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Reply #3: Only if you're a Manichean. [View All]

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rug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-14-09 06:07 AM
Response to Original message
3. Only if you're a Manichean.
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  -Is the GOP a necessary evil for a stable U.S. government? Soupy Liberaltarian  Feb-14-09 05:10 AM   #0 
  - no. their demise could usher in a true multiparty system  PretzelWarrior   Feb-14-09 05:13 AM   #1 
  - The Democrats are as aggressive in their efforts to suppress third parties as the Republicans are.  salguine   Feb-14-09 08:39 AM   #14 
  - They are less than worthless now, and I expect they will only get worse.  old mark   Feb-14-09 05:56 AM   #2 
  - Only if you're a Manichean.  rug   Feb-14-09 06:07 AM   #3 
  - No not any more so then is Al-Qeada needed for world peace.  dcindian   Feb-14-09 06:48 AM   #4 
  - They've got the "evil" part down pat.....Necessary?,,,No way.  RagAss   Feb-14-09 06:50 AM   #5 
  - ok. some of you are being dipsh!ts about this.  PretzelWarrior   Feb-14-09 06:52 AM   #6 
     - The question is 'is the GOP necessary'  Bluenorthwest   Feb-14-09 08:01 AM   #9 
  - "Evil" sums it up nicely.  TheCowsCameHome   Feb-14-09 07:30 AM   #7 
  - no, the country needs a good strong decent republican party and not the extremists they are today.  Mr. Sparkle   Feb-14-09 07:53 AM   #8 
  - Even if the country 'needs' A Party  Bluenorthwest   Feb-14-09 08:05 AM   #10 
     - True, but i don't see many other dancers on the dance floor.  Mr. Sparkle   Feb-14-09 08:20 AM   #11 
  - We've had much more powerless minority parties in the past  ShadowLiberal   Feb-14-09 08:29 AM   #12 
  - Not really. The GOP's death would be good for the country.  Danger Mouse   Feb-14-09 08:35 AM   #13 
  - Are ticks and leeches really necessary to the ecosystem?  mitchum   Feb-14-09 08:51 AM   #15 
  - No, they are becoming the extreme right  treestar   Feb-14-09 08:53 AM   #16 
  - Unless we somehow move to  Inuca   Feb-14-09 09:08 AM   #17 
  - Not sure, are genital warts a necessary evil for good health?  11 Bravo   Feb-14-09 10:18 AM   #18 
  - No, but two parties are pretty much a given in our system.  backscatter712   Feb-14-09 11:19 AM   #19 
  - ...  malletgirl02   Feb-14-09 02:57 PM   #20 
  - Nope...not at all  TheKentuckian   Feb-14-09 06:09 PM   #21 
  - Let the Blue dogs go be the opposing party and I think I could live with that dynamic tension a>  cooolandrew   Feb-14-09 06:16 PM   #22 
  - Yin-Yang  Dappleganger   Feb-14-09 08:48 PM   #23 

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