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Reply #32: So if they don't get it now -- even tho it's being written about all over the place [View All]

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omega minimo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-09-09 08:00 PM
Response to Reply #31
32. So if they don't get it now -- even tho it's being written about all over the place
Edited on Tue Jun-09-09 08:00 PM by omega minimo
not just the folks who've been warning about it for decades.....

-- "People will care when it affects them." Yeah, we've heard that the WHOLE. BLOODY. TIME. :crazy:
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  -"The prime villains behind the mess were in were Reagan and his circle of advisers" omega minimo  Jun-08-09 10:13 PM   #0 
  - The worst president we've ever had.  blueclown   Jun-08-09 10:14 PM   #1 
  - yes, clearly Obama dreams of warm sunny days spent hand in hand with him  mkultra   Jun-08-09 10:20 PM   #4 
  - Thanks.  blueclown   Jun-08-09 10:35 PM   #6 
     - i know you are but what am I  mkultra   Jun-09-09 07:27 PM   #29 
  - very dishonest post. he's never praised reagans policies...  dionysus   Jun-09-09 11:24 AM   #22 
     - Is that the same as "wax poetic"?  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 12:11 PM   #23 
     - actually, it is.  mkultra   Jun-09-09 08:33 PM   #33 
     - Yes he did. At least several times during his campaign.  avaistheone1   Jun-10-09 01:48 AM   #34 
        - thats not true and you know it. he mentioned how reagan was able to further his goals.  dionysus   Jun-10-09 09:27 AM   #37 
           - "you're pushing some bullshit that was debunked several, several months ago."  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 10:50 AM   #40 
              - you're pushing the lie that obama loves reagan, which was roundly debunked in the primaries.  dionysus   Jun-10-09 10:57 AM   #45 
                 - no i'm not. you're talking to the other poster as if everyone lives in your little world  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 11:15 AM   #46 
                    - you're projecting, in a rather unhinged fashion. the "obama luvs reagan" stuff is a pack of lies,  dionysus   Jun-10-09 11:24 AM   #47 
                       - your personal attacks -- instead of answering the question -- are completely false  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 11:28 AM   #49 
                          - i haven't personally attacked anyone. you called me a 12 year old. carry on with your bad self...  dionysus   Jun-10-09 11:31 AM   #50 
                             - this kind of deceptive and totally oblivious bullshit is truly scary  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 11:40 AM   #51 
                                - hookay there buddy...  dionysus   Jun-10-09 11:50 AM   #52 
  - K & R  AzDar   Jun-08-09 10:15 PM   #2 
  - I feel bad for Starr King  rockymountaindem   Jun-08-09 10:19 PM   #3 
  - The photo is his mountain, he has many public schools and buildings in his name.  omega minimo   Jun-08-09 10:22 PM   #5 
     - Weird how they continuously try to rehab that old zombie.  glitch   Jun-08-09 10:59 PM   #7 
        - Dems have pandered to the Right for too long. Part of why we're bankrupt  omega minimo   Jun-08-09 11:08 PM   #8 
           - Bankrupt as a party AND a nation.  Jim Sagle   Jun-08-09 11:30 PM   #10 
              - Aye and I add as a culture, too.  omega minimo   Jun-08-09 11:32 PM   #13 
  - Rev. Forrest Church is another wonderful and wise UU minister.  blue neen   Jun-08-09 11:11 PM   #9 
  - Thanks for that. Another interesting perspective.  omega minimo   Jun-08-09 11:31 PM   #11 
  - His father was Senator Frank Church of Idaho.  Manifestor_of_Light   Jun-10-09 03:40 AM   #36 
     - Cool. Thanks for that!  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 10:51 AM   #41 
  - Hmmm Starr King vs. Raygun  tularetom   Jun-08-09 11:31 PM   #12 
  - Thas jus nasty  omega minimo   Jun-08-09 11:32 PM   #14 
  - I so enjoy  laugle   Jun-09-09 12:56 AM   #15 
  - Thanks. I'm sorry about your cousins and all the others dead at Reagan's hands  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 01:10 AM   #16 
     - Exceptional expectations, that's  laugle   Jun-09-09 01:42 AM   #17 
        - Since we recall  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 01:54 AM   #18 
           - Yeah, I read some of the posts, but  laugle   Jun-09-09 02:06 AM   #19 
              - I think the practice has been largely lost in the meantime  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 02:11 AM   #20 
                 - Best to discuss that further in  laugle   Jun-09-09 02:14 AM   #21 
  - K&R.  bleever   Jun-09-09 12:17 PM   #24 
  - My pleasure  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 12:45 PM   #25 
  - K&R  Wednesdays   Jun-09-09 03:10 PM   #26 
  - .  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 03:19 PM   #27 
  - K & R!!!  FarLeftRage   Jun-09-09 07:20 PM   #28 
  - Do you think they get it?  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 07:34 PM   #30 
     - That depends on  FarLeftRage   Jun-09-09 07:57 PM   #31 
        - So if they don't get it now -- even tho it's being written about all over the place  omega minimo   Jun-09-09 08:00 PM   #32 
  - but if you don't have a party willing to make that case it will not stick  democracy1st   Jun-10-09 03:24 AM   #35 
  - Yup  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 10:53 AM   #43 
  - I can tell you what tickles me about Reagan,  Autumn   Jun-10-09 09:41 AM   #38 
  - The statue's more lifelike  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 11:24 AM   #48 
  - most elected officials holding office in the two decades since. n/t  Orsino   Jun-10-09 10:08 AM   #39 
  - That's how it lasted so long... and the public went along with it.  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 10:51 AM   #42 
  - It's nice finding someone  ItNerd4life   Jun-10-09 01:00 PM   #55 
     - Yeah. Reagan was a symptom, not the disease.  Orsino   Jun-10-09 01:06 PM   #56 
     - and the three decade long symptom of  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 01:14 PM   #57 
     - If you are looking at the whole picture  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 01:20 PM   #58 
  - Fascinating and informative, thank you.  Jackeens   Jun-10-09 10:55 AM   #44 
  - I remember back in 1975  paulk   Jun-10-09 12:17 PM   #53 
     - "agreeing that the nation could not possibly be foolish enough as to elect the man President"  omega minimo   Jun-10-09 12:57 PM   #54 

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