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Reply #6: yes, yes. Obama threatened to bomb them if the didn't pick Chicago [View All]

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cali Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-02-09 10:29 AM
Response to Reply #1
6. yes, yes. Obama threatened to bomb them if the didn't pick Chicago
oh, brother. :crazy:
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  -Chicago knocked out in the first round Jackeens  Oct-02-09 10:25 AM   #0 
  - What? We can't force our way into selection? Don't they know we have Predator Drones? eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:26 AM   #1 
  - yes, yes. Obama threatened to bomb them if the didn't pick Chicago  cali   Oct-02-09 10:29 AM   #6 
  - Well, we could! The whorish M$M thought our selection should be "a given." eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:30 AM   #10 
     - No the MSM didn't come close to expressing what you think they thought  cali   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #21 
        - Yes they are even as I type. Are you listening to CNN? They are pissed off!  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:38 AM   #32 
  - WTF do drones have to do with the Olympic bid?  SemiCharmedQuark   Oct-02-09 10:30 AM   #9 
     - Isn't that the way we strong arm the Muslim countries, why couldn't it apply elsewhere? eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:31 AM   #13 
     - man, you really are a lot like bushy.  cali   Oct-02-09 10:35 AM   #26 
     - NO, I'm not. What you fail to process, is that "our slate" within the world community is NOT ...  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:42 AM   #37 
        - yes, you really are. honestly, the mere mention of the U.S. in practically  cali   Oct-02-09 10:49 AM   #51 
        - Hello?!? What part of you is divorced to over a MILLION dead Iraqis?!? Does that bother you?  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:53 AM   #57 
           - or for fuck's sake. nothing I said or even didn't say could possibly  cali   Oct-02-09 10:57 AM   #64 
              - Cali, we've sniped at each other for a long time. Every argument we have, your side  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:01 AM   #71 
                 - you're pulling that out of your butt. no, I take that back. Your  cali   Oct-02-09 11:08 AM   #84 
                    - What do you want me to type? You're disappointed with Obama, like me, because  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:17 AM   #95 
                       - I'm sorry. I really don't think there's anything  cali   Oct-02-09 11:22 AM   #101 
                          - The democratic party will LOSE if they don't consider "passion" and "humanity"  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:29 AM   #104 
                             - I can see you haven't a clue in the world what Yeats was saying  cali   Oct-02-09 11:36 AM   #107 
                                - I don't think you have a clue in the world about me and what I wish to convey.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:40 AM   #109 
                                - I enjoy wisdom in general.  cali   Oct-02-09 11:44 AM   #111 
                                   - That's only because you are so busy rising above me, you don't take time to look down ...  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:48 AM   #112 
                                - p.s. """"I love quotation marks"""" eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:43 AM   #110 
        - Really - you are. (nt)  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Oct-02-09 11:23 AM   #102 
     - Yes, that's exactly what happened!  SemiCharmedQuark   Oct-02-09 10:36 AM   #28 
     - No, but you'd be fooling yourself, if you don't think our occupying two nations as having NO effect.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:46 AM   #45 
     - No, that's the way disingenuous paranoid  Cha   Oct-02-09 12:13 PM   #123 
     - Agreed, that was a pathetic thing to say.  tridim   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #20 
     - OMG! Wrap yourself in the flag now? No it is Patriotic - we need to get our moral compass back.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:37 AM   #30 
        - Wow  tridim   Oct-02-09 10:41 AM   #34 
           - Newsflash: President Obama is NOT the alpha and omega to foment World Peace. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:44 AM   #40 
           - My concern has nothing to do with Obama's trip  tridim   Oct-02-09 11:49 AM   #113 
           - someone needs to climb down from their cross...  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:44 AM   #41 
              - Yes, President Obama should now serve the average Working American.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:48 AM   #47 
              - Bite me, okay?  tridim   Oct-02-09 11:53 AM   #116 
              - But our Government isn't corrupt?!? - Oh, and please don't bite me?  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:55 AM   #117 
              - Yes it is, but that has nothing to do with IOC corruption.  tridim   Oct-02-09 11:57 AM   #118 
                 - sour grapes  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 12:03 PM   #119 
                    - Sour grapes for a sour decision.  tridim   Oct-02-09 12:05 PM   #120 
                       - Too funny. If the IOC would have chosen Chicago, they'd be golden. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 12:09 PM   #121 
              - i wasn't talking to you, i was talking to shortnfiery...  dionysus   Oct-02-09 12:34 PM   #132 
              - lol wow was thinking the very same thing  AuntPatsy   Oct-06-09 12:00 AM   #141 
     - short more and more seems to be the america-hating cartoon liberal the RW radio host talk about...  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:43 AM   #38 
     - I LOVE AMERICA. I've served in the military as have my family and ancestors all the way ...  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:45 AM   #44 
     - so what? bully for you and your ancestors. sorry, I've never thought  cali   Oct-02-09 10:53 AM   #58 
     - Come on cali, you side every time with "authority" ... you and many like you want  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:56 AM   #62 
        - ridiculous bullshit- or course it it. you wrote it. And easily disproved, shorty dear  cali   Oct-02-09 11:02 AM   #72 
           - Hey, we can argue all day. I'll let your post and your past history - as well as mine ... stand.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:05 AM   #79 
              - hey, I can PROVE you're full of crap with your claim  cali   Oct-02-09 11:10 AM   #88 
                 - You do, the vast majority of time take the side of authority... we also have a personality conflict.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:14 AM   #92 
                    - it's not a personality conflict. I actually think you're rather sweet  cali   Oct-02-09 11:20 AM   #99 
                       - My dear husband, Mr. Analytical would agree with you often.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:25 AM   #103 
     - maybe you should calm down then, because frankly, when you bring up drone strikes in an olympic  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:53 AM   #59 
     - Oh, that's precious. No, I'm lucid. You know that what we do in foreign affairs  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:59 AM   #68 
        - hyperbole to the extreme. i know you WISH the entire rest fot he world hated us.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 11:01 AM   #70 
        - Gee, you're getting a little miffed yourself. No, believe what you wish ... it's more comfortable  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:04 AM   #76 
        - oh for pity's sake. this really is not how it works.  cali   Oct-02-09 11:04 AM   #77 
           - Not rising as much as you would like to believe. Especially since his policies remain unchanged. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:07 AM   #81 
              - I actually don't have that high on my list of priorities.  cali   Oct-02-09 11:12 AM   #91 
     - Moral compass?!  SIMPLYB1980   Oct-02-09 12:23 PM   #125 
        - Uh, no. I asked when it was going to END? No defense of the indefensible. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 12:27 PM   #127 
           - Well that's good at least.  SIMPLYB1980   Oct-02-09 12:30 PM   #129 
              - Thanks for that. You're a gentleman and a scholar.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 12:31 PM   #130 
                 - I try my best.  SIMPLYB1980   Oct-02-09 12:34 PM   #131 
     - lol too funny  AuntPatsy   Oct-06-09 12:02 AM   #142 
     - Not a God damn thing.  SIMPLYB1980   Oct-02-09 10:50 AM   #53 
        - I love it when you Pretend to be Patriotic. If you loved this country as much as myself ...  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:52 AM   #55 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-02-09 10:54 AM   #60 
           - No, the "felling" is not mutual. :-)  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:57 AM   #65 
           - jesus, and you just grab a shovel and dig the crazy hole deeper.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:58 AM   #66 
              - Yes, keep pushing the "crazy" meme, that way you won't have to look to  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:03 AM   #74 
                 - you do realize the bush administration is gone, don't you? and that we're working on fixing things?  dionysus   Oct-02-09 11:05 AM   #78 
                    - Just because we have a new President, does not wipe our slate clean as a nation. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:06 AM   #80 
                       - and no one ever said is does. all i did was point out marked improvement.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 11:07 AM   #82 
                          - The foreign policy has not changed. We're even giving more ultimatums to Iran when  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:12 AM   #90 
  - Fuck the IOC  tridim   Oct-02-09 10:27 AM   #2 
  - Yeah, don't they know we can militarily destroy their ass?!? eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:29 AM   #8 
  - What the hell does that mean?  tridim   Oct-02-09 10:30 AM   #11 
  - They just said on ESPN there's a good number of IOC voters  Arkana   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #16 
  - If I saw Teabaggers foaming at the mouth on international news  AspenRose   Oct-02-09 10:56 AM   #63 
  - And there's no corruption in our Government? eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #17 
  - Yes, but it would not have bothered you if Chicago had won.  Mass   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #22 
     - Chicago was the odds-on favorite to win and it was eliminated first.  tridim   Oct-02-09 10:38 AM   #33 
        - Only since Obama decided to go. People assumed he went because it was a done deal!  Mass   Oct-02-09 10:42 AM   #36 
        - I sure did - I was certain he wouldn't go unless he was pretty damn sure they'd win it. Oh well.  Jackeens   Oct-02-09 10:48 AM   #48 
        - Unfortunately, President Obama over-estimated his star power. That's a shame.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:50 AM   #52 
           - The other heads of state went to Copenhagen too. Why did they waste their star power?  SemiCharmedQuark   Oct-02-09 10:51 AM   #54 
           - Well, since you seem to be the expert on how the nation ought to be governed.  SidneyCarton   Oct-02-09 10:52 AM   #56 
           - you've lost it. you've totally, completely lost it.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:59 AM   #67 
           - Back at ya, buddy. :-) eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:08 AM   #83 
           - I am beginning to see the game plan from that one but it is somewhat entertaining..  AuntPatsy   Oct-06-09 12:08 AM   #143 
           - Not until you reserve your brain power for more important threads  BeyondGeography   Oct-02-09 11:03 AM   #75 
        - Bookies in the UK had Chicago winning before Obama even announced he was going.  tridim   Oct-02-09 11:50 AM   #114 
        - Why was it the favorite? Because the whores from the M$M fed by the ruling elites ...  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:49 AM   #50 
           - ever heard of thorazine?  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:59 AM   #69 
           - Yes, is that what you're on?  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:10 AM   #87 
              - maybe you need some quaaludes. i'll let you and cali duke it out.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 11:15 AM   #94 
                 - Is that what you take? Is this a personal recommendation? eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:18 AM   #96 
                    - i think those were made illegal in the 70s actually.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 11:18 AM   #97 
           - +1  invictus   Oct-02-09 11:18 AM   #98 
           - No, the bookies in the UK had it as the favorite.  tridim   Oct-02-09 11:50 AM   #115 
  - you're obsessed, and making a fool of yourself.  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:45 AM   #43 
  - So is Chicago. So is Rio etc etc. nt  Guy Whitey Corngood   Oct-02-09 10:32 AM   #15 
  - They would have been corrupt if they HAD picked Chicago.  Beacool   Oct-02-09 11:10 AM   #89 
  - That's fine with me, but now the media and Obama critics will blame him.  WI_DEM   Oct-02-09 10:28 AM   #3 
  - I had a feeling we wouldn't get it  Bullet1987   Oct-02-09 10:29 AM   #5 
  - You' re probably right, given the insistance some media had it was a done deal.  Mass   Oct-02-09 10:35 AM   #27 
  - ...and if Chicago got it, Obama would have blamed him for anything negative coming out of 2016  mscuedawg   Oct-02-09 10:38 AM   #31 
  - My Chicago friends are all celebrating...  XOKCowboy   Oct-02-09 10:29 AM   #4 
  - Ruh-Roh....nt  freddie mertz   Oct-02-09 10:29 AM   #7 
  - That's too bad...all my family and friends in Chicago wanted it...n/t  firedupdem   Oct-02-09 10:30 AM   #12 
  - Go to the link: it's at ESPN  DinahMoeHum   Oct-02-09 10:32 AM   #14 
  - I predict Rio.  AspenRose   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #18 
  - woo hoo!  AspenRose   Oct-02-09 12:12 PM   #122 
  - One of the things the IOC was concerned about  baldguy   Oct-02-09 10:33 AM   #19 
  - Not to mention an honor student was bludgeoned to death within the past few days.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 10:34 AM   #23 
  - True, but supposedly Rio has one of the worst crime rates in the is it Madrid?  Jackeens   Oct-02-09 10:37 AM   #29 
  - That's a VERY good reason  AspenRose   Oct-02-09 10:35 AM   #24 
  - Hope Rio gets it now - if it's Madrid it'll be a comical decision (London 2012, Madrid 2016?!)  Jackeens   Oct-02-09 10:35 AM   #25 
  - It's gotta be Rio  DrToast   Oct-02-09 10:42 AM   #35 
  - The US has, I believe, hosted more games than any other country. That may  alsame   Oct-02-09 10:43 AM   #39 
  - Yup. The US has hosted it 8 times; 4 summer, 4 winter.  City Lights   Oct-02-09 10:48 AM   #49 
  - That should make  ellie   Oct-02-09 10:44 AM   #42 
  - you know what. whenever i used to hear the RW idiots do the "why do you hate america" thing,  dionysus   Oct-02-09 10:48 AM   #46 
     - RW and LW zealots are merely two sides of the same worthless coin.  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Oct-02-09 11:29 AM   #105 
  - Perhaps the IOC didn't want to hand the games over to a country  amandabeech   Oct-02-09 10:54 AM   #61 
  - Watch out. Well, you present these facts less bluntly.  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 11:09 AM   #86 
     - You're on a nasty roll. How many times you gonna post in one thread?  Phx_Dem   Oct-02-09 11:14 AM   #93 
        - Nasty? I'm only responding to attack posts. That's not a crime. eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-02-09 12:29 PM   #128 
  - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Rio.  Beacool   Oct-02-09 11:02 AM   #73 
  - Surely Obama didn't bring a knife to a gun fight?  paparush   Oct-02-09 11:08 AM   #85 
  - Darn if they were in the Chi I might have actually took the family too bad  Stables2010   Oct-02-09 11:22 AM   #100 
  - Hope Rio gets it.  harun   Oct-02-09 11:35 AM   #106 
  - I hope Rio gets it. Madrid has a racism issue.  Meshuga   Oct-02-09 11:38 AM   #108 
  - I blame Bush!!  Obamacare   Oct-02-09 12:23 PM   #126 
  - They did a special here on local Detroit TV last year  maryellen99   Oct-02-09 12:20 PM   #124 
  - Obama's Presidency is over  thatsrightimirish   Oct-02-09 12:56 PM   #133 
  - IMPEACH!!!!  AspenRose   Oct-02-09 04:00 PM   #139 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-02-09 01:13 PM   #134 
  - 'Boycot". Welcome to DU!!!  Jackeens   Oct-02-09 01:24 PM   #136 
  - You do know that Brazil  demwing   Oct-02-09 01:40 PM   #137 
  - If not Chicago, Rio was my next choice  mvd   Oct-02-09 01:19 PM   #135 
  - I think the Pres got bad advice  LovinLife   Oct-02-09 01:54 PM   #138 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-05-09 11:55 PM   #140 

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