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Reply #21: it's unrealistic to expect adults, children, pets, or anyone else [View All]

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spooky3 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-08-04 02:57 PM
Response to Original message
21. it's unrealistic to expect adults, children, pets, or anyone else
to ignore self-interests. There is a huge literature in several different social science fields, across many cultures, to support that, in case you doubt it.

A more realistic goal is to ask people to consider

--the common good
--self- interest
--costs and efficacy of alternatives


Good people are able and willing to consider problems that are not black-and-white, zero sum, etc.
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  -can we start the "grown-ups party" mopinko  Jan-08-04 10:38 AM   #0 
  - But the COMMON good would NOT place the burden on the middle class  nothingshocksmeanymore   Jan-08-04 10:40 AM   #1 
  - i am the middle class  mopinko   Jan-08-04 11:01 AM   #2 
  - upper middle class is actually wealthy(nt)  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 06:06 PM   #30 
     - NO  mopinko   Jan-08-04 06:32 PM   #36 
        - well  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 09:19 PM   #37 
  - Bad politics, Bad policy  Printer70   Jan-08-04 06:03 PM   #28 
  - I'm confused  redqueen   Jan-08-04 11:04 AM   #3 
  - right- good  mopinko   Jan-08-04 11:06 AM   #4 
     - Okay  redqueen   Jan-08-04 12:16 PM   #8 
        - yeah, i know  mopinko   Jan-08-04 01:24 PM   #12 
           - You can't, if you play by the rules as they are now  redqueen   Jan-08-04 01:48 PM   #16 
              - it is important to have dk and cmb in the race  mopinko   Jan-08-04 02:42 PM   #19 
              - oops  mopinko   Jan-08-04 02:55 PM   #20 
  - Any candidate we select...  NewGuy   Jan-08-04 11:32 AM   #5 
  - more pandering to slefishness  mopinko   Jan-08-04 01:27 PM   #13 
     - Can Dean/Clark?anyone work for the common good...  NewGuy   Jan-08-04 01:47 PM   #15 
        - exactly my dilemma  mopinko   Jan-08-04 06:27 PM   #34 
           - why don't you just elect Kucinich?  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 09:49 PM   #41 
  - Why is he changing his mind?  sandnsea   Jan-08-04 11:44 AM   #6 
  - ugh, how dissapointing  mopinko   Jan-08-04 12:07 PM   #7 
  - Spoken like someone from the upper-middle class  info being   Jan-08-04 12:22 PM   #9 
  - ok this is part of the problem  mopinko   Jan-08-04 12:37 PM   #11 
     - the truth  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 06:24 PM   #33 
        - this is what they say  mopinko   Jan-08-04 06:31 PM   #35 
           - it is not selfish to demand well paid people to pay more taxes  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 09:20 PM   #38 
           - "common good" is a control tactic  OhioStateProgressive   Jan-08-04 09:24 PM   #39 
  - let me be more clear  mopinko   Jan-08-04 12:24 PM   #10 
  - I don't wanna grow up  rucky   Jan-08-04 01:30 PM   #14 
  - Hey! Isn't Natasha 12?  redqueen   Jan-08-04 01:51 PM   #18 
  - I don't want politicians telling me....  Printer70   Jan-08-04 06:04 PM   #29 
  - if you want "common good" then forget about politics  Terwilliger   Jan-08-04 01:51 PM   #17 
  - we're dreaming here  mopinko   Jan-08-04 03:04 PM   #23 
  - it's unrealistic to expect adults, children, pets, or anyone else  spooky3   Jan-08-04 02:57 PM   #21 
  - i think the thing is  mopinko   Jan-08-04 03:02 PM   #22 
  - However, there is an emerging literature that says conventional economic  Mairead   Jan-08-04 03:31 PM   #24 
     - this does not surprise me  mopinko   Jan-08-04 03:41 PM   #25 
     - Please note that I said "social science" not simply economics  spooky3   Jan-08-04 05:57 PM   #26 
        - but the question is  mopinko   Jan-08-04 06:19 PM   #31 
        - Yes, I know.  Mairead   Jan-09-04 05:32 AM   #42 
  - But mopinko, I thought we decided good politics...  Printer70   Jan-08-04 06:01 PM   #27 
  - this is why  mopinko   Jan-08-04 06:20 PM   #32 
  - well, Edwards wrote a platform a year ago that STILL works  arewethereyet   Jan-08-04 09:47 PM   #40 

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