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Reply #18: Your question? [View All]

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jberryhill Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-18-09 12:41 PM
Response to Reply #14
18. Your question?
Edited on Wed Feb-18-09 12:42 PM by jberryhill
The cartoon shows a marked police car, an unmarked cruiser, and a telephone pole with a "Beware of Dog Sign"

Note the visual elements here:

That chimp was shot when it tried to enter the car, and was a top story yesterday.

The cartoonist seems to be saying that the stimulus bill is stupid.

The cartoonist obviously does not understand that the reference to the chimp shooting is obscure, and is more likely to be understood as a racist statement that a juxtaposition of two news stories.

The visual reference is to a specific chimpanzee that was shot by police based on the wire service photo.
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  -BEWARE OF DOG WeDidIt  Feb-18-09 12:19 PM   #0 
  - 1-800-552-7678 and thanks to CitizenPatriot for quickly finding the #.  nc4bo   Feb-18-09 12:21 PM   #1 
  - I'm confused.  GregD   Feb-18-09 12:24 PM   #3 
  - Call and complain.  nc4bo   Feb-18-09 12:25 PM   #5 
     - So do chimpanzees....  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 12:31 PM   #13 
        - Then he is still insensitive and tasteless.  nc4bo   Feb-18-09 01:32 PM   #26 
        - What does the monkey have to do with the stimulus bill?  Solomon   Feb-18-09 02:16 PM   #30 
           - Literally? Nothing  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 02:24 PM   #32 
  - Who's on the other end?  EstimatedProphet   Feb-18-09 01:08 PM   #20 
     - NY Post (but you probably knew that)  nc4bo   Feb-18-09 01:22 PM   #25 
     - ...and another thing: should we call right fucking now?  Richardo   Feb-18-09 02:05 PM   #29 
  - k&r  eleny   Feb-18-09 12:23 PM   #2 
  - Try again.  bunnies   Feb-18-09 12:24 PM   #4 
  - Good find! n/t  greguganus   Feb-18-09 12:25 PM   #6 
  - I missed that as well, thanks for the post, bunnies. n/t  Uncle Joe   Feb-18-09 12:27 PM   #8 
  - Okay, I had never seen that picture.  WeDidIt   Feb-18-09 12:29 PM   #10 
  - But thats the thing.  bunnies   Feb-18-09 12:46 PM   #19 
     - I'm not so quick to write off the chimp connection to racism,  Uncle Joe   Feb-18-09 01:36 PM   #27 
  - Oh, right.  tekisui   Feb-18-09 12:29 PM   #11 
  - Nice pick up, WeDidIt.  Uncle Joe   Feb-18-09 12:25 PM   #7 
  - ------>Chimp shot dead after mauling woman  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 12:28 PM   #9 
  - What does the killed chimp have to do with the author of the stimulus bill?  tekisui   Feb-18-09 12:30 PM   #12 
  - Once more with feeling....  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 12:34 PM   #16 
     - At the LEAST the it was insensitive which is an indicator that it was racist regardless of intention  uponit7771   Feb-18-09 01:09 PM   #21 
        - I agree  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 01:15 PM   #23 
  - ?  thewiseguy   Feb-18-09 12:32 PM   #14 
  - Your question?  jberryhill   Feb-18-09 12:41 PM   #18 
  - He has some satirish toons, seems he rides the line at times and some are pretty good but  nc4bo   Feb-18-09 12:40 PM   #17 
  - regardless of the 'beware of dog' sign...  islandmkl   Feb-18-09 12:33 PM   #15 
  - what paper did this piece of shit come from?  Blue_Roses   Feb-18-09 01:11 PM   #22 
  - New York Post  SunsetDreams   Feb-18-09 01:20 PM   #24 
  - New York Post is a piece of crap owned by Newscorp.  shaniqua6392   Feb-18-09 01:41 PM   #28 
  - Ever hear of Little thing called  SpartanDem   Feb-18-09 02:23 PM   #31 
  - Your Reply Is Nonsensical  Binka   Feb-18-09 03:40 PM   #33 
  - People in Birmingham are not laughing at all!  mentalsolstice   Feb-18-09 03:52 PM   #34 

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