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Reply #7: You all are so, so sweet, gosh darn it! "wink, wink" [View All]

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terrya Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-03-08 06:26 AM
Response to Original message
7. You all are so, so sweet, gosh darn it! "wink, wink"
My gosh, it's Friday already!
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  -Let's all make today the Folksy Talk day in DU:P liberal N proud  Oct-03-08 06:17 AM   #0 
  - You betcha!  WinkyDink   Oct-03-08 06:18 AM   #1 
  - You betcha I will.  applexcore   Oct-03-08 06:30 AM   #13 
  - That's okay; heck, you're talkin' straight to the American people.  WinkyDink   Oct-03-08 06:34 AM   #14 
  - talkin' to Joe Six-Pack know the drunk drivers!  barnabas63   Oct-03-08 06:46 AM   #20 
  - Well shucks. You got me a blushin' dog on it.  applexcore   Oct-03-08 06:48 AM   #22 
  - Oh, for cute!  XemaSab   Oct-03-08 07:08 AM   #32 
  - Your username is particularly appropriate today.  janesez   Oct-03-08 06:50 AM   #23 
     - ;)  WinkyDink   Oct-03-08 07:19 AM   #40 
  - "wink" .nt  sufrommich   Oct-03-08 06:19 AM   #2 
  - I'll get back to ya on that!  npincus   Oct-03-08 06:20 AM   #3 
  - In what respect?  JohnMcCant2008   Oct-03-08 06:23 AM   #4 
  - Darn tootin'  dragndust   Oct-03-08 06:24 AM   #5 
  - Good eyedeeya doncha know! n/t  BumRushDaShow   Oct-03-08 06:25 AM   #6 
  - You all are so, so sweet, gosh darn it! "wink, wink"  terrya   Oct-03-08 06:26 AM   #7 
  - Yes, indeedallee doodallee!  Phentex   Oct-03-08 06:27 AM   #8 
  - OMG!  ladyVet   Oct-03-08 06:57 AM   #28 
  - Golly Gee! Ya think so? Like "Joe six-pack." eom  ShortnFiery   Oct-03-08 06:27 AM   #9 
  - By golly, that'll play on Main Street, doncha' know!  Ikonoklast   Oct-03-08 06:28 AM   #10 
  - Gosh darnit. That's a heckuva good idea!  Arkansas Granny   Oct-03-08 06:29 AM   #11 
  - "Doggone it",  Historic NY   Oct-03-08 06:29 AM   #12 
  - Sure, yea, K I'm witcha!  POAS   Oct-03-08 06:35 AM   #15 
  - Oakaly-Doakaly  Danmel   Oct-03-08 06:36 AM   #16 
  - Gosh golly gee there libby...  bunnies   Oct-03-08 06:36 AM   #17 
  - Well okay  FlaGatorJD   Oct-03-08 06:39 AM   #18 
  - Welcome to the DU!  XemaSab   Oct-03-08 07:13 AM   #33 
  - I'm thinkin' ya gotta good idee there!  barnabas63   Oct-03-08 06:45 AM   #19 
  - aw shucks where I come from darn right it sure IS  underpants   Oct-03-08 06:47 AM   #21 
  - Also too, what with me bein' a maverick and all, me 'n the American people know!  janesez   Oct-03-08 06:52 AM   #24 
  - Fer shure. Talkin' like this is a super role model for the kids!  PA Democrat   Oct-03-08 06:52 AM   #25 
  - Wellll, okee-dokee, Smokey. Ya gat yourself a darn tootin' deal.  Bucky   Oct-03-08 06:53 AM   #26 
  - "Thanks, but no thanks." n/t  falcon97   Oct-03-08 06:56 AM   #27 
  - You betcha and God love ya for the suggestion.  Vinca   Oct-03-08 06:58 AM   #29 
  - His reward will be in heaven, ya know! n/t  renie408   Oct-03-08 07:17 AM   #36 
  - You're darned right we will! n/t  Orsino   Oct-03-08 07:06 AM   #30 
  - Ya'll best be a rekomended this so we can lets the others know  applexcore   Oct-03-08 07:07 AM   #31 
  - Well bless your heart  XemaSab   Oct-03-08 07:14 AM   #34 
  - Heck, does that mean we have to leave all the 'g's' off the end of our words?  renie408   Oct-03-08 07:16 AM   #35 
  - Aw Shucks, just do it with a wink and it will make it A-OK  liberal N proud   Oct-03-08 07:18 AM   #39 
  - haven't we had enough "folksy" talk in the last 8 years.  alyce douglas   Oct-03-08 07:17 AM   #37 
  - Yer darn tootin'!!  Sparkly   Oct-03-08 07:18 AM   #38 
  - Ooooohhhh, I don't know if I can be that fake for a whole freakin' day, doncha know?  No Elephants   Oct-03-08 07:28 AM   #41 

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