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Reply #35: So Is That Obama's Theory Of Governance? Positive And Negative [View All]

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lostnotforgotten Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-19-08 11:56 PM
Response to Reply #30
35. So Is That Obama's Theory Of Governance? Positive And Negative
Cancel each other out.

Seems a non sequitur because it implies zero progress and ongoing political, societal stasis.
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  -So how long will calling Obama a "bigot" for the Warren invocation debate last? zulchzulu  Dec-19-08 11:18 PM   #0 
  - Rick Warren is, and will continue to be, the narrative until January 20  IndianaGreen   Dec-19-08 11:21 PM   #1 
  - Did either Keith or Rachel mention Lowery doing the benediction at all?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:24 PM   #4 
  - Does Colmes get mentioned as often as Hannity?  mondo joe   Dec-19-08 11:25 PM   #6 
  - Does squirrel piss get mentioned as often as chihauhua poop?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:28 PM   #10 
     - Which racist will Obama invite for an honored role and then provide a counter?  mondo joe   Dec-19-08 11:39 PM   #18 
        - I don't know. You tell me. n/t  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:53 PM   #31 
           - I don't expect he ever will. His concessions in this vein always come at the expense of GLBT  mondo joe   Dec-19-08 11:54 PM   #32 
              - So you refuse to acknowledge that pro gay rights Reverend Lowery will also participate?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:58 PM   #37 
                 - Of course I acknowedge it. And when Obama invites a racist and a counterpoint, in  mondo joe   Dec-19-08 11:59 PM   #38 
                    - OK, so Obama is a bigot (for Warren) except he's not a bigot (for Lowery)...  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:01 AM   #40 
                       - He's enabling a bigot. Lowery doesn't change that. NT  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:04 AM   #42 
                       - You are enabling the bigot by bringing more attention to him than is needed  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:12 AM   #46 
                          - Ah, a plea for denial and cover up.  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:13 AM   #48 
                          - Cause nobody would have known anything about this if not for Mondo Joe.  QC   Dec-20-08 12:22 AM   #59 
                             - Hey fuck off. I'm a god damn font of knowledge.  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:24 AM   #60 
                       - why in HELL do you think Lowery somehow negates Warren? nt  jonnyblitz   Dec-20-08 12:05 AM   #43 
                          - But, but, Obama has invited the gay marching band  IndianaGreen   Dec-20-08 12:28 AM   #62 
                          - Maybe because IT DOES  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:33 AM   #70 
                             - Try a meal in which some parts are good and some parts are poison.  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:35 AM   #73 
  - I'm pretty sure they didn't bring up Pat Buchanan either.  Hanse   Dec-19-08 11:30 PM   #12 
  - great post Green....  themartyred   Dec-19-08 11:25 PM   #7 
  - So why not the equal amount of praise for Obama including Reverend Lowery?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:32 PM   #14 
     - there's no fair when you include someone who spews hate speech?  themartyred   Dec-19-08 11:35 PM   #16 
        - I understand the dilemna... I even wish Warren would rescind his appointed slot...  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:48 PM   #28 
           - just to have facts be correct - Lowery is very much against Gay Marriage  themartyred   Dec-20-08 12:53 AM   #80 
           - This is NOT Rick Warren's fault nor his responsibility.  lapfog_1   Dec-20-08 05:40 AM   #94 
  - No it won't, not enough people care  alwysdrunk   Dec-20-08 04:37 AM   #93 
  - Depends on who is using the word bigot.  Wolsh   Dec-19-08 11:22 PM   #2 
  - Precisely - said it much better than I tried to.  apocalypsehow   Dec-19-08 11:25 PM   #5 
  - I Voted For Obama - Enabling Bigots Was The Wrong Thing To Do  lostnotforgotten   Dec-19-08 11:42 PM   #21 
     - He has a history of listening to people from all different points of view.  dkf   Dec-19-08 11:45 PM   #24 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-19-08 11:50 PM   #29 
           - I Am Surprised By The DU Peeps who refuse to congratulate pro gay rights Rev. Lowery  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:56 PM   #34 
              - Positive And Negative Canceling Each Other Out Do Not Progress Make!  lostnotforgotten   Dec-19-08 11:57 PM   #36 
              - If you slap someone in the face, and then kiss it, is the slap canceled out?  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:12 AM   #47 
                 - Depends on the date and what you've been drinking...  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:25 AM   #61 
                    - You can make light of the question, but if you take it seriously for a moment you'll  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:28 AM   #63 
  - Voted "forever," because it is largely those who never supported Obama who are flaming the most.  apocalypsehow   Dec-19-08 11:24 PM   #3 
  - there's some reason for that - Obama was already on questionable alert with the GLBT community for  themartyred   Dec-19-08 11:32 PM   #13 
  - I don't agree with the Warren invocation, and have stated so repeatedly. I support full marriage  apocalypsehow   Dec-19-08 11:37 PM   #17 
  - Why do you wrongly assume that perhaps straight people can't understand LGBT rights?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:40 PM   #20 
     - many other posts I acknowledge non-gays standing up for gay rights  themartyred   Dec-20-08 12:55 AM   #81 
  - I voted forever too.  dkf   Dec-19-08 11:46 PM   #25 
  - Other  mikehiggins   Dec-19-08 11:25 PM   #8 
  - Looks like four or five members here will never let it go.  NYC_SKP   Dec-19-08 11:27 PM   #9 
  - right. 4 or 5. ignore how a majority of active users rec the threads against this choice  themartyred   Dec-19-08 11:33 PM   #15 
     - Big difference.  NYC_SKP   Dec-19-08 11:43 PM   #22 
     - Do you think agreeing..  stillcool47   Dec-19-08 11:47 PM   #26 
  - A few more days.  Hanse   Dec-19-08 11:28 PM   #11 
  - Once You Enable Bigotry That Stench Last A Lifetime - He Will Never Live It Down!  lostnotforgotten   Dec-19-08 11:39 PM   #19 
  - If you include pro-gay rights advocate Reverend Lowery, do you enable anti-bigotry that lasts?  zulchzulu   Dec-19-08 11:52 PM   #30 
     - Ah, FOX style Fair and Balanced. *cough*  mondo joe   Dec-19-08 11:55 PM   #33 
     - Yeah, I put that in knowing some people would bite that piece of cheese...  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:00 AM   #39 
        - Is that supposed to excuse something?  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:03 AM   #41 
     - So Is That Obama's Theory Of Governance? Positive And Negative  lostnotforgotten   Dec-19-08 11:56 PM   #35 
        - OK... so you missed out where Obama will try to work with bost sides on issues?  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:10 AM   #44 
           - On which other civil rights issue will he work "both sides"?  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:11 AM   #45 
           - That's our job  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:18 AM   #52 
              - No answer to my question, I see.  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:20 AM   #54 
           - SO There Will Be No Progress On Civil Rights According To Your Rationalizations  lostnotforgotten   Dec-20-08 12:13 AM   #50 
              - Ferrchrissakes, you didn't mention Hitler...  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:28 AM   #65 
                 - I Am Merely Speculating That As A Barack Bigot Rationalizer  lostnotforgotten   Dec-20-08 12:35 AM   #72 
  - Obama is a racist, a bigot, and speaks openly  stillcool47   Dec-19-08 11:44 PM   #23 
  - A few more days  NoPasaran   Dec-19-08 11:48 PM   #27 
  - NOBODY FUCKING CARES ABOUT LOWERY!  LeftyMom   Dec-20-08 12:13 AM   #49 
  - Of course not! That would be fair!  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:21 AM   #56 
  - It only takes one bigoted asshole to ruin an event.  LeftyMom   Dec-20-08 12:28 AM   #64 
     - Were you a Hillary supporter?  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:48 AM   #79 
        - Bwahahaha! NO.  LeftyMom   Dec-20-08 12:58 AM   #82 
           - WHY NOT?  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 01:15 AM   #86 
              - Doesn't really matter now, does it?  LeftyMom   Dec-20-08 02:40 AM   #90 
  - Yeah, it's like mom and dad had the dog put to sleep,  QC   Dec-20-08 12:22 AM   #57 
  - bigot?  sundog   Dec-20-08 12:16 AM   #51 
  - No, But He Is At Least A Bigot Enabler  lostnotforgotten   Dec-20-08 12:18 AM   #53 
  - People who give Warren more attention that he deserves ARE Bigot Enablers  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:31 AM   #67 
     - Yes - And That Would Be One Barack Obama!  lostnotforgotten   Dec-20-08 12:33 AM   #68 
     - so about 60 or 70 million will be enabling him on 1-20-09 and that is sure much  chimpsrsmarter   Dec-20-08 12:33 AM   #69 
     - If you invite them to a historic inauguration you're an enabler.  bluedawg12   Dec-20-08 12:34 AM   #71 
     - Very dysfunctional family gaming there. Dad drinks too much? Don't talk about it.  mondo joe   Dec-20-08 12:37 AM   #75 
  - omg Sundog!!! Well said and i'm so glad to see you!!!  chimpsrsmarter   Dec-20-08 12:20 AM   #55 
  - ...  sundog   Dec-20-08 12:22 AM   #58 
  - Are you against Christians too?  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:36 AM   #74 
     - i'm against sarcastic polls  sundog   Dec-20-08 12:38 AM   #76 
  - Silly me. I thought Barack Obama was sensitive enough,  libnnc   Dec-20-08 12:30 AM   #66 
  - So will Warren's 1:53 second stupid prayer ruin your World and you won't watch Lowery speak?  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 12:43 AM   #77 
     - (facepalm) n/t.  libnnc   Dec-20-08 12:46 AM   #78 
     - I see the 'poor me, I'm a victim' line again. really, stop being rude. I ask you kindly.  themartyred   Dec-20-08 12:58 AM   #83 
        - I guess I get a tad peeved...  zulchzulu   Dec-20-08 01:13 AM   #85 
           - thanks for understanding. I don't think of people as "straight" or "gay"  themartyred   Dec-20-08 01:43 AM   #88 
  - You Happy With The Results  otohara   Dec-20-08 01:03 AM   #84 
  - criticism does not equal calling him a "bigot"  leftofthedial   Dec-20-08 01:17 AM   #87 
  - He has been explicitly been called "biogot:" on DU and TIME magazine  alwysdrunk   Dec-20-08 04:34 AM   #92 
     - I've been pretty busy in posts on this matter.  leftofthedial   Dec-20-08 09:45 AM   #95 
  - Until Patterson announces he's appointing Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate  Hippo_Tron   Dec-20-08 01:48 AM   #89 
  - supporting a bigot, makes you a bigot by default. NEVER FORGIVE & NEVER FORGET  madmadmad   Dec-20-08 03:03 AM   #91 
  - If Obama is a bigot, so is Bill Clinton for his relationship with the Saudis  Phx_Dem   Dec-20-08 09:55 AM   #96 

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