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Reply #12: Where is link for e-mail? [View All]

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MasonJar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-05-09 07:25 PM
Response to Original message
12. Where is link for e-mail?
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  -Message from Don Siegelman....... Joanne98  Jun-04-09 07:44 PM   #0 
  - K&R.  bleever   Jun-04-09 08:39 PM   #1 
  - if only that were applied to Repukes as it is to Dems ...  zbdent   Jun-05-09 06:28 AM   #2 
  - A guilty Stevens walks away free but a non guilty Siegleman stands to do 20 yrs  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:33 PM   #19 
     - Trying to get Holder to respond is not working.He acts like Gonzales awaiting orders from the pres  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:34 PM   #20 
        - Total injustice involving the DoJ and its employees and it's being ignored  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:35 PM   #21 
           - Where's the change.Now Lieberman-Graham slipped a ban on FOIA in supplement bill  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:36 PM   #22 
              - to make sure no torture pic could ever be released or anything else the pres.doesn't want in court  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:37 PM   #23 
                 - Same as it ever was.DoCorruption not the DoJ but look how fast he freed the republican Stevens  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:39 PM   #24 
                    - Just like single payer, the nation backs Siegleman but the monarchy says NO  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:40 PM   #25 
                       - It's not our government anymore.They're just middlemen for the wealthy corporations  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:41 PM   #26 
                          - "For justice we must go to Don Correlone".There's a corrupt Alabama judge that needs...  bjobotts   Jun-05-09 11:42 PM   #27 
  - And yet Holder is letting more AK officials go  Patiod   Jun-05-09 09:23 AM   #3 
  - Well, AL comes RIGHT AFTER AK when sorted alphabetically...  cascadiance   Jun-05-09 05:48 PM   #11 
  - Yes, and they were CLEARLY guilty.  Blue_In_AK   Jun-05-09 07:43 PM   #14 
  - K & R  democracy1st   Jun-05-09 09:39 AM   #4 
  - k and r ...Rove was behind this. nt  femrap   Jun-05-09 09:41 AM   #5 
  - Exactly they have to let him off or set precedent to arrest most of congress which not be that>  cooolandrew   Jun-05-09 01:13 PM   #6 
  - k & r & email sent. nm  rhett o rick   Jun-05-09 03:13 PM   #7 
  - Done yesterday.  Kaleko   Jun-05-09 03:30 PM   #8 
  - Done.  avaistheone1   Jun-05-09 05:36 PM   #9 
  - K&R  Wednesdays   Jun-05-09 05:44 PM   #10 
  - Where is link for e-mail?  MasonJar   Jun-05-09 07:25 PM   #12 
  - K & R....this man was railroaded by the far riight and we all know it...  winyanstaz   Jun-05-09 07:34 PM   #13 
  - Because he's not a Repug?  katandmoon   Jun-05-09 07:53 PM   #15 
  - Make Republicans Defend the Indefensible: Don Siegelman and the Stolen 2002 Election  bkohatlanta   Jun-05-09 08:16 PM   #16 
  - Write a letter to your Congress-critters....  pilsner   Jun-05-09 11:06 PM   #17 
  - Phone calls, too!  Iwillnevergiveup   Jun-06-09 12:37 AM   #28 
  - Why hasn't MSNBC given the Siegelman travesty legs?  pilsner   Jun-05-09 11:10 PM   #18 
  - And why is this a bad thing?  ezdidit   Jun-06-09 05:27 AM   #29 
     - You must be talking about  The Wizard   Jun-06-09 07:26 AM   #30 

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