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Reply #168: I don't think he was trying to hide that his was his message at all [View All]

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Political Heretic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-19-09 11:36 AM
Response to Reply #164
168. I don't think he was trying to hide that his was his message at all

Your "noone said he was above criticism, so stop criticizing him" OP certainly reflec ts an attitude in my mind, that suggests that if we're not all waving pom poms as far of a fan club for our leader that we are doing something wrong.

Now, maybe that's not the same as thinking someone is the "messiah." I'll concede a statement like that is over the top. But exaggerated or no,we all know what people who say that mean.... when they say some people treat him like he's the messiah, they mean that some people see him as above criticism, and are personally offended when others take issue with something said, done or not done by him.

Posts like this OP only reinforce the independent observations of others that there is certainly a group of people who fawn over the president as some kind of a personality rather than doing their jobs as part of the citizenry to hold leader's feet to the fire and demand more social justice action that they are giving.

Speaking of hoodwinky fancy window dressing Frenchie, I think we all know what message is clearly their in your posts. My great mistake was being naive enough to think that your attitude during the campaign, which I found to be appropriate when facing the option of voting for McCain or not voting, would make the transition into a responsible, adult, fair mindedness and criticality that - out of RESPECT for the office of a person that you (and I) like and admire - actively challenges areas were not enough is done, pushes and lobbies for more, and criticizes areas of inaction, or deference as part of a committment to always, always, always be pushing our leaders forward.

There are enough forces at work on any President - even a brilliant and personally good one - to cause them to stagnate or get distracted without the critical vigilance of the people. Many things Obama has done are already wonderful and I'm so happy for them. There are some things that are too early to to address. And then there are other thing Obama has done that have simply sucked. They would suck if he was two years into his term, or two days into it - so the "its only 60 days" cry is old and meaningless.

If I spend slightly more time focusing on the things that suck, or the things that need done than I do the things that got done and done well its only because I strongly believe that THIS IS MY JOB and this is YOUR job - it is the job of all of is not to sit around in a big circle jerk getting off on how much we "like" the president, but rather coming together with a MISSION to DRIVE this administration as far forward as it will possibly go!

I thought you knew that back in the campaign season.... I'm sad that I was wrong.
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  -I'm Sorry to Announce.... FrenchieCat  Mar-18-09 04:31 AM   #0 
  - You know, that's a great post  tkmorris   Mar-18-09 04:56 AM   #1 
  - That's just a little wonky....  quickesst   Mar-18-09 05:09 AM   #4 
  - Looks like you're the one with an objectivity problem  Brazenly Liberal   Mar-18-09 06:13 AM   #6 
  - And let me add this  Brazenly Liberal   Mar-18-09 07:14 AM   #9 
     - OK, OK. Maybe he can't do all that in one week.  Jackpine Radical   Mar-18-09 01:31 PM   #49 
     - See that?  Brazenly Liberal   Mar-18-09 03:12 PM   #78 
     - But I want my damn unicorn NOW!  damonm   Mar-18-09 02:28 PM   # 
        - Sorry. Unicorns are on backorder  Brazenly Liberal   Mar-18-09 03:13 PM   #79 
  - This is satire, right?  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-18-09 07:20 AM   #11 
  - I assume the OP was.  tangent90   Mar-18-09 02:26 PM   #66 
  - I agree, tk  Louis-Emmanuel   Mar-18-09 07:33 AM   #14 
  - He only seems like the Messiah...  JuniperLea   Mar-18-09 02:42 PM   #72 
     - maybe, eh?  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:38 PM   #174 
  - You know it's like that old wrestler Rick Flair used to say...  Clio the Leo   Mar-18-09 09:05 AM   #20 
  - THANKS!! You just gave me an answer in a crossword puzzle!!  BrklynLiberal   Mar-18-09 04:17 PM   #81 
     - Wow... Serendipity, or Superconscious guidance....  The Doctor.   Mar-18-09 05:52 PM   #98 
  - Doesn't matter who makes the point  treestar   Mar-18-09 02:11 PM   #55 
  - That was uncalled for.  Bette Noir   Mar-18-09 02:24 PM   #64 
  - not true  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 03:01 PM   #176 
  - Speak for yourself  JuniperLea   Mar-18-09 02:39 PM   #71 
  - Ill fall on this grenade of stupidity  mkultra   Mar-18-09 08:21 PM   #111 
  - Ahem.  mahina   Mar-18-09 08:28 PM   #114 
  - Well, your objectivity has also been set into clear focus as well  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:00 PM   #124 
  - The "messiah" complex  hraka   Mar-19-09 02:33 AM   #161 
     - not true  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:33 PM   #173 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Mar-18-09 04:59 AM   #2 
  - Very well said! It's what so many have forgotten --  flor de jasmim   Mar-18-09 05:07 AM   #3 
  - Well, thanks a motherfucking lot  Kind of Blue   Mar-18-09 05:23 AM   #5 
  - You are motherfucking welcomed!  FrenchieCat   Mar-18-09 03:58 PM   #80 
  - I'm sorry to announce  WeDidIt   Mar-18-09 06:14 AM   #7 
  - You forgot one:  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Mar-18-09 02:17 PM   #57 
  - Can say THAT again.  closeupready   Mar-18-09 02:20 PM   #60 
  - Same here  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:35 PM   #131 
  - that is malicious  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:48 PM   #175 
  - good post. people seem to forget the guy has not been in office that long.  ejpoeta   Mar-18-09 06:36 AM   #8 
  - Excellent post - President Obama has not even been in office long enough  Mira   Mar-18-09 07:18 AM   #10 
  - Well said FC.  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-18-09 07:21 AM   #12 
  - The "honeymoon" concept has always made sense to me.  JohnnyLib2   Mar-18-09 07:30 AM   #13 
  - That's right nt  Adelante   Mar-18-09 07:38 AM   #15 
  - Good post.  countingbluecars   Mar-18-09 07:45 AM   #16 
  - obamaphilia strikes again. see your doctor right away!  tomp   Mar-18-09 08:20 AM   #17 
  - If there's a cure for this...  Barb in Atl   Mar-18-09 11:14 PM   #156 
     - i love my disease-one definition of mental illness. nt  tomp   Mar-20-09 06:37 AM   #187 
  - he always said he would make mistakes  Celebration   Mar-18-09 08:32 AM   #18 
  - FIRE GEITHNER IMMEDIATELY!!!! YAAAARGH!!!!  alcibiades_mystery   Mar-18-09 08:36 AM   #19 
  - See this just proves what I wrote earlier...  Clio the Leo   Mar-18-09 09:08 AM   #21 
  - And popular doesn't always mean right  Louis-Emmanuel   Mar-18-09 09:35 AM   #24 
  - lol, yeah, you probably would.  Clio the Leo   Mar-18-09 09:43 AM   #25 
     - How is he not frozen pizza yet?  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Mar-18-09 02:23 PM   #62 
        - I was wondering the same thing and just had to check again cuz I caught that wif of Pepperoni. n/t  JTFrog   Mar-19-09 05:27 AM   #166 
  - No, those of us who still have an intellect to work with this read these threads  acmavm   Mar-19-09 05:58 AM   #167 
  - I'm sorry to announce that I think you're being quasi-hysterical  cali   Mar-18-09 09:10 AM   #22 
  - Of course, minority of blowhards  BeFree   Mar-18-09 10:06 AM   #26 
  - Well we've certainly seen what a small minority of blowhards can do to our country  Schema Thing   Mar-18-09 01:45 PM   #52 
  - Cheers!  Stargazer09   Mar-18-09 09:18 AM   #23 
  - And he is being given the time  TayTay   Mar-18-09 10:08 AM   #27 
  - without questioning..we are not a democracy  flyarm   Mar-18-09 11:10 AM   #28 
  - your missing the target by miles  mkultra   Mar-18-09 08:27 PM   #113 
     - no evidence for that  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:10 PM   #170 
        - your right  mkultra   Mar-20-09 12:18 AM   #182 
  - You mean he's going to become even MORE awesome?!  Deep13   Mar-18-09 11:27 AM   #29 
  - Where's my pie? He promised me pie!  4lbs   Mar-18-09 11:40 AM   #30 
  - beautifully said.  Uzybone   Mar-18-09 12:02 PM   #31 
  - A++++++++++++ n/t  cwcwmack   Mar-18-09 12:03 PM   #32 
  - BULLSHIT!!!  JimGinPA   Mar-18-09 12:15 PM   #33 
  - Exactly! K&R.  jenmito   Mar-18-09 12:23 PM   #34 
  - Sorry to tell this, but NOBODY Stated He was Supposed to be Perfect  fascisthunter   Mar-18-09 12:30 PM   #35 
  - I agree - we don't need gushing fans; we need vigilant citizens.  polichick   Mar-18-09 12:33 PM   #37 
  - and THAT is what Obama asked from us  fascisthunter   Mar-18-09 12:39 PM   #39 
  - i agree, i like Obama a lot, i disagree with him on some issues and i understand he's  AlCzervik   Mar-18-09 12:41 PM   #41 
  - But cutting Obama down in what is supposed to be the  treestar   Mar-18-09 02:17 PM   #56 
     - Vigilant citizens here are questioning what's going on, not cutting Obama down...  polichick   Mar-18-09 02:24 PM   #63 
     - negative, yoru using the argument as political cover for your sentiments.  mkultra   Mar-18-09 08:28 PM   #115 
        - not fair  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:29 PM   #172 
           - i guess free speech cuts both ways.  mkultra   Mar-20-09 12:23 AM   #183 
     - no it isn't  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 02:26 PM   #171 
  - That he is not perfect is a strawman used often  Louis-Emmanuel   Mar-18-09 12:41 PM   #40 
  - the criticism is healthy dissent is also a strawman.  mkultra   Mar-18-09 08:29 PM   #117 
  - Thank you, but you do realize that now you TOO are on the  OwnedByFerrets   Mar-18-09 01:58 PM   #53 
  - I agree with you.  road2000   Mar-18-09 12:31 PM   #36 
  - Breaking: DU rebrands as "Obama Fan Site" -- All Things Obama All the Time  nichomachus   Mar-18-09 12:37 PM   #38 
  - Have you been reading here lately?  countingbluecars   Mar-18-09 12:42 PM   #42 
  - But some people want it to be  nichomachus   Mar-18-09 02:10 PM   #54 
  - I would think that anyone  countingbluecars   Mar-18-09 02:20 PM   #61 
     - doubt that  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 04:57 PM   #180 
  - yes and no  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 03:21 PM   #177 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Mar-18-09 02:19 PM   #59 
  - Sure looks that way.  tangent90   Mar-18-09 02:28 PM   #67 
  - Are you being serious?  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:06 PM   #127 
  - Every bit true, Frenchie.  yellerpup   Mar-18-09 12:42 PM   #43 
  - He did say he was going to end the war.  rug   Mar-18-09 12:45 PM   #44 
  - I still believe that he is working on it. It's not to be immediate pull out.  The Wielding Truth   Mar-18-09 01:22 PM   #48 
     - Ok, as long as he's working on it.  rug   Mar-18-09 02:25 PM   #65 
  - Great Post..and to the point  Peacetrain   Mar-18-09 12:52 PM   #45 
  - KNR n/t  wroberts189   Mar-18-09 01:16 PM   #46 
  - If these sentiments didn't work the first 499 times you posted them,  EFerrari   Mar-18-09 01:18 PM   #47 
  - EF  BeFree   Mar-18-09 02:31 PM   #68 
  - I love you guys but berating is not a teaching tool. n/t  EFerrari   Mar-18-09 02:44 PM   #73 
     - So what is?  BeFree   Mar-18-09 02:49 PM   #75 
     - As soon as you tell people that what they care about is wrong, you lose.  EFerrari   Mar-18-09 06:57 PM   #107 
        - "As soon as you tell people that what they care about is wrong, you lose."  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:40 PM   #134 
           - Oy vey. Two different things. Example.  EFerrari   Mar-19-09 01:21 AM   #158 
     - .....  AlCzervik   Mar-18-09 06:53 PM   #105 
        - That quote was only valid while Bush was president  dflprincess   Mar-18-09 08:49 PM   #119 
           - that's exactly it isn't it? I think Obama would be disappointed if we all just went along.  AlCzervik   Mar-18-09 08:56 PM   #122 
  - 104 recs and counting might be considered "working"  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:39 PM   #133 
  - Excellent post, FC!!!  NanceGreggs   Mar-18-09 01:33 PM   #50 
  - Love ya Frenchie  FlyingSquirrel   Mar-18-09 01:42 PM   #51 
  - Thank you Frenchie  Suprk   Mar-18-09 02:18 PM   #58 
  - IT'S ONLY A FOUR YEAR ADMINISTRATION !!11111!!!111  leftstreet   Mar-18-09 02:34 PM   #69 
  - That strawman is getting old. You need a new one.  PVnRT   Mar-18-09 02:39 PM   #70 
  - A warning to you - Please do not put words in my mouth......  FrenchieCat   Mar-18-09 03:10 PM   #77 
     - YESSSSSS!!!!!  BrklynLiberal   Mar-18-09 04:20 PM   #82 
     - Truth!!  BeFree   Mar-18-09 04:32 PM   #83 
  - Brava, Frenchie. Thank you.  Hekate   Mar-18-09 02:45 PM   #74 
  - Oh, but, but...haven't you HEARD????  polmaven   Mar-18-09 03:00 PM   #76 
  - Thank you Frenchie! K&R! AWESOME POST!  berni_mccoy   Mar-18-09 04:39 PM   #84 
  - You go Frenchie!  rufus dog   Mar-18-09 04:41 PM   #85 
  - I'll give him 100 !  Catchawave   Mar-18-09 04:54 PM   #86 
  - You said it better than I could  graywarrior   Mar-18-09 04:55 PM   #87 
  - I love our new president  pollo poco   Mar-18-09 05:08 PM   #88 
  - excellent post  Brucie Kibbutz   Mar-18-09 05:32 PM   #91 
  - Bingo and excellent post  politicasista   Mar-19-09 05:08 PM   #181 
  - K&R, Great Post  NeedleCast   Mar-18-09 05:19 PM   #89 
  - Bullseye!!!  MzShellG   Mar-18-09 05:20 PM   #90 
  - Ain't that the truth FrenchieCat!!  Butch350   Mar-18-09 05:35 PM   #92 
  - Just an opinion..  quickesst   Mar-18-09 05:39 PM   #93 
  - I'm Sorry to Announce...  jeff30997   Mar-18-09 05:44 PM   #94 
  - 60 days, no kidding. Bush wouldve racked up 2 weeks vacation by now. n/t  40ozDonkey   Mar-18-09 05:45 PM   #95 
  - I LOVE YOU MAN.....:)  SeeHopeWin   Mar-18-09 05:46 PM   #96 
  - Thanks Frenchie... Kick  Top Cat   Mar-18-09 05:48 PM   #97 
  - you t.b.'s are becoming as unglued as the wacky rw eom  noiretextatique   Mar-18-09 05:59 PM   #99 
  - bye  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:12 PM   #128 
  - And yet ...  ColbertWatcher   Mar-18-09 06:08 PM   #100 
  - "Obama is running the perfect campaign" If I had a nickel for every time  McCamy Taylor   Mar-18-09 06:25 PM   #101 
  - turn off cable  Two Americas   Mar-18-09 06:27 PM   #102 
  - Excellent Post Frenchie! n/t  firedupdem   Mar-18-09 06:37 PM   #103 
  - Coming from anyone else, I might give a shit...  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 06:47 PM   #104 
  - here, here!  boston bean   Mar-18-09 08:02 PM   #108 
  - Spoken like a true Progressive  Louis-Emmanuel   Mar-18-09 08:51 PM   #120 
  - Thanks! It's what progressives are SUPPOSED to do.  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 10:37 PM   #147 
  - and then what?  BklnDem75   Mar-18-09 08:55 PM   #121 
  - That's a false chain if I ever saw one  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 10:45 PM   #149 
  - And that is why we have the GOP.  Clio the Leo   Mar-18-09 08:57 PM   #123 
  - That's the most ass ignorant thing I've ever heard.  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 10:34 PM   #146 
  - word up  frylock   Mar-18-09 10:09 PM   #138 
  - you mean he wasn't born in a manger?  WillYourVoteBCounted   Mar-18-09 06:56 PM   #106 
  - FrenchieCat  MadMaddie   Mar-18-09 08:07 PM   #109 
  - The classic double standard: Bush was such a f*ck-up that nothing but f*ck-ups were expected of  AnotherMother4Peace   Mar-18-09 08:15 PM   #110 
  - We get him for MORE than 60 days??? Yippee! n/t  Beartracks   Mar-18-09 08:25 PM   #112 
  - I heart you.  BlooInBloo   Mar-18-09 08:28 PM   #116 
  - He needs for us to be honest and accepting of his mistakes  sampsonblk   Mar-18-09 08:39 PM   #118 
  - Yeah. I never believed all that "God, fate, destiny or providence" stuff either.  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 09:05 PM   #125 
  - Her HUSBAND said that AND you were bashing the fuck out of her even then  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:25 PM   #130 
     - Deservedly. I simply have a longer memory.  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 09:38 PM   #132 
        - "Longer memory" = grudge  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 09:46 PM   #135 
           - Who am I to quibble?  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 10:09 PM   #137 
              - Shorter LJ....  BlooInBloo   Mar-18-09 10:11 PM   #139 
              - "my interest in seeing Obama succeed"  HughMoran   Mar-18-09 10:16 PM   #140 
              - I've never seen a poster describe something as a strawman...  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 10:27 PM   #144 
              - Wow, whole lot of "Obama is going to make us lose the racist states" worrywarts in those threads.  camera obscura   Mar-18-09 10:17 PM   #141 
              - Is there a problem with that thread?  FrenchieCat   Mar-18-09 10:17 PM   #142 
                 - Yes. We've been over it before. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 10:22 PM   #143 
  - Thank you Frenchie  BklnDem75   Mar-18-09 09:06 PM   #126 
  - 'No one ever said he was above criticism, so stop criticizing him.'  Skip Intro   Mar-18-09 09:19 PM   #129 
  - Ha! Now we know what became of Bob Beaudelang. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Mar-18-09 10:33 PM   #145 
  - Wow best summary of the OP I've read so far.  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 10:51 PM   #152 
  - K & R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Richd506   Mar-18-09 10:04 PM   #136 
  - Jesus people, let the man unpack his bags  sniffa   Mar-18-09 10:38 PM   #148 
  - i Hope it's something in a chartreuse silk! that's fun and different!  AlCzervik   Mar-18-09 10:45 PM   #150 
  - It won't be Venetian blinds  sniffa   Mar-18-09 11:03 PM   #155 
  - So why don't you let is know what date we are allowed to start paying attention  Political Heretic   Mar-18-09 10:50 PM   #151 
     - When he's able to top 200 in ten pin  sniffa   Mar-18-09 10:57 PM   #154 
  - r & k. I agree FC  rhett o rick   Mar-18-09 10:55 PM   #153 
  - I am sorry to reply...  Two Americas   Mar-18-09 11:43 PM   #157 
  - Well, you know, I decided to do some of the old Past post checking,  FrenchieCat   Mar-19-09 01:58 AM   #160 
     - sure  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 04:02 AM   #163 
        - Well, I'm gonna put it way.....  FrenchieCat   Mar-19-09 04:24 AM   #164 
           - I don't think he was trying to hide that his was his message at all  Political Heretic   Mar-19-09 11:36 AM   #168 
           - yes, very clear  Two Americas   Mar-19-09 01:23 PM   #169 
  - I agree  HopeOverFear   Mar-19-09 01:28 AM   #159 
  - He'll do the best that he can,  FrenchieCat   Mar-19-09 04:29 PM   #179 
  - And He Never Said Boo About Torture  Senator   Mar-19-09 02:47 AM   #162 
  - Kick  Optical.Catalyst   Mar-19-09 05:14 AM   #165 
  - Do you believe it is wrong to be critical of Obama? NT  Cash_thatswhatiwant   Mar-19-09 03:30 PM   #178 
  - Nope!  FrenchieCat   Mar-20-09 12:36 AM   #184 
     - Thank you. Now everyone knows your position. nt  Cash_thatswhatiwant   Mar-20-09 02:24 AM   #185 
     - Your "over the top" criticism is someone else's fair criticism  Serenitynow   Mar-20-09 03:53 AM   #186 
        - exactly the point, and...  tomp   Mar-20-09 06:54 AM   #188 
  - As a matter of fact,  LWolf   Mar-21-09 11:47 AM   #189 

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