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Reply #11: I think he is a coward too. He doesn't have the guts to stand up to [View All]

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kikiek Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-25-04 09:47 PM
Response to Original message
11. I think he is a coward too. He doesn't have the guts to stand up to
the administration that has attacked him and his family. Instead he stands next to them trying to help them be reelected. I can't stand him anymore either. What do they have on him? Obviously they got him by the balls. He isn't any better than Coleman in my opinion. War service or not. That doesn't give you a pass for life to act like an asshole. Obviously his re election and the pork that is sent to his state is more important than anything moral. He can protest all he wants against the SBVTs. He is endorsing the candidate that sent them. In a way he is playing both sides of the fence. Hate to be on the losing side ya know.
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  -Uggh, Malloy is calling McCain a coward.... Damn, I hate that hlthe2b  Aug-25-04 09:39 PM   #0 
  - I agree...sometimes Malloy goes too far....  eaprez   Aug-25-04 09:40 PM   #1 
  - WAY^ too far, IMO.... I wish Kathy would reign him in.  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:41 PM   #3 
     - Yes, Malloy can be a bit of a whacko. n/t  krkaufman   Aug-25-04 09:53 PM   #22 
  - He is a coward of late  Hokies_Against_Bush   Aug-25-04 09:41 PM   #2 
  - Malloy is speaking to his war record... not to current actions alone.  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:44 PM   #8 
     - I knew an F4 pilot in grad school  buycitgo   Aug-25-04 09:49 PM   #14 
        - I can well imagine how hard it would be to live with that.... I pity him  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:52 PM   #19 
  - don't call him a coward, call him a whore, call him an ass kisser,  JI7   Aug-25-04 09:41 PM   #4 
  - No. McCain *IS* a coward, for campaigning with Bush after South Carolina.  MirrorAshes   Aug-25-04 09:41 PM   #5 
  - that's fair, but Malloy is directing his cowardice comment at McCain's  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:54 PM   #23 
     - I didn't hear so I didn't get the context  MirrorAshes   Aug-25-04 09:58 PM   #27 
  - I don't like it at all!  napi21   Aug-25-04 09:42 PM   #6 
  - He is a coward...  Cornus   Aug-25-04 09:44 PM   #7 
  - that's fair, but Malloy is directing his cowardice comment at McCain's  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:46 PM   #10 
     - I agree  Cornus   Aug-25-04 09:50 PM   #16 
     - If a soldier launches a nuke from a bunker  LincolnMcGrath   Aug-25-04 09:50 PM   #17 
  - Mike has the courage to say the  LincolnMcGrath   Aug-25-04 09:45 PM   #9 
  - Not exactly. Maher comment was that it was NOT TRUE that the hijackers  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:49 PM   #13 
     - Ahem  LincolnMcGrath   Aug-25-04 09:53 PM   #21 
        - I stand corrected. eom  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:55 PM   #26 
  - I think he is a coward too. He doesn't have the guts to stand up to  kikiek   Aug-25-04 09:47 PM   #11 
  - Nearly Everyone seems to miss the point: it may be fair to call him a  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:50 PM   #18 
     - Listen closer  LincolnMcGrath   Aug-25-04 09:55 PM   #25 
        - How does that change anything? I have no problem with him  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 09:59 PM   #28 
  - In the world of business, there are no heroes or cowards...  Monte Carlo   Aug-25-04 09:47 PM   #12 
  - Coward...No Way! Sell-Out...Definitely!! n/t  cynatnite   Aug-25-04 09:49 PM   #15 
  - McCain is a stooge.  onehandle   Aug-25-04 09:53 PM   #20 
  - McCain is a politican not a coward...and a sell out  vetwife   Aug-25-04 09:54 PM   #24 
  - Dumb move  MoreDemThanMost   Aug-25-04 10:01 PM   #29 
  - Malloy is a punk coward himself!  rullery   Aug-25-04 10:12 PM   #30 
  - And Bush still managed to get people to question his patriotism. Attacked  kikiek   Aug-25-04 10:24 PM   #31 
  - yes.. I agree. But Malloy's doing that puts a big dent in our credibility  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 10:26 PM   #33 
     - I have faith in him. He will right any wrong he made. He gets worked up  kikiek   Aug-25-04 10:30 PM   #34 
  - He's a lib radio host, who is usually ok, but on occasion lets  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 10:24 PM   #32 
  - Rathole? Punk Coward?  MalloyProducer   Aug-25-04 11:05 PM   #36 
     - Keep speaking your mind....  dennis4868   Aug-25-04 11:45 PM   #39 
     - And was tortured in a POW camp for the effort  incapsulated   Aug-25-04 11:48 PM   #41 
        - MAN YOU HAVE GOT TO RELAX....  dennis4868   Aug-25-04 11:50 PM   #44 
           - I don't want to relax, thank you very much  incapsulated   Aug-25-04 11:52 PM   # 
              - I already am fucking relaxed....  dennis4868   Aug-25-04 11:55 PM   #47 
                 - I know who the real enemy is...  incapsulated   Aug-25-04 11:58 PM   #49 
  - I agree. I hate that, too.  Jack Rabbit   Aug-25-04 10:31 PM   #35 
  - I'd Vote For Him Against Bush And Zell Miller (nt)  DemocratSinceBirth   Aug-26-04 12:00 AM   #50 
  - I'd Vote For Him Against Bush And Zell Miller (nt)  DemocratSinceBirth   Aug-26-04 12:00 AM   #51 
     - I was thinking more in terms of Boss Tweed or Dan Rostenkowski  Jack Rabbit   Aug-26-04 12:25 AM   #61 
  - do you have n exact....  dennis4868   Aug-25-04 11:17 PM   #37 
  - Others here heard it as well. In fact, Mike Malloy just posted  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 11:42 PM   #38 
  - I think McCain is now a coward also  AmerDem   Aug-25-04 11:45 PM   #40 
  - If you read the posts, no one here has argued that McCain is not  hlthe2b   Aug-25-04 11:49 PM   #42 
     - He's Calling McCain's War Record Cowardly....  DemocratSinceBirth   Aug-25-04 11:52 PM   #45 
     - He's Calling McCain's War Record Cowardly....  DemocratSinceBirth   Aug-25-04 11:52 PM   #46 
     - at 12:45 I didn't have to read the thread  AmerDem   Aug-26-04 06:36 AM   #104 
  - Then Malloy is an ass  Dookus   Aug-25-04 11:50 PM   #43 
  - McCain  MalloyProducer   Aug-26-04 12:06 AM   #53 
     - Screw that  Dookus   Aug-26-04 12:09 AM   #54 
     - I do believe....  dennis4868   Aug-26-04 12:12 AM   #55 
     - No I don't agree  Dookus   Aug-26-04 12:13 AM   #57 
     - so basically you are....  dennis4868   Aug-26-04 12:19 AM   #58 
        - No  Dookus   Aug-26-04 12:22 AM   #59 
     - By that logic, all those bomber pilots in WWII-- US and allies alike  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 12:28 AM   #63 
     - Ha, Dookus. Mike is talkin back at you. observe above. n/t  librechik   Aug-26-04 12:39 AM   #72 
     - real mature response... as usual.  newsguyatl   Aug-26-04 09:29 AM   #110 
        - I'm a little surprised that you conclude that most here are  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 09:53 AM   #111 
     - that's similar to what right wingers do  JI7   Aug-26-04 12:12 AM   #56 
     - Hi, Mike! I get your point completely  librechik   Aug-26-04 12:37 AM   #67 
     - Karl Rove sends his best.....  rinsd   Aug-26-04 03:33 PM   #112 
  - Service shouldn't get you carte blanche, though.  tuvor   Aug-25-04 11:57 PM   #48 
  - No, but...  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 12:02 AM   #52 
  - Incapsulated, this is why I like you American DUers.  tuvor   Aug-26-04 12:22 AM   #60 
     - Cool!  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 12:26 AM   #62 
        - Come on up! But...  tuvor   Aug-26-04 12:33 AM   #65 
           - You guys are worse than the Brits, sometimes, lol  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 12:39 AM   #71 
           - Fingers crossed.  tuvor   Aug-26-04 12:57 AM   #78 
           - Oh, you are so fortunate, tuvor!  Calico_Janitor   Aug-26-04 02:51 AM   #97 
  - you needn't take me at my word at all. Mike Malloy (MalloyProducer)  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 12:33 AM   #64 
  - This is just the sort of CRAP that made the Dems  Leilani   Aug-26-04 12:36 AM   #66 
  - keep your perspective....  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 12:40 AM   #73 
  - Leilani...  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 12:51 AM   #76 
  - I HATE smearing of vets  Leilani   Aug-26-04 01:09 AM   #80 
     - Don't be bitter...  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 01:12 AM   #81 
     - Wes was too good for them  Leilani   Aug-26-04 01:21 AM   #83 
     - Criticizing a veteran who fought in a combat zone is beyond pathetic  Bush was AWOL   Aug-26-04 01:35 AM   #84 
  - hey, you aren't alone, i feel the exact same way you do  JI7   Aug-26-04 12:52 AM   #77 
     - No, you do not feel the same way as I do  Leilani   Aug-26-04 01:17 AM   #82 
        - for campaigning with Bush , not for his vientam record  JI7   Aug-26-04 01:38 AM   #85 
  - he may be some things but NOT a coward  jonnyblitz   Aug-26-04 12:37 AM   #68 
  - "he went through hell as a POW" - So answer Malloy's question, then  0rganism   Aug-26-04 12:37 AM   #69 
  - agree  dennis4868   Aug-26-04 12:39 AM   #70 
  - I count myself among the lucky being too young (and too female) to have  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 12:50 AM   #75 
  - Did you think John McCain was DRAFTED? *boggle*  0rganism   Aug-26-04 02:00 AM   #88 
     - Then vote for W  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 02:02 AM   #90 
        - Oh, no thanks, I'd rather vote for the real hero in this race  0rganism   Aug-26-04 02:10 AM   #91 
           - That's right, Kerry *volunteered for duty* in Vietnam  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 02:18 AM   #93 
           - Fuck your "sarcasm" very much  0rganism   Aug-26-04 02:34 AM   #94 
              - I'm so glad you are eager to dole out your hatred for a veteran  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 02:45 AM   #95 
              - Funny you should mention "Dole"  0rganism   Aug-26-04 03:27 AM   #99 
              - You are such an expert & know everything!  Leilani   Aug-26-04 02:47 AM   #96 
                 - No, but I can do basic research  0rganism   Aug-26-04 03:24 AM   #98 
                    - I learned the lesson of Vietnam  Leilani   Aug-26-04 03:41 AM   #100 
                       - Uh huh, Kerry wasn't my first choice either, but he's the nominee  0rganism   Aug-26-04 04:21 AM   #101 
           - Well, on this piece I definitely agree with you Organism  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 08:33 AM   #107 
  - What would we do and say if someone dropped a bomb on Chicago?  RFK2   Aug-26-04 01:52 AM   #87 
     - Strange, none of the newborn Malloy haters will answer this question, eh?  0rganism   Aug-26-04 02:14 AM   #92 
     - The question implies no difference between bombing as a course of war  hlthe2b   Aug-26-04 08:55 AM   #108 
  - He's just playing political Hardball  mitchtv   Aug-26-04 12:48 AM   #74 
  - Who is Malloy to make up the "rules"?  incapsulated   Aug-26-04 01:03 AM   #79 
  - We all hate partisan politics..  flaminbats   Aug-26-04 01:40 AM   #86 
  - Stop John O'Neill - This is how  JLFinch   Aug-26-04 02:01 AM   #89 
  - mccain is a right-wing gop sniper and ho-daddy n/t  JSJ   Aug-26-04 05:04 AM   #102 
  - Malloy, go Cheney yourself!  rullery   Aug-26-04 05:37 AM   #103 
     - You knowledge of Kucinich is about the same as you know about Malloy  Paulie   Aug-26-04 07:21 AM   #105 
        - I do know Dennis Kucinich, and I respect him.  rullery   Aug-26-04 07:58 AM   #106 
           - Dennis NEVER was for cut-and-run  Paulie   Aug-26-04 09:21 AM   #109 

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