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Reply #6: It's never too early to be OMG OUTRAGED on DU [View All]

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Teaser Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-14-08 12:29 PM
Response to Reply #4
6. It's never too early to be OMG OUTRAGED on DU
You been here long?
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  -Where in the proposed Obama Adm are the people that HAVE demonstrated wisdom and judgment? Skwmom  Nov-14-08 12:12 PM   #0 
  - I, too, am noticing my outrage level rising. But, but I keep hoping that  truedelphi   Nov-14-08 12:16 PM   #1 
  - Isn't it just plain old COMMON SENSE, that the people that were right about the MAJOR issues  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:26 PM   #3 
  - Which "idiots that got us here in the first place" has he hired for his cabinet?  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:28 PM   # 
     - Rahm Emanuel...  PassingFair   Nov-14-08 12:35 PM   #18 
        - LIAF. CoS is not a Cabinet position,  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:38 PM   #22 
        - Hmm... But he will have Obama's ear on a daily basis.... Surely, you understand that?  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:54 PM   #33 
           - Perhaps you think Obama is as mentally deficient as you yourself are.  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:58 PM   #38 
           - And to me it seems to be a warning that just a day or two after  truedelphi   Nov-14-08 02:25 PM   #59 
        - I believe Rahm is perfect for the job of Chief of Staff.  Window   Nov-14-08 02:55 PM   #67 
  - This is what I expected and why I voted for the lessor of the 2 evils.  L0oniX   Nov-14-08 03:05 PM   #68 
  - Since there is no Obama administration yet  Teaser   Nov-14-08 12:16 PM   #2 
  - Well are they under consideration? I keep hearing we have to have people  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:28 PM   #5 
     - Nobody knows who's under consideration but Obama and his inner circle.  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:29 PM   #7 
     - I think considering people who were right on crucial issues is an IMPORTANT fact to raise BEFORE  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:33 PM   #11 
        - How do you know that isn't his first criterion? What are you basing all this on?  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:35 PM   #15 
     - I have no idea what you're talking about.  Teaser   Nov-14-08 12:32 PM   #9 
        - Well I believe in being PROACTIVE. What a NOVEL idea. Instead of  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:35 PM   #17 
           - Why do you beat your children? Can't you be a good parent without beating children?  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:37 PM   #20 
              - This reminds me of the argument that we can't support gay marriage b/c it will lead to  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:55 PM   #36 
              - ...  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:59 PM   #40 
                 - why not?  tomp   Nov-14-08 02:37 PM   #61 
              - u winz th3 thr34d.  Teaser   Nov-14-08 12:57 PM   #37 
  - Where are the people who weren't? The Obama administration  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:27 PM   #4 
  - It's never too early to be OMG OUTRAGED on DU  Teaser   Nov-14-08 12:29 PM   #6 
     - I think the time to raise the question is BEFORE the appointments are set in stone. Don't you?  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:30 PM   #8 
        - So, rather, your OP should be something like "I hope we see people like X appointed,"  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:32 PM   #10 
        - Those are motorized goalposts.  Teaser   Nov-14-08 12:35 PM   #16 
        - I think you have jackshit to do with the appointments no matter how  cali   Nov-14-08 12:36 PM   #19 
           - There's good reason to believe that the number of all caps posts  Telly Savalas   Nov-14-08 07:38 PM   #77 
  - They're there. Why would you think they're not there?  TexasObserver   Nov-14-08 12:34 PM   #12 
  - I have a right to voice my opinion. There are PLENTY of people who are well known  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:41 PM   #25 
     - Of course you have that right. And so do all the people  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 12:43 PM   #26 
     - I said your opinion is poorly drawn, not that you don't have a right to it.  TexasObserver   Nov-14-08 12:51 PM   #29 
     - That is quite an insult to Obama and his transition team.  Window   Nov-14-08 03:06 PM   #69 
  - try and get a clue: there currently is NO OBAMA ADMINISTRATION  cali   Nov-14-08 12:34 PM   #13 
  - There is nothing you can do or say  mtnsnake   Nov-14-08 01:07 PM   #45 
     - Oh yes, what a hateful person I am just because I think  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 03:06 PM   #70 
        - I don't think you're hateful.  cali   Nov-14-08 03:08 PM   #71 
  - The two at the top... Obama and Biden  scheming daemons   Nov-14-08 12:34 PM   #14 
  - Quit bitching. We won. You lost. YEAH, I mean YOU.  kestrel91316   Nov-14-08 12:38 PM   #21 
  - I voted for Obama and worked to get him elected.  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:43 PM   #27 
     - I'm sure if he had wanted YOU PERSONALLY as his top adviser,  kestrel91316   Nov-14-08 12:52 PM   #31 
        - No, apparently, it's to be about corporations and foreign wars.  PassingFair   Nov-14-08 01:32 PM   #52 
        - Lest YOU forget.....WE WE WE WE WE  OwnedByFerrets   Nov-14-08 01:46 PM   #55 
  - Barack Obama's administration as yet to be named.....number 1.  FrenchieCat   Nov-14-08 12:39 PM   #23 
  - Most Of Us Are Here Posting On DU nt  lligrd   Nov-14-08 12:40 PM   #24 
  - To the OP  RMP2008   Nov-14-08 12:44 PM   #28 
  - What good is winning the presidency if we continue down the same path?  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:52 PM   #30 
  - !  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Nov-14-08 12:55 PM   #35 
  - If it's all about WINNING, and NOT governing, then who does that remind you of?  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 12:59 PM   #41 
  - You seem to believe that Democrats have to choose between the two. nt  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 01:00 PM   #42 
  - So if we appoint people who were right on the major issues of our day,  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 02:48 PM   #65 
  - ## PLEASE DONATE TO DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND! ##  DU GrovelBot   Nov-14-08 12:52 PM   #32 
  - Skw, you might want to stop for a second and think about the fact  Occam Bandage   Nov-14-08 01:02 PM   #44 
     - Well put, Indeed.  GalleryGod   Nov-14-08 01:13 PM   #47 
     - Well, it won't be the first time that I've been the lone voice in a sea of  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 01:21 PM   #49 
        - Hey, I'm on your side  GreenArrow   Nov-14-08 03:41 PM   #72 
  - What administration? All we've seen is internet rumors and Clinton bashing.  Beausoir   Nov-14-08 12:54 PM   #34 
  - Why are you going on like this? NO policy appointments have been announced.  yellowcanine   Nov-14-08 12:58 PM   #39 
  - Because, I'd rather make my concerns known BEFORE rather than after the fact.  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 01:00 PM   #43 
     - You have heard squat because nothing has been announced. Little better than reading tea leaves.  yellowcanine   Nov-14-08 01:10 PM   #46 
  - Please. Obama has announced ZERO cabinet positions.  sparosnare   Nov-14-08 01:18 PM   #48 
  - Again. Why can't I voice my concern BEFOREHAND, as in before his administration is set in  Skwmom   Nov-14-08 01:26 PM   #50 
     - But you're making assumptions about his choices that are not based on anything.  mwei924   Nov-14-08 02:29 PM   #60 
  - Right at the top. n/t  demokatgurrl   Nov-14-08 01:29 PM   #51 
  - Paging Ross Perot.  cameozalaznick   Nov-14-08 01:32 PM   #53 
  - The main thing I agree with you on is: Al Gore needs to have some role  GoesTo11   Nov-14-08 01:34 PM   #54 
  - Besides Rahm Emmanuel, all we know is rumor and speculation. n/t  jenmito   Nov-14-08 01:46 PM   #56 
  - How can you be concerned about something you have no knowledge of? n/t  jenmito   Nov-14-08 01:49 PM   #57 
  - *** There is no Obama administration yet. ***  bunnies   Nov-14-08 01:50 PM   #58 
  - Where's the list of the people in the proposed admin? I haven't seen it. nt  babylonsister   Nov-14-08 02:39 PM   #62 
  - Since the "proposed" administration is all in your head, I suggest  JenniferZ   Nov-14-08 02:43 PM   #63 
  - Ahem. President Obama, anyone?  TheWraith   Nov-14-08 02:47 PM   #64 
  - Let's see YOUR list of who should be the top people  Born_A_Truman   Nov-14-08 02:55 PM   #66 
  - How astute ...  Everybody   Nov-14-08 05:10 PM   #73 
  - No one has been named there. Lets wait and see who is picked  BrentTaylor   Nov-14-08 05:17 PM   #74 
  - Sigh. We are all the Dem party and former Clintonites are Dems too. Isn't too early to start this?  Jennicut   Nov-14-08 05:29 PM   #75 
  - Ummm its been what one week?  MadMaddie   Nov-14-08 07:14 PM   #76 

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