE Jesus. He was born in a cave of a virgin mother called the "Mother of God" and as a newborn, was first visited by shepherds. Mithra was called "the Light of the World." Zorasterian holy men were called Magi, their priests, "father". Mithra was also associated with the sun, and his followers marked Sunday as his day of worship, they called it the Lord's Day. A few of the extra-biblical traditions seem to have found their way to Christianity through Roman Mithraism, very popular within the Roman legions.

Among the ceremonies of the followers of Mithra were baptism in holy water and a partaking of a sacred meal of bread and wine to commemorate the body and blood of the bull that Mithra once slayed. After passing several ordeals converts were "reborn" as a new man in Mithra. Though Mithra had ascended into heaven he had promised to return and bring life everlasting to his loyal followers.
One reason that Mithraism died out and Christianity eventually prospered was that only males were able to practice religious rites. The practice of shaking the right hand, to show friendship (no weapon) is thought to have originated with this cult.
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