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EV_Ares Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-17-08 05:51 PM
Original message
That was a good one.
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  -Hacking Palin's email account was wrong. BullGooseLoony  Sep-17-08 05:49 PM   #0 
  - will she have to pay for her own email forensics kit?  jakem   Sep-17-08 05:50 PM   #1 
  - That was a good one.  EV_Ares   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   # 
  - Ok, you win.  Buck Rabbit   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #9 
  - yea! i never win on the internets!!!  jakem   Sep-17-08 05:52 PM   #13 
  - Quick! some of you people are ingeniously quick! LOL!  cyberpj   Sep-17-08 05:55 PM   #24 
  - No kidding, I came in to post a smart ass reply.  Buck Rabbit   Sep-17-08 05:58 PM   #38 
  - BURN! Good one.  KathieG   Sep-17-08 06:27 PM   #76 
  - ROFL!  JVS   Sep-17-08 07:27 PM   #121 
  - it's her fault for putting valuable information on a free email service like yahoo  Barack08   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #2 
  - Agree. She was using a yahoo account to skirt oversight.  abernste   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #18 
  - yes, but now that it's done, we can't just simply "cut and run..."  villager   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #3 
  - LOL! That's a good one!  Bigleaf   Sep-17-08 06:14 PM   #61 
  - Vigilantism. n/t  IanDB1   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #4 
  - Yup. Wasn't right or smart. nt  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 05:59 PM   #39 
  - She will now be able to use this as an excuse to say her emails can't be used against  bushisanidiot   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #5 
  - but did the people she e-mailed get hacked?  sammytko   Sep-17-08 06:22 PM   #71 
  - It's wrong and it's suspicious.  Kajsa   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #6 
  - bingo  brentspeak   Sep-17-08 06:38 PM   #85 
  - Doesn't it, though?  Kajsa   Sep-17-08 06:40 PM   #88 
  - ding ding ding!  knixphan   Sep-17-08 07:35 PM   #135 
  - Tell it to the Republicans who did it  ibegurpard   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #7 
  - exactly  d_b   Sep-17-08 05:52 PM   #11 
  - this all smells like BS to me.  d_b   Sep-17-08 05:51 PM   #8 
  - Yeah, get your account hacked and then get it deleted otherwise it might  EV_Ares   Sep-17-08 05:53 PM   #16 
     - hacking a yahoo account aint no thang  d_b   Sep-17-08 05:56 PM   #30 
  - Especially when the Other Side would never even CONSIDER such a thing.  TomInTib   Sep-17-08 05:52 PM   #10 
  - Of course it's wrong  ronnykmarshall   Sep-17-08 05:52 PM   #12 
  - Hacking Palin's email account is a duty and an honor.  bemildred   Sep-17-08 05:53 PM   #14 
  - Would you think the same...  regnaD kciN   Sep-17-08 07:35 PM   #137 
  - Beware of Repuke tricks  mvd   Sep-17-08 05:53 PM   #15 
  - Where was the outrage when hackers broke into Congress's computers??!  nc4bo   Sep-17-08 05:53 PM   #17 
  - False flag. Rove has done this before  TOJ   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #19 
  - It could be, but it also could be real.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 05:55 PM   #26 
  - The group "anonymous" doesn't support Obama.  anonymous171   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #20 
  - Of course it's wrong, but is it unjustified? For example:  NYC_SKP   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #21 
  - Rovian ploy was my first thought. Now there will be outrage and indignation and headlines.  cyberpj   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #22 
  - I wonder what Rove tool will end up taking the fall over it  IWantAnyDem   Sep-17-08 05:54 PM   #23 
  - It wasn't me, I think the Russians did it.  Buck Rabbit   Sep-17-08 05:55 PM   #25 
  - analogous to rape? um, no....  Whisp   Sep-17-08 05:55 PM   #27 
  - Yeah- she was asking for it.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 05:56 PM   #32 
  - o dear, you're a thick one, aren't you?  Whisp   Sep-17-08 06:05 PM   #47 
  - Yeah?  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:06 PM   #49 
  - look a few threads down...someone tried to inform him (I assume). He's a real sweetheart.  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 06:54 PM   #99 
     - No- I'm here to inform YOU. nt  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:02 PM   #106 
        - unless someone printed off those e-mails and shoved em up your ass, please shut up.  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 07:21 PM   #116 
  - So opening someone's MAIL is like a PHYSICAL ASSAULT where one might GET KILLED?  WinkyDink   Sep-17-08 06:55 PM   #101 
     - No, but stealing it and spreading it around is. nt  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:30 PM   #128 
  - Thank you.  MPK   Sep-17-08 05:59 PM   #40 
  - She was using a private account for public business. Which was an ethics and legal violation.  kineta   Sep-17-08 05:56 PM   #28 
  - no excuse will justify the wrong of hacking into someone's email--and posting  timeoutofjoint   Sep-17-08 06:16 PM   #63 
  - Using a Yahoo account is disgraceful too. n/t  rufus dog   Sep-17-08 05:56 PM   #29 
  - You are right but....  sellitman   Sep-17-08 05:56 PM   #31 
  - Palin learned trying to hide in yahoo um...not a good idea.  Imagevision   Sep-17-08 05:57 PM   #33 
  - You lost me at "That's analogous to rape."  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 05:57 PM   #34 
  - I think the whole thing smells fishy. That's all I'm going to say.  yardwork   Sep-17-08 05:57 PM   #35 
  - If she conducts government business on personal accounts  tannybogus   Sep-17-08 05:57 PM   #36 
  - Agreed. They (politicians) work for the people  sixmile   Sep-17-08 06:59 PM   # 
  - We Didn't Do It - Karl Rove Did  Crisco   Sep-17-08 05:58 PM   #37 
  - It didn't happen  progressiveforever   Sep-17-08 05:59 PM   #41 
  - Your email implies that Obama had something to do with it, which is highly doubtful  anneboleyn   Sep-17-08 05:59 PM   #42 
  - I don't think Obama had anything to do with it. nt  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:00 PM   #43 
     - I don't think Obama had anything to do with it either.  tannybogus   Sep-17-08 06:04 PM   #45 
  - Your post belongs in the Candy-a$$ed Concern forum........  TheDebbieDee   Sep-17-08 06:02 PM   #44 
  - No, it belongs in the Screw You If You Try to Justify Doing Fucked-Up, Vicious Shit  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:04 PM   #46 
     - I don't know who hacked Gidget's account and I don't care!  TheDebbieDee   Sep-17-08 06:09 PM   #51 
  - There stands no evidence anyone from the Obama campaign was connected to this.  FVZA_Colonel   Sep-17-08 06:06 PM   #48 
  - I don't think Obama would ever do anything even close to this.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:07 PM   # 
     - I do not think so either and he would be wise to condemn it.  timeoutofjoint   Sep-17-08 06:09 PM   #52 
     - No, I understand that.  FVZA_Colonel   Sep-17-08 06:10 PM   #56 
  - Yes, it is disgraceful. Now many try to justify it. But it was WRONG.  timeoutofjoint   Sep-17-08 06:07 PM   # 
  - Cry me a river!  tannybogus   Sep-17-08 06:20 PM   #69 
  - For all we know this was a set up  Juniperx   Sep-17-08 06:07 PM   #50 
  - I agree. I would be ticked off if the table were turned. nt  busymom   Sep-17-08 06:09 PM   #53 
  - I agree. I would be ticked off if the table were turned. nt  busymom   Sep-17-08 06:10 PM   #54 
  - Perfect timing - just in time to shift the MSM away from the markets crashing. n/t  CakeGrrl   Sep-17-08 06:10 PM   #55 
  -'s stupid shit and of course it's wrong..smells like karl  zidzi   Sep-17-08 06:12 PM   #58 
  - Private thoughts and feelings, AKA official government business which  NYC Liberal   Sep-17-08 06:11 PM   #57 
  - The contact list they put out sure had a lot of friends and family on it. nt  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:12 PM   #59 
     - Plenty lot of "" emails as well.  NYC Liberal   Sep-17-08 06:18 PM   #66 
  - I'm not going to say it was right...  yourguide   Sep-17-08 06:14 PM   #60 
  - Which is why I think it was her own people  quakerboy   Sep-17-08 06:14 PM   #62 
  - As a rape survivor, I hope you never find out how full of shit you are.  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:17 PM   #64 
  - How the fuck would you know?  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:18 PM   #65 
  - Yes.  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:23 PM   #72 
  - OK, so here's the thing...  renie408   Sep-17-08 06:31 PM   #81 
     - If he'd stuck his foot in it accidentally, he'd have apologized and edited.  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:40 PM   #87 
        - You're goddamned right I am.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:46 PM   #90 
        - I would like to invite you to attempt the anatomically impossible  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:49 PM   #92 
        - And there you are.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:52 PM   #97 
           - Honey, I have news for you...if I were her, I would hunt your ignorant ass down  renie408   Sep-17-08 06:56 PM   #103 
        - Dude, I am thinking you are not paying attention or something...  renie408   Sep-17-08 06:52 PM   #96 
           - Not even. I'm gonna teach you oh so "sensitive" people something.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:59 PM   #105 
              - How old are you? n/t  renie408   Sep-17-08 07:03 PM   #107 
              - Don't fucking question me like you have the first CLUE of what I'm  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:04 PM   #109 
                 - You have finally gotten something right. I don't have a clue what you are talking about  renie408   Sep-17-08 07:09 PM   #110 
                    - No- other people on this thread clearly do have a clue as to how horrible gaining control over  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:22 PM   #117 
              - I really don't think you should call anybody else overly sensitive.  Bornaginhooligan   Sep-17-08 07:04 PM   #108 
              - You BASTARD! You have no CLUE! Have you ever been the victim of shoplifting?  renie408   Sep-17-08 07:10 PM   #111 
                 - This thread is analogous to rape.  Bornaginhooligan   Sep-17-08 07:23 PM   #118 
              - BTW...think I'm 'sensitive' now, fuckwit?? n/t  renie408   Sep-17-08 07:12 PM   #112 
        - Sorry, I meant the OP. I stuck my response in the wrong place. n/t  renie408   Sep-17-08 06:49 PM   #93 
  - you are incredibly insensitive.  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 06:39 PM   #86 
     - No. You're the one being insensitive.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:42 PM   #89 
        - I agree that e-mailing hijacking is VERY VERY BAD. k? BUT, you just berated a DUer who was raped  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 06:50 PM   #94 
  - . n/t  renie408   Sep-17-08 06:20 PM   #67 
  - Yeah, get back to me when you've had your private thoughts  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:24 PM   #73 
     - Oh my god, you can not be serious.  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:28 PM   #77 
     - It's just a different way of violating someone-  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 06:31 PM   #80 
        - NO IT'S NOT. If you're not a rape survivor, you have no fucking clue and need to shut up.  LeftyMom   Sep-17-08 06:35 PM   #83 
           - If I were in your shoes I'd be so furious I wouldn't be able to type  renate   Sep-17-08 07:38 PM   #139 
     - Jesus, you're full of shit  cbc5g   Sep-17-08 07:18 PM   #115 
        - He should most certainly apologize to Leftymom. One of the ugliest posts I've seen on du.  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 07:26 PM   #120 
           - I'M not the one invalidating other people's feelings.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:28 PM   #126 
              - Listen Bullshitloon, you don't get it...your OP has NOTHING to do with this argument.  faithfulcitizen   Sep-17-08 07:32 PM   #129 
  - If it was Obama...well, he wouldn't be conducting state business with a freakin' yahoo acct...  cynatnite   Sep-17-08 06:20 PM   #68 
  - SETTLE DOWN GUYS  2CheeseEnchiladas   Sep-17-08 06:21 PM   #70 
  - Yes these are dirty tricks. But if you want to talk Grand Scale Wrong,  Overseas   Sep-17-08 06:25 PM   #74 
  - Hey! I didn't do it. Obama didn't do it.  dchill   Sep-17-08 06:26 PM   #75 
  - Honestly..If I could,I would.  GoPsUx   Sep-17-08 06:28 PM   #78 
  - "That's analogous to rape"? Let me guess: you are a dude and neither you nor any of your family  Stop Cornyn   Sep-17-08 06:30 PM   #79 
  - I remember Watergate very well,  Kajsa   Sep-17-08 06:35 PM   #82 
  - Assuming it wasn't "hacked" by the McCain people themselves  brentspeak   Sep-17-08 06:37 PM   #84 
  - This is an odd post  nam78_two   Sep-17-08 06:47 PM   #91 
  - having a web based email is bad judgement on her part but yes, the hacking was wrong  Demi_Babe   Sep-17-08 06:51 PM   #95 
  - Tell that to Rove...  Kristi1696   Sep-17-08 06:53 PM   #98 
  - Nixon's Watergate tapes were personal and private, dammit.  Bornaginhooligan   Sep-17-08 06:54 PM   #100 
  - I agree. What is the point?  EmilyAnne   Sep-17-08 06:55 PM   #102 
  - And Palin's point would be? Doesn't she support the Feds' reading all our e-mail?  WinkyDink   Sep-17-08 06:57 PM   #104 
  - Home Late From Work. My First Reaction Is A Little Different  Dinger   Sep-17-08 07:13 PM   #113 
  - Wtf?  cbc5g   Sep-17-08 07:14 PM   #114 
  - This thread is an absolute mess and you an absolute fool.  PeaceNikki   Sep-17-08 07:24 PM   #119 
  - I didn't do this. Other people not giving thought to the consequences of  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:27 PM   #122 
     - Comparing it to rape is where you fucked up hard.  PeaceNikki   Sep-17-08 07:30 PM   #127 
        - You don't know.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:32 PM   #130 
           - It's clearly you who is operating without a hint of a clue.  PeaceNikki   Sep-17-08 07:33 PM   #132 
              - No, I just know the other side of the argument.  BullGooseLoony   Sep-17-08 07:34 PM   #133 
                 - Have you been raped?  PeaceNikki   Sep-17-08 07:34 PM   #134 
  - obama had nothing to do with it. wasnt political. nothing to do with us.... oh well. n/t  seabeyond   Sep-17-08 07:28 PM   #123 
  - She got PWNED. That's teh Roxxorz!  JVS   Sep-17-08 07:28 PM   # 
  - Let's not discount that Republicans hacked the account themselves  benevolente   Sep-17-08 07:28 PM   #124 
  - No it wasn't  enough already   Sep-17-08 07:28 PM   #125 
  - She used it for state business. That makes it A-OK.  BlooInBloo   Sep-17-08 07:32 PM   #131 
  - Blaming Obama for this is like blaming him for the National Enquirer  Bubbha Jo   Sep-17-08 07:35 PM   #136 
  - I have to agree. It's not right under any circumstances.  NoSheep   Sep-17-08 07:37 PM   #138 
  - Locking  mvd   Sep-17-08 07:42 PM   #140 

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