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Reply #12: Just reporting??!?!?! [View All]

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ElboRuum Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-15-08 12:17 PM
Response to Reply #9
12. Just reporting??!?!?!
Yeah, I guess it could be. It's been so long since I've seen that that I don't quite remember what it looks like. :evilgrin:
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  -Obama is running a sleath negative ad campaign, says Chuck Todd jefferson_dem  Aug-15-08 09:14 AM   #0 
  - Is this supposed to be a compliment or a knock? I can't tell.  ElboRuum   Aug-15-08 09:17 AM   #1 
  - A compliment, AFAIC  Teaser   Aug-15-08 09:21 AM   #6 
  - There's always option 3:  SteppingRazor   Aug-15-08 09:37 AM   #9 
     - Just reporting??!?!?!  ElboRuum   Aug-15-08 12:17 PM   #12 
  - Nice use of the word "stealth", joining well with "stealth candidate", "stealth muslim", etc.  BlooInBloo   Aug-15-08 09:17 AM   #2 
  - Anyone got TiVo? I'd love to see them hehe. nt  nc4bo   Aug-15-08 09:18 AM   #3 
  - "Sleath"?  marmar   Aug-15-08 09:18 AM   #4 
  - Geez, how can it be stealth when they are AIRED and have  Spazito   Aug-15-08 09:19 AM   #5 
  - "we've gotten our hands on"...  ErinBerin84   Aug-15-08 09:29 AM   #7 
  - Obama's ads are about policy. McCain's ads attack character issues. Ads regarding  my3boyz   Aug-15-08 09:35 AM   #8 
  - chuck todd is a bastard. Besides That, "politico" fucking SUCKS!  Dinger   Aug-15-08 09:39 AM   #10 
  - Obama's hitting back  GoesTo11   Aug-15-08 10:15 AM   #11 
  - Sounds like a huge controversy  high density   Aug-15-08 12:19 PM   #13 
  - Obama's ads are truthful though. "Negative" only because truth hurts.  Overseas   Aug-15-08 12:27 PM   #14 
  - So McCain's camp relies on the media to do their homework?  Born_A_Truman   Aug-15-08 12:33 PM   #15 
  - This was on KO last night  DemocracyInaction   Aug-15-08 12:37 PM   #16 
  - Todd is a serious McCain fanboi. He still thinks it's 2000.  anonymous171   Aug-15-08 12:47 PM   #17 
  - "In fact, one of Obama's biggest candidate strengths  Undercurrent   Aug-15-08 01:20 PM   #18 
  - awesome.  wyldwolf   Aug-15-08 01:23 PM   #19 

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