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Reply #37: Obama was surging through January [View All]

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karynnj Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-11-08 10:26 AM
Response to Reply #30
37. Obama was surging through January
because of the Iowa win, the Kerry and Kennedy announcements and the big SC win. Look at the graph there is no discontinuity at January 30 th. It did help his numbers increase because some came to him - and some to HRC. There was no certainty which way the ewdards people would go.
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  -CNN: "Did the Obama campaign know about Edwards?" trof  Aug-11-08 07:34 AM   #0 
  - Good God. And it's going to get worse. nt  jobycom   Aug-11-08 07:36 AM   #1 
  - I'm with you, so freaking what if they did? Not their business, as he's not VP pick n/t  dadsblacksheep   Aug-11-08 07:36 AM   #2 
  - Crappy News Network. n/t  greguganus   Aug-11-08 07:38 AM   #3 
  - Big deal.  KayLaw   Aug-11-08 07:38 AM   #4 
  - Roberts on McCain's infidelity: "Ancient history."  trof   Aug-11-08 08:43 AM   #22 
     - My reply to that is why was where Obama went to elementary school an issue?  seasat   Aug-11-08 08:50 AM   #26 
     - MEANWHILE ... they give airtime to William Ayers ...  Cosmocat   Aug-11-08 09:25 AM   #32 
  - my gosh, how desperate!  ErinBerin84   Aug-11-08 07:40 AM   #5 
  - CNN is slipping. It took them 3 days to come up with a way to tie it to Obama.  Dollface   Aug-11-08 07:41 AM   #6 
  - Well, they were trying the "is Edwards gonna speak at teh convention" route first.  boloboffin   Aug-11-08 07:45 AM   #9 
  - I posted last week ...  Cosmocat   Aug-11-08 08:40 AM   #21 
  - Took puma about a minute to blame Obama  jbnow   Aug-11-08 08:44 AM   #23 
  - Counter question: "Did the McCain campaign know about McCain?". nt  onehandle   Aug-11-08 07:43 AM   #7 
  - Does McCain remember his own infidelity? nt  Kristi1696   Aug-11-08 07:45 AM   #8 
  - The McCain campaign will keep their lips zipped about this  DFW   Aug-11-08 07:51 AM   #10 
  - How old are these incompetents? If anyone knew about it, it was the Clintons.  poli speak   Aug-11-08 07:51 AM   #11 
  - That's pretty funny  leftynyc   Aug-11-08 10:40 AM   #38 
     - u r not funny. delusioned, would b more like it. eom.  poli speak   Aug-11-08 10:58 AM   #43 
     - Wasn't trying to be funny  leftynyc   Aug-11-08 11:38 AM   #47 
        - and so why didn't they just explode it? not blackmail you think? that is naive.  poli speak   Aug-11-08 12:13 PM   #56 
           - Why didn't who explode it?  leftynyc   Aug-11-08 12:36 PM   #58 
     - hatred of all things Clinton is reaching epidemic proportions on DU  Skittles   Aug-11-08 08:56 PM   #67 
        - Look behind you  leftynyc   Aug-12-08 08:24 AM   #74 
  - If the media dares bring Obama into this then Obama campaign must hit McCain on his  book_worm   Aug-11-08 07:58 AM   #12 
  - Serpenthead said this a.m. that it's JE's "fault" that HRC lost the primaries.  elehhhhna   Aug-11-08 08:08 AM   #13 
  - is serpent head James Carville?  ErinBerin84   Aug-11-08 08:11 AM   #17 
  - LOL HRC thwarted by a sleazy married man, again. How karmic.  elehhhhna   Aug-11-08 11:36 AM   #46 
  - She doesn't deserve that kind of ugliness  PurityOfEssence   Aug-11-08 11:49 AM   #50 
     - true, she doesn't deserve it, but she evidently attracts it.  elehhhhna   Aug-11-08 12:11 PM   #55 
  - That's his nickname given to him by, I believe, his wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin. n/t  CottonBear   Aug-11-08 12:26 PM   #57 
  - I knew this BS would be brought up... n/t  zulchzulu   Aug-11-08 08:46 AM   #25 
  - Who the F. cares if the Obama campaign knew?  TechBear_Seattle   Aug-11-08 08:09 AM   #14 
  - Except it's the Clintons that acted on it, and now all the rats are jumping the ship.  poli speak   Aug-11-08 08:47 PM   #66 
  - Self delete  TechBear_Seattle   Aug-11-08 08:09 AM   #15 
  - it had been a rampant rumor - even on DU, since at least last November  wyldwolf   Aug-11-08 08:09 AM   #16 
  - Obama campaign: We didn't know about Edwards, but we do know about McCain  GloriaSmith   Aug-11-08 08:17 AM   #18 
  - Heh heh . . .  KayLaw   Aug-11-08 08:52 AM   #28 
  - Great framing  leftynyc   Aug-11-08 11:40 AM   #49 
  - MSM policy: Obama guilty for the sins of others, while McSame gets passes for his own sins (nt)  JaneQPublic   Aug-11-08 08:21 AM   #19 
  - Even if they did know, it's not their place to alert the press  rox63   Aug-11-08 08:35 AM   #20 
  - Can you imagine the  Inuca   Aug-11-08 09:06 AM   #29 
     - Exactly so. If they'd disclosed it, they would have been guilty of dirty  Phredicles   Aug-11-08 05:29 PM   #62 
  - John Roberts: Does the CNN staff know about McCain's infidelity?  zulchzulu   Aug-11-08 08:44 AM   #24 
  - Did the McCain campaign know about it? And who gives a shit?  npincus   Aug-11-08 08:50 AM   #27 
  - He took off in the national polls when Edwards dropped out.  dmsRoar   Aug-11-08 09:16 AM   #30 
  - Obama was surging through January  karynnj   Aug-11-08 10:26 AM   #37 
     - look at the graph. the slope steepens at the end of january.  dmsRoar   Aug-11-08 12:03 PM   #51 
        - That is also when the Kennedys endorsed him on Jan 28th  karynnj   Aug-11-08 05:20 PM   #61 
  - Did the Clinton campaign?  Changenow   Aug-11-08 09:17 AM   #31 
  - Since the Obama camp stayed away from Edwards as VP, maybe they did.  TexasObserver   Aug-11-08 09:32 AM   #33 
  - Goes both ways  krawhitham   Aug-11-08 10:16 AM   #34 
  - I told you guys  darius15   Aug-11-08 10:17 AM   #35 
  - Did the RNC?  karynnj   Aug-11-08 10:19 AM   #36 
  - Clinton Had Far More To Gain than Obama by Keeping Edwards In The Race. Why don't they ask that?  berni_mccoy   Aug-11-08 10:43 AM   #39 
  - I don't know if the Obama campaign did know about it. I'm pretty sure the Clinton campaign didn't..  JVS   Aug-11-08 10:47 AM   #40 
  - took the National Enquirer following him to a hotel at 2 in the morning to break this  BeyondGeography   Aug-11-08 10:48 AM   #41 
  - I Have A Pic Of Edwards With His Arm Around Me, Does That Count?  Dinger   Aug-11-08 10:48 AM   #42 
  - Maybe, But CNN Knew & Said Nothing  otohara   Aug-11-08 11:06 AM   #44 
  - If so, it's to his credit that they didn't run negative.  Occam Bandage   Aug-11-08 11:13 AM   #45 
  - Exactly - If Obama Did Know, Then He Took The High Road  Median Democrat   Aug-11-08 11:39 AM   #48 
  - What if he did?  Sentinel Chicken   Aug-11-08 12:09 PM   #52 
  - Not necessarily  PurityOfEssence   Aug-11-08 08:45 PM   #65 
  - Unreal  kwolf68   Aug-11-08 12:10 PM   #53 
  - What does Obama have to do with it? As long as Edwards isn't on the Veep list, then  GreenPartyVoter   Aug-11-08 12:11 PM   #54 
  - did he know? of course, but it has nothing to do with barack  katty   Aug-11-08 12:37 PM   #59 
  - There were rumors but so what? What were they supposed to do?  Clear Blue Sky   Aug-11-08 02:18 PM   #60 
  - Edwards as VP - No way!!!  maggieblue   Aug-11-08 05:39 PM   #63 
  - Did CNN know that McCain is gaffe prone  WIllo   Aug-11-08 06:46 PM   #64 
  - the f***ing NATIONAL ENQUIRER knew  Skittles   Aug-11-08 08:57 PM   #68 
  - O'Liely admitted (Fox) knew about the story quite a  doc03   Aug-11-08 11:02 PM   #69 
  - I do know O'Reilly really talked mad shit about Edwards during the primaries  Katzenkavalier   Aug-11-08 11:19 PM   #70 
  - CNN promoted the Iraq war withouut investigating any claims from the WH. they're  Franc_Lee   Aug-12-08 02:08 AM   #71 
  - I'll bet both the Clinton AND Obama campaigns knew about it.  kerry-is-my-prez   Aug-12-08 02:09 AM   #72 
  - Yeah, sp what, get over it Americans, the French don't give a sh*t  Franc_Lee   Aug-12-08 02:17 AM   #73 

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