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Reply #20: I used to be a Young Tory [View All]

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TheBigotBasher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-30-09 10:53 PM
Response to Reply #19
20. I used to be a Young Tory
and I remember having a discussion with a newly elected MP. He said his biggest fear in life would be to be a member of a Party of Government that involved itself in War Crimes. The prospect of that happening, I thought was just too remote to countenance.

Many years on and the whole political landscape has changed so fundamentally that I do not know where I stand. I left the Tories when they moved to the hard right. I never expected Labour to move even further.

There are now, if you use the figures that were used of "worklesness" that were used in the 80's some 7.8 million people without jobs in the UK. It is a shocking sttaistic. Twenty percent of the active labour market are now without employment. The "claimant count" (those who qualify for jobseekers allowance) is a quarter of that.

The fact that not one, but two UK Prime Ministers, never mind the fact that they were Labour Prime Ministers, were beholden to the most extreme of Republican Presidents ever and were more than likely complicit with torture still shocks and saddens me.

We have been promised a "full investigation" in to the Iraq War now that our troops are out. This to me must include investigation into the whether senior UK Politicians and officials were complicit with war crimes.
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  -Is This Really The Justice America Deserves? TheBigotBasher  Apr-30-09 07:59 PM   #0 
  - Our new administration shouldn't be going along with the amorphous category  Mist   Apr-30-09 08:07 PM   #1 
  - We really don't know what President Obama knows about these. I'm willing to wait and see.  NYC_SKP   Apr-30-09 09:32 PM   #13 
     - I am really not sure much can.  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 09:42 PM   #15 
        - If innocent, the money would be appropriate.  NYC_SKP   Apr-30-09 09:49 PM   #16 
           - They have not even been charged with anything yet.  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 09:58 PM   #17 
              - The problem is that the lies are probably so deep and in layers....  NYC_SKP   Apr-30-09 10:37 PM   #19 
                 - I used to be a Young Tory  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 10:53 PM   #20 
  - The mess that is Guatanamo will not be easily resolved.  Kdillard   Apr-30-09 08:07 PM   #2 
  - We are still fighting a war in Afghanistan  AllentownJake   Apr-30-09 08:08 PM   #3 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Apr-30-09 08:10 PM   #4 
  - How do you know that they are dangerous?  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 08:13 PM   #5 
  - You can't hold people forever without a trial  AllentownJake   Apr-30-09 08:15 PM   #6 
  - That is if they are from Afganistan.  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 08:22 PM   #8 
  - This is America.  leftofthedial   Apr-30-09 08:21 PM   #7 
  - Let them buy it then.  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 08:25 PM   #9 
     - I bet their portfolios are in good shape  leftofthedial   Apr-30-09 08:30 PM   #10 
        - What saddens me  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 08:37 PM   #11 
  - They can't be released because..  stillcool   Apr-30-09 09:18 PM   #12 
     - Sadly, that demonstrates what we have become.  TheBigotBasher   Apr-30-09 09:37 PM   #14 
        - I think this will plague our country..  stillcool   Apr-30-09 10:11 PM   #18 

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