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Reply #6: He and Farrakhan both are doing Obama no favors [View All]

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Alhena Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-14-08 04:32 PM
Response to Original message
6. He and Farrakhan both are doing Obama no favors
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  -Shame On Jesse Jackson SurfingAtWork  Oct-14-08 04:30 PM   #0 
  - Obama would say that Jackson does not speak for him, I am sure.  Elrond Hubbard   Oct-14-08 04:31 PM   #1 
  - Of course he speaks for him! They're both BLACK, aren't they?  Bicoastal   Oct-14-08 04:31 PM   #4 
  - He probably needs to say that, since Jackson does seem to think that he speaks for Obama  Marsala   Oct-14-08 04:50 PM   #24 
     - Shhh black man. Don't say anything about Israel so that you don't mess up Florida for Obama  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:22 PM   #51 
        - Pssshh, Jesse's all about himself and that's it  TornadoTN   Oct-14-08 05:29 PM   #56 
  - Do you think he's incorrect, or just impolitic in actually saying so  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:31 PM   #2 
  - I think that his timing is not an accident.  SurfingAtWork   Oct-14-08 04:33 PM   #7 
  - In other words, he's right, but he shouldn't say so now?  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:37 PM   #12 
     - I think Jackson is talking out of his ass.  nsd   Oct-14-08 04:40 PM   #16 
     - That's true. He's just like any other celebrity supporter spouting  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:43 PM   #19 
     - I don't think he's right at all  leftynyc   Oct-15-08 11:43 AM   #87 
  - 1) he's supposing out loud 2) his timing is just moronic  HughMoran   Oct-14-08 04:53 PM   #29 
  - That's true, he has always thought highly of his own opinion.  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:55 PM   #32 
     - Yeah, I would prefer he waited a few weeks  HughMoran   Oct-14-08 05:01 PM   #35 
        - as they swing for the fences  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 05:09 PM   #38 
  - Jackson is incorrect  Lilith Velkor   Oct-15-08 12:03 PM   #90 
  - Jesse Jackson is my Ralph Nader column.....  rvablue   Oct-14-08 04:31 PM   #3 
  - He's in mine too. Ugh.  KathieG   Oct-14-08 04:34 PM   #9 
  - Maybe not deliberate, but it is impolitic  OKNancy   Oct-14-08 04:32 PM   #5 
  - He and Farrakhan both are doing Obama no favors  Alhena   Oct-14-08 04:32 PM   #6 
  - he needs to stfu with that bs rhetoric  democracy1st   Oct-14-08 04:34 PM   #8 
  - But which part of it is BS?  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:38 PM   #14 
  - Obama will once again be held accountable for what other black folks say  Cali_Democrat   Oct-14-08 04:36 PM   #10 
  - It's a sad fact but it's still a fact. And Jesse knows that better than anyone  Number23   Oct-15-08 02:25 AM   #78 
  - despite being a tad (more than a tad)antsemitic....  MnFats   Oct-14-08 04:37 PM   #11 
  - ny post isn't a credible news source... Aren't they one rung above TMZ  Truth Hurts A Lot   Oct-14-08 04:38 PM   #13 
  - Maybe he fears a Black man in the White house will make him irrelevant.  MNDemNY   Oct-14-08 04:39 PM   #15 
  - I really hope so, his era is over  alwysdrunk   Oct-14-08 04:57 PM   #34 
  - Jackson has already been irrelevant for years; making sure one gets plenty...  mitchum   Oct-14-08 05:28 PM   #55 
  - We, Blacks, had a meeting and decided that the New York Post reports truth.  genna   Oct-14-08 04:41 PM   #17 
  - Thank you.  political_Dem   Oct-14-08 04:45 PM   #22 
  - Jesse Jackson has no clout in the black community.  ej510   Oct-14-08 04:51 PM   #26 
     - I get constantly tired of people waving around Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton  political_Dem   Oct-14-08 04:57 PM   #33 
        - But Jackson and Sharpton are the black boogeymen!  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:15 PM   #41 
        - So that excuses him of all of his wrongdoings, right?  TornadoTN   Oct-14-08 08:42 PM   #59 
        - You and me both!  Number23   Oct-15-08 02:29 AM   #79 
  - I'm not sure if that vitirol was directed at me. If it was  SurfingAtWork   Oct-14-08 04:47 PM   #23 
     - Why do you think that Jesse Jackson said it? Because a Post columnist said he did?  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:18 PM   #45 
        - Rev Jackson is free to deny this  leftynyc   Oct-15-08 11:46 AM   #88 
           - he DID deny it  EffieBlack   Oct-15-08 12:48 PM   #94 
              - In answer to your first question  leftynyc   Oct-15-08 02:38 PM   #99 
  - I hope it doesn't get in the MSM  augie38   Oct-14-08 04:42 PM   #18 
  - I Googled. So far it's just in the far-right nutty news sources:  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 04:44 PM   #21 
  - And now, Democratic Underground . . .  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:16 PM   #42 
  - Where else would the right-wingnuts go for news? n/t  Common Sense Party   Oct-14-08 05:18 PM   #46 
  - Ha'aretz is not a "far-right nutty news source."  Behind the Aegis   Oct-15-08 01:00 AM   #66 
     - Well, they're simply quoting the NY Post, so on this story, they are.  Common Sense Party   Oct-15-08 01:26 AM   #70 
        - That is illogical.  Behind the Aegis   Oct-15-08 01:49 AM   #75 
  - I'm sure the MSM reads the Post. Perhaps they've already determined this piece is crap.  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:21 PM   #49 
  - I don't know...  BklnDem75   Oct-14-08 04:43 PM   #20 
  - THANK you!  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 04:52 PM   #27 
  - some people jsut have an ax to grind. this is a father/son thing  Essene   Oct-14-08 04:51 PM   # 
  - You're relying on the New York Post quoting a portion of a sentence as a source?  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 04:51 PM   #25 
  - Poor Jesse, still trying to keep his toe in the water ... he's so yesterday.  Hieronymus   Oct-14-08 04:52 PM   #28 
  - Recently, Obama said something about  zidzi   Oct-14-08 04:54 PM   #30 
  - I'm very upset by this...  PlanetBev   Oct-14-08 04:55 PM   #31 
  - "Hymietown" - all the more reason Jews should be wary of Jackson's position  CakeGrrl   Oct-14-08 05:08 PM   #37 
  - Wow - based upon a fragment of a "quote" in a NY Post opinion column, you attack Rev. Jackson as a  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:14 PM   #39 
     - So I guess the good Reverend (haha) has never done anything wrong during this campaign?  TornadoTN   Oct-14-08 05:27 PM   #54 
        - Because Jackson is not perfect, you believe ANYTHING you read about him?  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 09:10 PM   #61 
  - I'm tired of Jesse Jackson...  TTUBatfan2008   Oct-14-08 05:04 PM   #36 
  - Hillary: Shame on you Jesse Jackson!  galaxy21   Oct-14-08 05:15 PM   #40 
  - *giggle*  vanderRock   Oct-14-08 05:22 PM   #50 
  - Jesse has lost his mind.  LibraLiz1973   Oct-14-08 05:17 PM   #43 
  - The New York Post?  blogslut   Oct-14-08 05:17 PM   #44 
  - If one is already predisposed to believe the worst about him, what difference does the source make?  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 05:19 PM   #47 
     - What?! It's plainly clear that he said this and it's calculated jealousy  TornadoTN   Oct-14-08 05:25 PM   #53 
        - How is it "plainly clear that he said this?" Because a NY Post columnist said he did?  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 09:16 PM   #63 
  - Run Jesse Run  Hope08   Oct-14-08 05:20 PM   #48 
  - So how much money did Limbaugh & Hannity throw at the Reverend (haha) to do this?  TornadoTN   Oct-14-08 05:23 PM   #52 
  - You're swallowing the words of a NY Post columnist and you call Rev. Jackson a moron!  EffieBlack   Oct-14-08 06:35 PM   #58 
     - I wouldn't have thought, "precious"...  anaxarchos   Oct-15-08 02:06 AM   #76 
  - "Zionists...have controlled American policy" = a canard.  WinkyDink   Oct-14-08 05:31 PM   #57 
  - Looks like he found another "Hot Mic"  politicasista   Oct-14-08 09:04 PM   #60 
  - I agree with everything he said and hope it all hpapens.  Convertee   Oct-14-08 09:14 PM   #62 
  - Jesse needs to sit his ass down somewhere and zip it. He speaks for no one but himself.  kwenu   Oct-14-08 09:19 PM   #64 
  - Pssssst! Yo, Jesse: Jesus loves you ...  Blondiegrrl   Oct-14-08 09:23 PM   #65 
  - What a worthless piece of shit  fujiyama   Oct-15-08 01:09 AM   #67 
  - Does anyone even care what he has to say anymore?  MrSlayer   Oct-15-08 01:17 AM   #68 
  - Sounds like Jesse's still trying to cut Obama's nuts off.  Walter Sobchak   Oct-15-08 01:22 AM   #69 
  - It just goes to show what an exemplary candidate and all round.....  nomaco-10   Oct-15-08 01:28 AM   #71 
  - The NY Post is horsesh*t, and this "reporter" is a neocon operative.  funflower   Oct-15-08 01:35 AM   #72 
  - Rev. Jackson: Thank you for your service.  Duke Newcombe   Oct-15-08 01:42 AM   #73 
  - Taheri was a mouthpiece for the Shah of Iran and advocates WAR WITH IRAN FOR REGIME CHANGE  crankychatter   Oct-15-08 01:46 AM   #74 
  - THANK YOU!!!  EffieBlack   Oct-15-08 06:19 AM   #80 
  - disagree as a practical matter  bridgit   Oct-15-08 02:07 AM   #77 
  - he's just mad because  DrTeeth   Oct-15-08 06:26 AM   #81 
  - You take the word of THIS guy?  EffieBlack   Oct-15-08 11:32 AM   #82 
  - FWIW, had I to do it over again I wouldn't have posted this.  SurfingAtWork   Oct-15-08 11:33 AM   #83 
     - It was on MSNBC this morning (n/t)  leftynyc   Oct-15-08 11:49 AM   #89 
     - I appreciate this. No apology to me necessary . . . n/t  EffieBlack   Oct-15-08 12:50 PM   #95 
  - that's perfect for McCain  newyorklenny   Oct-15-08 11:35 AM   #84 
  - Your font is strange  SurfingAtWork   Oct-15-08 11:38 AM   #85 
  - kind of familar too...odd  stillcool47   Oct-15-08 01:23 PM   #98 
  - .  SurfingAtWork   Oct-15-08 11:38 AM   #86 
  - Jesse Jackson is gonna ruin his kids chance of getting Obama's senate seat  LynneSin   Oct-15-08 12:05 PM   #91 
  - Fox Snooze reported it and Jackson said he was taken out of context  zulchzulu   Oct-15-08 12:05 PM   #92 
  - He WAS out of the country . . . at an economic forum at which has not been quoted in any other  EffieBlack   Oct-15-08 12:44 PM   #93 
     - Edit: never mind, they are simply citing this story  SurfingAtWork   Oct-15-08 12:53 PM   #96 
  - New York Post Opinion Piece?  stillcool47   Oct-15-08 01:21 PM   #97 
  - To quote Barbershop...  kswheels   Oct-15-08 02:41 PM   #100 

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