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edhopper Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-18-08 11:51 AM
Response to Original message
5. If it is stolen
I have absolutely no faith that the Democrats in Government will do one damn thing to stop it. They didn't in 2000, they didn't in 2004 and they won't now.
And most Americans will live with it. The prospect that they are actually living under a coup is beyond what they can accept.
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  -ROLLING STONE: It's Already Stolen ensho  Oct-18-08 11:26 AM   #0 
  - If these bastards steal THIS election.......  buff2   Oct-18-08 11:35 AM   #1 
  - I'll be camping out in DC if they steal this...  liberalmuse   Oct-18-08 11:39 AM   #2 
  - They want to see ugly?  buff2   Oct-18-08 11:42 AM   #3 
  - So Tired of This Garbage  DarthDem   Oct-18-08 11:48 AM   #4 
  - Well said.  Beregond2   Oct-18-08 11:52 AM   #6 
  - Thanks. And Good Point . . .  DarthDem   Oct-18-08 11:56 AM   #9 
  - I'm getting to the point where I don't trust Palast.  buff2   Oct-18-08 11:55 AM   #7 
  - you jest  ensho   Oct-18-08 11:56 AM   #10 
  - I See Your Point  DarthDem   Oct-18-08 11:59 AM   #12 
  - This post does not encourage anybody, does it now?  IsItJustMe   Oct-18-08 12:01 PM   #14 
  - Mine, or the OP? n/t  DarthDem   Oct-18-08 12:02 PM   #17 
     - The OP, I agree with you. This doom and gloom attititude sucks.  IsItJustMe   Oct-18-08 12:49 PM   #21 
        - Right You Are  DarthDem   Oct-18-08 12:54 PM   #22 
  - Hear Hear! Well said!  crossroads   Oct-18-08 12:02 PM   #16 
  - I also hate the title of the article. Not sure why they do that.  Overseas   Oct-18-08 12:05 PM   #19 
  - If it is stolen  edhopper   Oct-18-08 11:51 AM   #5 
  - if they steal the election, marching in the streets will be the first impulse.  colonel odis   Oct-18-08 11:56 AM   #8 
  - right, the brightist of lights should be shone on the neo cons  ensho   Oct-18-08 11:58 AM   #11 
  - The true underground will begin  Gman   Oct-18-08 12:01 PM   #13 
  - Steal Back Your Vote dot com -- site established by Greg and RFK Jr  Overseas   Oct-18-08 12:02 PM   #15 
  - Palast is a scumbag fear merchant preying on the ignorant and fearful to sell books.  billyoc   Oct-18-08 12:02 PM   #18 
  - I tend to agree  chitty   Oct-18-08 12:08 PM   #20 
  - Well, on the bright side...  Balbus   Oct-18-08 01:00 PM   #23 

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