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Reply #34: Actually, you chopped up the article and edited out the support that does exist [View All]

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beachmom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-08-08 11:00 PM
Response to Reply #11
34. Actually, you chopped up the article and edited out the support that does exist
from the black community:

Rev. Larry Brumfield, a black pastor at Westminster Church of the Brethren in northern Maryland, said he was saddened by the findings.

I wouldnt say Im surprised, he said, but Im a little put off by it because I feel that we have, as a people, as a group, as a demographic unit, we have not educated ourselves and learned and grown.
Brumfield, who is straight, said too few blacks accept sexual orientation as the immutable trait many scientists believe it to be.

I think a lot of folk think its a conscious choice, he said. But like blue eyes or green eyes, its how God made us.

Robinson said although he and other gay activists have progressed in their educational work among religious and secular black communities, support for same-sex marriage has been agonizingly slow to materialize.

African Americans, in large part, have been very resistant to any notion of discrimination against anyone, even when it comes to same-sex couples, he said. But we have not made the case yet that excluding same-sex couples from marriage is discrimination.

Several prominent, straight black leaders have tried to help drum up support for same-sex unions.

Among those who have announced support for gay marriage are Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. who died in 2006; activist and former Democratic presidential candidate Rev. Al Sharpton; and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a prominent civil rights leader.

Julian Bond, chair of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, also is an ardent supporter of equal rights for gays.

I think more work should go into finding out why the support isn't there, and perhaps a more exact study as to whether it is related to socioeconomic background. There are, of course, the churches, but that is an equally difficult barrier in white conservative churches as well (I bet you if you surveyed those white churches alone, you would see even a higher percentage of whites in that subgroup opposed to marriage equality -- it is only that more whites are secular or practice a more tolerant form of religion).
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  -Black opposition to gay marriage remains strong (and to civil unions) IndianaGreen  Nov-08-08 10:36 PM   #0 
  - all racial minorities should know better. nt.  IndianaJones   Nov-08-08 10:37 PM   #1 
  - ...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:38 PM   #2 
  - Deal with it!  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:40 PM   #3 
  - No kidding!  Maat   Nov-08-08 10:41 PM   #4 
  - I won't argue that...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:42 PM   #5 
  - I don't see this post as blaming any one particular group  DinoBoy   Nov-08-08 10:47 PM   #14 
  - Still, you are singling out the one group who was not responsible  beachmom   Nov-08-08 10:45 PM   #9 
  - Read the article and then come back with your observation  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:46 PM   #11 
  - Actually, you chopped up the article and edited out the support that does exist  beachmom   Nov-08-08 11:00 PM   #34 
  - Thank you. nt  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:46 PM   #13 
  - Hetero women have been subjected to an enormous amount of shit  silverojo   Nov-09-08 12:39 AM   #113 
  - Beat me to it  HughMoran   Nov-08-08 10:42 PM   #6 
  - We should get over it right?  DinoBoy   Nov-08-08 10:43 PM   #7 
  - No...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:45 PM   #10 
     - Religion is the root of the matter  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:48 PM   #17 
     - But then say is religious zealotry and not a particular group.  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:51 PM   #20 
     - The polls showed that more Blacks opposed rights to gays than whites did  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:54 PM   #27 
        - Do they mention if they were of certain religion? nt  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:55 PM   #29 
        - So why don't we as Dems lobby the Black and Hispanic communities then?  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:05 PM   #37 
           - nicely done  Egnever   Nov-09-08 01:07 AM   #116 
     - Then use that as the bait in your subject line. Furthermore, what is "presidential"  blondeatlast   Nov-08-08 10:52 PM   #23 
     - Who was blaming them?  DinoBoy   Nov-08-08 10:50 PM   #18 
        - They are influenced by their xtian beliefs...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 10:53 PM   #26 
           - People are responsible for their own choices. Xtians deviate from their religion  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:07 PM   #39 
              - You are right.  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:10 PM   #41 
                 - Prop 8's passage is not the fault of the AA community. But the survey data is disturbing,  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:13 PM   #44 
                    - It should not be ignored.  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:16 PM   #46 
                       - I didn't blame anyone. Did I?  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:20 PM   #50 
                          - Would that help in any way?  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:25 PM   #53 
                             - I don't know how to say this without sounding challenging, which is not what  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:28 PM   #56 
                                - ALL groups that oppose gay rights should be discussed...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:32 PM   #63 
                                   - So we should ignore the demographics of which groups are disproprtionately anti-gay?  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:34 PM   #64 
                                      - I said all.  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:35 PM   #65 
                                         - And are we to ignore demographic anomalies and pretend they don't exist,  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:36 PM   #67 
                                            - I don't remember saying that but...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:40 PM   #72 
                                               - There are numerous threads about Mormons, there are protests directed at  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:44 PM   #79 
                                                  - I haven't seen those here but mostly those angry...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:50 PM   #88 
                                                  - Then you're not looking.  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:52 PM   #92 
                                                  - Here in Floridah...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-09-08 12:07 AM   #99 
                                                  - You seem to be confused.  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 12:12 AM   #102 
  - LOL. I need to get that image.  IsItJustMe   Nov-08-08 10:44 PM   #8 
  - just stop it  Max_powers94   Nov-08-08 10:46 PM   #12 
  - The article refers to Pew Research and HRC polling data  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:50 PM   #19 
     - I am with you. I can't believe these clowns think bigots should  jonnyblitz   Nov-08-08 10:58 PM   #32 
  - As a white person, I think I will direct my anger and blame toward white fundies.  IsItJustMe   Nov-08-08 10:48 PM   #15 
  - Homophobia is a fact among Blacks, Asians, Latinos, as it is among whites  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:52 PM   #24 
     - When you start posting as many threads about that, I won't think you're targeting AA's anymore.  AZBlue   Nov-08-08 10:56 PM   #31 
     - Amen!!!  IsItJustMe   Nov-08-08 11:07 PM   #38 
     - ...  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:11 PM   #42 
     - I remember biracial couples coming to our modest gay show bar thirty years ago  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 11:12 PM   #43 
     - Then if you wanna appear less inflammatory...  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:15 PM   #45 
  - IT'S TEH BLACKS!!!!!  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 10:48 PM   #16 
  - flamebait  TexasObserver   Nov-08-08 10:51 PM   #21 
  - Deal with it. It is a bona fide article quoting Pew Research and HRC polls  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 10:53 PM   #25 
     - I have.  TexasObserver   Nov-08-08 10:55 PM   #30 
     - paaaleeeze....  DontTreadOnMe   Nov-08-08 11:00 PM   #35 
  - ...  Occam Bandage   Nov-08-08 10:51 PM   #22 
  - who's that handsome black fella?  d_b   Nov-08-08 10:55 PM   #28 
  - Karl Rove is soothing his nerves reading GD/P this week...  blondeatlast   Nov-08-08 10:59 PM   #33 
  - There's a REASON  elleng   Nov-08-08 11:05 PM   #36 
  - How curious and revealing that a simple posting of a news article and poll caused such a clamor.  David Zephyr   Nov-08-08 11:08 PM   #40 
  - they are claiming we are racist by pointing out bigotry in  jonnyblitz   Nov-08-08 11:17 PM   #47 
  - Why can't we blame who proposed the bill and not just attack minorities?  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:19 PM   #49 
  - who in hell is attacking JUST MINORITIES? haven't you  jonnyblitz   Nov-08-08 11:25 PM   #52 
     - WWooo!!  Lost-in-FL   Nov-08-08 11:29 PM   #59 
  - The "No on Prop 8" campaign did a TERRIBLE job of reaching out to minority communities  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:26 PM   #55 
     - Don't blame the people fighting for equality for the bigotry of those who passed it.  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:35 PM   #66 
     - I do blame the "No on Prop 8" campaign for being woefully ineffective at reaching out to minorities  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:39 PM   #70 
        - You're still blaming the victims for the bigotry of others.  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:41 PM   #74 
        - I'm making a distinction between the voters and the orgaizers of the two campaigns  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:44 PM   #78 
           - You explicitly said the blame lies with the No on 8 Campaign. Your word, not mine.  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:46 PM   #83 
        - no you are blaming the victim. it seems like you are hell bent  jonnyblitz   Nov-08-08 11:44 PM   #76 
           - The GLBT community is NOT the bad guy  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:46 PM   #82 
              - "The blame for the passage of prop 8 lies mostly with the organizers of 'No on Prop 8.' "  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:48 PM   #85 
                 - You're entitled to your opinion  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:49 PM   #86 
                    - Where you put the blame is very revealing about you. Thank you. NT  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:50 PM   #89 
                    - opinions don't change the FACT that you are blaming the victim.  jonnyblitz   Nov-08-08 11:51 PM   #90 
     - Blame the victim.  David Zephyr   Nov-08-08 11:38 PM   #68 
        - Can you imagine a thread in which a woman is blamed for being raped because she  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:39 PM   #71 
        - That is not even the same thing. That's just a stupid analogy.  Connie_Corleone   Nov-08-08 11:44 PM   #77 
           - Rationalize it as you like. NT  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:45 PM   #81 
           - Fine. Believe what you want.  Connie_Corleone   Nov-08-08 11:51 PM   #91 
              - The other poster explictly blamed the No campaign - not those who voted for it,  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:55 PM   #94 
                 - ummmmm....I voted No on Prop 8  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:58 PM   #95 
                    - No, I understood. You blamed the No campaign, rather than those who voted for it.  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 12:00 AM   #96 
                       - I'm curious  Cali_Democrat   Nov-09-08 12:05 AM   #98 
                          - You didn't point out mistakes. You assigned the blame for Prop 8 passing.  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 12:08 AM   #100 
                             - Please read my post again...I did point out mistakes....  Cali_Democrat   Nov-09-08 12:15 AM   #103 
                             - How many more times do I need to read "The blame for the passage of prop 8 lies mostly with the  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 12:18 AM   #104 
                                - The GLBT community needs African Americans and Hispanics  Cali_Democrat   Nov-09-08 12:26 AM   #107 
                                   - That's a much more decent statement. Thank you. NT  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 12:32 AM   #110 
                                   - Can't reach out to people holding irrational belief systems  IndianaGreen   Nov-09-08 12:36 AM   #112 
                                      - We can always reach out to more people  Cali_Democrat   Nov-09-08 12:40 AM   #114 
                                      - 100% wrong. i hold one of those irrational belief systems  CreekDog   Nov-09-08 01:29 AM   #118 
                             - why do you keep misrepresenting the other poster?  CreekDog   Nov-09-08 01:25 AM   #117 
                                - I quoted the other poster. That's what the quotation marks denote.  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 01:37 AM   #121 
                                   - you're the only one that seems not to learn anything  CreekDog   Nov-09-08 01:44 AM   #122 
                                      - When I care what you think I'll notify you by telegram. NT  mondo joe   Nov-09-08 01:46 AM   #123 
                                         - that was obvious already  CreekDog   Nov-09-08 01:54 AM   #124 
           - Thank you. nt  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:46 PM   #84 
           - yeah, you want us to beg the bigots to not hate us and if we can't  jonnyblitz   Nov-09-08 12:03 AM   #97 
              - I didn't mention anything about it being your fucking fault.  Connie_Corleone   Nov-09-08 12:18 AM   #105 
        - I'm sorry but the truth is the truth.  Cali_Democrat   Nov-08-08 11:41 PM   #73 
           - Don't confuse your blaming the victims with "truth". NT  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:42 PM   #75 
  - I've known that for quite a while. nt.  IndianaJones   Nov-08-08 11:22 PM   #51 
  - I don't know why the disproprtionately high anti-gay sentiment in this data isn't more  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:25 PM   #54 
     - Bayard Rustin was a victim of homophobia in his own community  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 11:30 PM   #60 
        - I think blaming religion is a cop out. Christians deviate from their religion with  mondo joe   Nov-08-08 11:32 PM   #62 
           - I think blaming religion is a cop out too.  Withywindle   Nov-09-08 01:31 AM   #120 
  - they need some education about gay issues  Lord Helmet   Nov-08-08 11:18 PM   #48 
  - There is just very little outreach of exposure of gays in the black community  TheDonkey   Nov-08-08 11:28 PM   #57 
     - I think that bridge can be crossed with some elbow grease.  Lord Helmet   Nov-08-08 11:31 PM   #61 
  - I do not give a fuck who is opposed to it....  and-justice-for-all   Nov-08-08 11:28 PM   #58 
  - Well, the main place to start re-conditioning these folks is in their churches.  Tatiana   Nov-08-08 11:39 PM   #69 
  - why is this in General Discussion: Presidential  krawhitham   Nov-08-08 11:45 PM   #80 
  - Do you want us in the Back of the Bus Forum?  IndianaGreen   Nov-08-08 11:49 PM   #87 
     - Agreed, but I don't get the connection to "presidential." nt  blondeatlast   Nov-09-08 12:23 AM   #106 
  - Sorry, I'm calling bullshit on this sort of blame-shifting.  NYC_SKP   Nov-08-08 11:54 PM   #93 
  - i'm disappointed with the rampant homophobia here and among racial minorities. nt.  IndianaJones   Nov-09-08 12:12 AM   #101 
  - "the complex background influence of racism in the genesis of homophobia"  IndianaGreen   Nov-09-08 12:30 AM   #108 
     - I've seen alarming homophobia up close in the Asian community. nt  IndianaJones   Nov-09-08 12:32 AM   #109 
        - The OP article mentions that  IndianaGreen   Nov-09-08 12:35 AM   #111 
  - And I'm calling bullshit on *yours*.  piesRsquare   Nov-09-08 12:59 AM   #115 
  - Sorry, that doesn't fly.  Independent_Voice   Nov-09-08 01:29 AM   #119 
  - They'll come around  usregimechange   Nov-09-08 02:12 AM   #125 

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