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Reply #114: "speaks volumes" is such a cliche. [View All]

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wyldwolf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-10-08 06:26 PM
Response to Reply #113
114. "speaks volumes" is such a cliche.
Edited on Wed Dec-10-08 06:27 PM by wyldwolf
Having a better American doesn't mean not having DLC policies. We saw that first hand in the 90s. But what amuses me is the revolutionary tone people like you take.
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  -Short of tar-and-feathering them, what's the best way to get rid of the DLC? brentspeak  Dec-09-08 08:54 PM   #0 
  - A Thought  RandomThoughts   Dec-09-08 08:54 PM   #1 
  - What's wrong with Tar and Feathering them????  foxer   Dec-10-08 02:46 PM   #93 
  - By voting for liberal primary challengers?  Occam Bandage   Dec-09-08 08:56 PM   #2 
  - Drag a large campaign donation check along the edge of the Grand Canyon?  TahitiNut   Dec-09-08 08:56 PM   #3 
  - Heh, heh!  brentspeak   Dec-09-08 08:59 PM   #5 
  - win. I was going to say EXPOSE their connections to BushInc's corruption over the last  blm   Dec-10-08 08:51 AM   #28 
  - good one-that'll work!  mod mom   Dec-10-08 01:34 PM   #63 
  - Amending the Constitution  prodn2000   Dec-09-08 08:59 PM   #4 
  - in the house that  swampg8r   Dec-09-08 09:17 PM   #10 
  - One of the best things you can do is educate other people  antigop   Dec-09-08 08:59 PM   #6 
  - Move to a different country  harun   Dec-09-08 09:01 PM   #7 
  - Do you think Obama has an idea what DLCers are?  Freddie Stubbs   Dec-09-08 09:39 PM   #15 
     - I think he has hired them because instead of fighting against them  harun   Dec-10-08 08:44 AM   #24 
        - Or maybe he generally agrees with them.  QC   Dec-10-08 09:09 AM   #30 
           - Only Obama knows, but my opinion is he is as appalled by them  harun   Dec-10-08 09:57 AM   #31 
           - I agree.  Laelth   Dec-10-08 10:23 AM   #37 
           - He is not DLC, and has said many times...  Shiver   Dec-10-08 10:04 AM   #33 
              - want to do a comparison of his positions with those of the DLC?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 11:16 AM   #38 
                 - in Obama's own words:  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 12:51 PM   #39 
                    - In Obama's own words  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 12:55 PM   #41 
                       - why don't you show a little effort and prove Obama's connection to the DLC?  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:08 PM   #48 
                          - Why don't you show a little effort and accept the challenge I issued first?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:10 PM   #49 
                             - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Dec-10-08 01:15 PM   #54 
                             - yet again, you avoid actually having to prove the case you claim  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:19 PM   #57 
                                - 6th dodge of the question and counting. Or should I take your dodges as an acceptance?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:22 PM   #58 
                                   - nth time you have made the challenge without providing any evidence of your claim  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:37 PM   #64 
                                      - despite all your dancing around, I'll assume you have accepted the challenge...  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:39 PM   #65 
                                         - False. He actually dissapproved of Clinton's 1996 legislation on Welfare.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:54 PM   #67 
                                            - We're not done with the first issue. You're saying Obama lied in his book "Audacity of Hope?"  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:57 PM   #69 
                                               - no, he didn't.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:04 PM   #71 
                                                  - So you're picking an older quote over a newer one in his book? So he was lying in his book?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:07 PM   #72 
                                                     - have you even provided a quote? or are we supposed to just take your word for it?  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:13 PM   #75 
                                                     - yep, in post 70.  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:16 PM   #79 
                                                     - so because he refused to attack Clinton later, that somehow negates his lack of support for the Bill  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:29 PM   #84 
                                                     - oh, because he contradicted your quote later, you'll just go with the 11 year old quote  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:30 PM   #85 
                                                     - he didn't contradict anything  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:43 PM   #90 
                                                     - yes he did.  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:47 PM   #94 
                                                     - still avoiding any smidgen of discussion regarding WAR  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 03:00 PM   #97 
                                                     - still trying to skirt the current discussion  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 03:02 PM   #98 
                                                     - wow! I am eviscerated by the sharp edge of your wit.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 04:21 PM   #102 
                                                     - but I'm not eviscerated by your ability to dodge and spin  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 05:02 PM   #106 
  - Call them out, never give them a moment's peace. Rouse the citizenry to taunt them & pelt them with  scarletwoman   Dec-09-08 09:10 PM   #8 
  - Vote every last fucking one of them out in the primaries.  Sebastian Doyle   Dec-09-08 09:12 PM   #9 
  - No. Just no. I'm fucking delighted that Tom Udall won in NM  cali   Dec-10-08 08:51 AM   #29 
  - post a thread about it on DU?  paulk   Dec-09-08 09:20 PM   #11 
  - I use vinegar.  MPK   Dec-09-08 09:21 PM   #12 
  - best of - nt  happychatter   Dec-09-08 10:21 PM   #17 
     - wrong location - nt - sorry  happychatter   Dec-09-08 10:23 PM   #18 
  - Don't vote for them and send money to challengers you prefer  dmordue   Dec-09-08 09:35 PM   #13 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Dec-09-08 09:37 PM   #14 
  - oppose the DLC policies that one strongly disagrees with and are unpopular  Douglas Carpenter   Dec-09-08 09:45 PM   #16 
  - There is a method that would discourage the selling of policy  Dragonfli   Dec-09-08 10:25 PM   #19 
  - I've been thinking about it for years and not coming up with a whole lot  happychatter   Dec-09-08 10:26 PM   #20 
  - For starters, you won't get rid of them by whining about it all day  mtnsnake   Dec-09-08 10:34 PM   #21 
  - Firing squad?  liberaltrucker   Dec-09-08 10:40 PM   #22 
  - Whine about them.  Uzybone   Dec-09-08 10:49 PM   #23 
  - Short of tar-and-feathering them, what's the best way to get rid of the whiney progressives?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 08:46 AM   #25 
  - ooh! I'll answer that! Put them in a round room and tell them there's a clue in the corner!  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 08:49 AM   #26 
  - lol, MrB would have loved that one!  mtnsnake   Dec-10-08 10:08 AM   #34 
  - There is no such thing as a non-progressive Democrat  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 12:54 PM   #40 
     - of course there isn't  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 12:59 PM   #43 
        - awww, don't feel bad. this Country is just moving away from the Right  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:12 PM   #50 
           - aww, don't feel bad. Centrists keep getting elected.  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:13 PM   #51 
              - eLet's see how many Centrists are left after 8 years of a Progressive Obama Administration  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:25 PM   #59 
                 - All of them will be left after Obama's Clinton-like Third Way Presidency  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:26 PM   #60 
                    - why can you not just let the World move on?  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:57 PM   #68 
                       - that would be up to the electorate, not you or I, and currently...  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:59 PM   #70 
                          - you just cannot accept that Obama is not of your ilk, can ya?  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:09 PM   #74 
                             - you must have a problem with the electoral process and the fact "progressives" don't win  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:14 PM   #76 
                                - Obama is a Progressive.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:19 PM   #81 
                                   - he's a centrist  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:20 PM   #82 
                                      - if he is the centrist you wanted, why was he not your Primary candidate?  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:35 PM   #87 
                                         - umm.. because I had another preference?  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:38 PM   #89 
                                            - exactly. You wanted a Centrist, not a Progressive.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:45 PM   #91 
                                               - and I got a centrist  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:47 PM   #95 
                                                  - we'll see about that.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 04:13 PM   #101 
                                                     - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-10-08 05:03 PM   #107 
                                                     - we already have  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 07:13 PM   #126 
  - Make them enlist so that they can truly support the war. If that doesn't  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-10-08 08:50 AM   #27 
  - Tom Udall is a DLC member. He voted against the IWR and has  cali   Dec-10-08 09:59 AM   #32 
     - Yeah, it was a joke. nt  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-10-08 10:11 AM   #35 
     - There are no official DLC "members" of Congress  brentspeak   Dec-10-08 02:08 PM   #73 
        - yes there is  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:15 PM   #77 
        - Prove it  brentspeak   Dec-10-08 02:18 PM   #80 
           - you didn't ask for an "official DLC members list from the DLC website."  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:25 PM   #83 
              - Where does it say that the New Democrat Coaltions are "official DLC members"?  brentspeak   Dec-10-08 02:33 PM   #86 
                 - ok... you're right. It doesn't say they are "official" DLC members... aw shucks! ya got me!  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 02:46 PM   #92 
        - I think you are correct in a way  mvd   Dec-10-08 06:37 PM   #119 
  - Obama is doing it.  Laelth   Dec-10-08 10:20 AM   #36 
  - LOL! Yeah, that's what he's doing (snort)  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 12:57 PM   #42 
  - He was not the DLC Candidate. That's why he won.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:01 PM   #45 
  - he ran a better campaign, that's why he won. His policies mirror the DLC's  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:08 PM   #47 
     - you won't even accept it yourself. yet you consistently ask others to do so.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 01:14 PM   #53 
        - is this the 4th of 5th dodge of the question by you? Yep! You're doing the chicken dance  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 01:16 PM   #55 
  - Let me put it this way.  Laelth   Dec-10-08 01:41 PM   #66 
  - ok, so explain his supporting Lieberman against Lamont  Enrique   Dec-10-08 03:06 PM   #99 
     - Lieberman turned down the job he was offered?  Laelth   Dec-10-08 04:05 PM   #100 
  - feed them a massive dose of LSD and allow them to witness themselves unfiltered.  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 12:59 PM   #44 
  - Hard to say. Whenever they get defeated politically, they think it's  mmonk   Dec-10-08 01:04 PM   #46 
  - or whenever they get defeated, they just say the winner was already on their team  Billy Shears   Dec-10-08 02:15 PM   #78 
  - Here's an idea. Why don't we get rid of the ultra-right instead?  TOJ   Dec-10-08 01:14 PM   #52 
  - We can do both.  Sebastian Doyle   Dec-10-08 01:33 PM   #62 
  - How about instead of whining, convince others that their candidates shouldn't be voted for?  zlt234   Dec-10-08 01:17 PM   #56 
  - Stop voting for the ones that run. n/t  Orsino   Dec-10-08 01:31 PM   #61 
  - I suggest the utter destruction of the Republiscum  TheKentuckian   Dec-10-08 02:38 PM   #88 
  - My opinion...  awoke_in_2003   Dec-10-08 02:49 PM   #96 
  - The politics of exclusion  JamesA1102   Dec-10-08 04:46 PM   #103 
  - Uh, yeah  brentspeak   Dec-10-08 05:00 PM   #105 
     - Why? I got it right the first time. nt  JamesA1102   Dec-10-08 05:43 PM   #110 
  - I think it would first be prudent to identify what is reprehensible about the DLC  Hippo_Tron   Dec-10-08 04:46 PM   #104 
  - to listen to the netroots over the last 6 years...  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 05:04 PM   #108 
  - Outnumber them.  JNelson6563   Dec-10-08 05:18 PM   #109 
  - Probably the best way is for Obama to effectuate a progressive agenda.  AtomicKitten   Dec-10-08 06:16 PM   #111 
  - and when he doesn't, it will be funny watching heads explode here  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 06:19 PM   #112 
     - it speaks volumes that hopes for a better America dashed would amuse you  AtomicKitten   Dec-10-08 06:23 PM   #113 
        - "speaks volumes" is such a cliche.  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 06:26 PM   #114 
           - If wanting do better than we did in the 1990s is "revolutionary," viva la revolution!!!  AtomicKitten   Dec-10-08 06:35 PM   #118 
              - that's the problem.. Nothing is ever good enough. Some people live to complain  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 06:37 PM   #120 
                 - So, what's up with your preemptive whine? The show doesn't start til 1-20-09.  AtomicKitten   Dec-10-08 06:40 PM   #121 
                    - no whine here. What you here is amusement  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 06:42 PM   #122 
                       - Your smug 'tude is what's funny since your DLC candidate lost the election.  AtomicKitten   Dec-10-08 07:10 PM   #123 
                          - sorry...  wyldwolf   Dec-10-08 07:12 PM   #124 
  - I wish I knew  leftofthedial   Dec-10-08 06:26 PM   #115 
  - The DLC has become a boogeyman.  Barack08   Dec-10-08 06:30 PM   #116 
  - I recommend a Third Way  izzybeans   Dec-10-08 06:32 PM   #117 
  - The alien rectal probe!  IndianaGreen   Dec-10-08 07:13 PM   #125 

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