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Reply #19: And the purists turn on Reich in 3... 2... 1... [View All]

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Odin2005 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-01-09 10:30 PM
Response to Original message
19. And the purists turn on Reich in 3... 2... 1...
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  -Robert Reich: Getting Americans Back to Work is More Urgent Than Healthcare Reform Better Believe It  Nov-01-09 09:42 PM   #0 
  - Easy for him to say, he's got money, a job, and all the health care one could need.  NYC_SKP   Nov-01-09 09:45 PM   #1 
  - And how will you live and what kind of medical care do you think you'll get without a job?  Better Believe It   Nov-01-09 09:55 PM   #7 
  - I'm sensing concern all of a sudden. So, keep the status-quo? Got another choice?  thunder rising   Nov-01-09 10:05 PM   #12 
     - It's actually possible to have "reform" that is worse than the status quo.  Hello_Kitty   Nov-01-09 11:18 PM   #23 
        - I think the danger in passing this current 'reform' whatever..  joeycola   Nov-02-09 07:21 AM   #38 
  - Most people in debt due to medical bills HAD insurance  Hello_Kitty   Nov-01-09 10:03 PM   # 
  - +1.  inna   Nov-01-09 10:19 PM   #16 
  - +2  paulk   Nov-01-09 10:58 PM   #22 
  - -3, If ALL HCI's failed financially on Jan 1 we'd have a disaster on our hands they'll fail in less  uponit7771   Nov-02-09 03:51 AM   #33 
  - I don't understand that post. eom  Hello_Kitty   Nov-02-09 09:23 AM   #43 
  - +2  Garam_Masala   Nov-02-09 10:14 AM   #49 
  - I think you exaggerate. The total cap will save a large percentage from bankruptcy  TheKentuckian   Nov-02-09 03:25 PM   #53 
  - Well, since I already lost the job ...  thunder rising   Nov-01-09 10:03 PM   #10 
  - Agree with Reich, I am worried as well, in hindsight too much energy has gone into HCR and seems PO  ind_thinker2   Nov-01-09 09:50 PM   #2 
  - Robert Reich has been all over the map on this. Is he the Travelocity gnome?  PretzelWarrior   Nov-01-09 09:50 PM   #3 
  - And, PObama has said many times that  Cha   Nov-01-09 09:54 PM   #6 
  - When he saw the results of the horrible deal cooked up on health care he threw in the towel.  Better Believe It   Nov-01-09 10:04 PM   #11 
  - As long as people are forced into it, a lot of DUers will be fine with whatever is in the bill.  Hello_Kitty   Nov-01-09 10:08 PM   #13 
  - how is it designed to fail? and which "it" are you referring to?  PretzelWarrior   Nov-01-09 10:32 PM   #21 
     - Really  AllentownJake   Nov-01-09 11:25 PM   #24 
        - yes. he's on the sidelines second guessing and being "provocative"  PretzelWarrior   Nov-01-09 11:35 PM   #25 
           - Critical thinking evidently isn't encouraged anymore  AllentownJake   Nov-01-09 11:53 PM   #27 
              - ok. I agree that it could very well be he's just putting his opinions out there  PretzelWarrior   Nov-02-09 12:17 AM   #30 
                 - You do understand the 1st amendment right?  AllentownJake   Nov-02-09 12:25 AM   #31 
  - Why the personal attacks on his looks, which have zero  Bluenorthwest   Nov-02-09 08:30 AM   #42 
  - PretzelWarrior, without going back into the Reich Archives to verify this I'm going  bertman   Nov-03-09 12:54 PM   #58 
  - This is simply not true  ProSense   Nov-01-09 09:53 PM   #4 
  - I appreciate a muti-tasking president myself. All of these things  firedupdem   Nov-01-09 09:54 PM   #5 
  - Getting people back to work is essential, but those people still  Cleita   Nov-01-09 09:55 PM   #8 
  - There is no "either/or" here.  Beregond2   Nov-01-09 10:02 PM   #9 
  - No we don't. We could make like FDR and do public works projects.  Hello_Kitty   Nov-01-09 10:21 PM   #17 
     - It isn't in the cards  AllentownJake   Nov-01-09 11:58 PM   #28 
     - You think Congress would approve another stimulus package at this point?  Jennicut   Nov-02-09 04:01 AM   #35 
  - end all of OUR wars and we can do both actually nt  msongs   Nov-01-09 10:10 PM   #14 
  - False choice? Does it have to be one or the other? Why can't it be both??  BrklynLiberal   Nov-01-09 10:13 PM   #15 
  - It could be both.  Hello_Kitty   Nov-01-09 10:26 PM   #18 
  - I think that's what Reich is asking, too.  rucky   Nov-02-09 07:27 AM   #40 
  - And the purists turn on Reich in 3... 2... 1...  Odin2005   Nov-01-09 10:30 PM   #19 
  - ...0!  boppers   Nov-01-09 11:51 PM   #26 
  - no jobs? -- no nothin -- that's the long and short of all of it. nt  xchrom   Nov-01-09 10:31 PM   #20 
  - Agree 100% with Reich....without a job one can't afford even the public option  Garam_Masala   Nov-02-09 12:14 AM   #29 
  - Like someone believes that Pres. Obama is supposed to pull jobs out of his ass better,  FrenchieCat   Nov-02-09 01:49 AM   #32 
     - President Obama should have proposed a job creating stimulus plan  Better Believe It   Nov-02-09 08:27 AM   #41 
        - The plan was 1/3 tax cuts.  Hello_Kitty   Nov-02-09 09:29 AM   #44 
  - What, is he Bush? Can't walk and chew gum at the same time?  Jennicut   Nov-02-09 03:59 AM   #34 
  - Water is more important than food (same "argument")  SoCalDem   Nov-02-09 04:47 AM   #36 
  - gee.. Maybe a REAL heath care reform would take the burden off  annabanana   Nov-02-09 06:30 AM   #37 
  - I think Reich's concerns are very plausible. Thanks and REC  joeycola   Nov-02-09 07:23 AM   #39 
  - Congress is doing most of the heavy lifting on health care. I have no doubt  TwilightGardener   Nov-02-09 09:31 AM   #45 
  - Crap. And all this time I thought that HCR would uncouple access from being employed, Mr Reich; and  Hekate   Nov-02-09 09:32 AM   #46 
  - Why can't he do both at the same time?  Proud Liberal Dem   Nov-02-09 09:38 AM   #47 
  - Unfortunately there will always be something the rich cite as "more important" than HCR  harun   Nov-02-09 09:46 AM   #48 
  - If mandates are forced on does one afford premiums  Garam_Masala   Nov-02-09 10:18 AM   #50 
  - Collect aluminum cans .... oh Medicaid and Medicare benefits will have the be cut in order to help  Better Believe It   Nov-02-09 01:07 PM   #51 
  - As I agree that getting people back to work is vital...  and-justice-for-all   Nov-02-09 03:17 PM   #52 
  - Where are all those green jobs Obama promised? Gore stepped away in '08 because he thought  earth mom   Nov-02-09 03:26 PM   #54 
     - You seriously believe that's why Gore didn't run? n/t  ProSense   Nov-02-09 03:37 PM   #55 
     - At least 2,000 of them are here...  boppers   Nov-02-09 05:36 PM   #56 
        - 2,000? That's a drop in the bucket. nt  earth mom   Nov-03-09 12:14 PM   #57 

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