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Reply #13: With more than a thousand of our soldiers dead, there are now TWO ... [View All]

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Pepperbelly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-26-04 11:43 AM
Response to Original message
13. With more than a thousand of our soldiers dead, there are now TWO ...
major terrorist havens rather than just the one when we started and that is because YOU CHOSE THE WRONG COURSE, GEORGE W. BUSH.
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  -What does Kerry say when Bush says, "The world is safer without Saddam.." kentuck  Sep-26-04 11:28 AM   #0 
  - see here  private_ryan   Sep-26-04 11:31 AM   #1 
  - Saddam IS a bastard, and anybody would be better off without him  Lefty48197   Sep-26-04 11:31 AM   #2 
  - The world is more dangerous with OBL on the loose and Al Qaeda  soothsayer   Sep-26-04 11:32 AM   #3 
  - Call him on it! "The world without Sadam is safer..."? PROVE IT!!!  jdolsen   Sep-26-04 11:32 AM   #4 
  - GREAT IDEA! All Pubs are good at the points, but never know why!  napi21   Sep-26-04 11:37 AM   #7 
  - What they seem to be saying  StClone   Sep-26-04 11:59 AM   #17 
  - safer  brickgate   Sep-26-04 11:33 AM   #5 
  - Starting with our own boy king..n/t  kerryin2004   Sep-26-04 12:58 PM   #32 
  - I'm thinking "How so, Mr. Bush?" wouldn't cut it  classof56   Sep-26-04 11:33 AM   #6 
  - He should quote the State Dept stats on increasing world-wide terrorism  party_line   Sep-26-04 11:38 AM   #8 
  - Ask the families of the dead Iraqi's and American troops  Wubette   Sep-26-04 11:40 AM   #9 
  - "America is in much more danger because of the Iraq war."  enough   Sep-26-04 11:41 AM   #10 
  - One simple way to shut his ass up.  mzmolly   Sep-26-04 11:42 AM   #11 
  - No, but I ask - WHERE'S BIN-LADEN?  radfringe   Sep-26-04 11:43 AM   #12 
  - and when Bin Laden is paraded on October 30th  private_ryan   Sep-26-04 11:46 AM   #15 
     - This is where every Dem should be on all the talk shows..  SeekingTruth   Sep-26-04 12:08 PM   #25 
  - With more than a thousand of our soldiers dead, there are now TWO ...  Pepperbelly   Sep-26-04 11:43 AM   #13 
  - Bring up Bush ties to Saudi Arabia and his total refusal  Braden   Sep-26-04 11:45 AM   #14 
  - We traded a dictator for Chaos, and the chaos has made us less safe  soleft   Sep-26-04 11:55 AM   #16 
  - seriously?  WindRavenX   Sep-26-04 12:03 PM   #20 
  - I liked that line then, and I think he should stick with it.  VolcanoJen   Sep-26-04 12:04 PM   #21 
  - There is one way that the world is better off  Nancy Waterman   Sep-26-04 12:05 PM   #23 
  - We're less safe now than in March 2003. Period.  2004 Victory   Sep-26-04 11:59 AM   #18 
  - it's not about Saddam, it's about Bush's failures once the troops caught  JI7   Sep-26-04 12:02 PM   #19 
  - Terrorism in Iraq has INCREASED since Saddam's capture, PLUS  Francine Frensky   Sep-26-04 12:04 PM   #22 
  - "Yes, Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator....  SeekingTruth   Sep-26-04 12:05 PM   #24 
  - He says Saddam was evil, but that was not enough reason to go  TexasSissy   Sep-26-04 12:17 PM   #26 
  - The world will  warrior1   Sep-26-04 12:21 PM   #27 
  - Capturing OBL will not defeat al Qaeda  Bad Thoughts   Sep-26-04 12:24 PM   #28 
  - And capturing Saddam Hussein won't defeat terrorism.  mzmolly   Sep-26-04 12:44 PM   #31 
  - "It's kind of like exterminating a cockroach by blowing up your house"  Sparkly   Sep-26-04 12:25 PM   #29 
  - best analogy!  kerryin2004   Sep-26-04 01:00 PM   #33 
  - Beautiful! You nailed it, Sparkly. n/t  Senior citizen   Sep-26-04 01:02 PM   #34 
  - a straightforward response...  saccheradi   Sep-26-04 12:28 PM   #30 
  - What world are you living in?  Radical Activist   Sep-26-04 01:17 PM   #35 

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