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Reply #30: im no financial genius [View All]

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SwampG8r Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-01-08 11:13 PM
Response to Reply #19
30. im no financial genius
but i was told my estate is valued at 1.5 million
but i live paycheck to paycheck while my wife is a corporation (midwifery services)
we dont feel rich but i guess we are
if i lost 25% of my assets i would be hurting and i think the clintons would be too
having a value of 100 million is not the same as having 100 million
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  -Bill Clinton Sends out a Letter About Hillary's Campaign Debt redstate_democrat  Aug-01-08 10:42 PM   #0 
  - K & R n/t  tyedyeto   Aug-01-08 10:45 PM   #1 
  - Awe, come on......  FrenchieCat   Aug-01-08 10:45 PM   #2 
  - I love the Brush Off  goclark   Aug-02-08 12:00 AM   #38 
  - .  Lisa0825   Aug-01-08 10:46 PM   #3 
  - She's directing her supporters and donors to help Obama, and you whine that her husband is asking  highplainsdem   Aug-01-08 10:48 PM   #4 
  - Obviously, you are a Clinton supporter, and as an original Obama supporter it is interesting to hear  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 10:50 PM   #8 
  - I've already posted a number of topics here in recent weeks on what HRC has done,  highplainsdem   Aug-01-08 11:06 PM   #24 
     - sorry. I haven't been "keeping up on the news." I had a death in the family, a divorce, and lost..  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 11:48 PM   #34 
  - she rode around in Hillocopters and fed the Pig Penn lotso donuts.  Whisp   Aug-01-08 10:59 PM   #16 
  - Fuck that...bill is fucking ineffectual. Obama's  zidzi   Aug-01-08 11:02 PM   #21 
  - I don't really like this plea....  RazBerryBeret   Aug-01-08 11:07 PM   #25 
  - They only have until the convention to pay back their loan  karynnj   Aug-01-08 11:35 PM   #31 
  - Don't you think you should give Hillary's ovaries a rest? She can't have you riding forever.  Chloroplast   Aug-01-08 11:52 PM   #37 
  - Maybe if they would get out there and really HELP Obama I might donate.  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 10:48 PM   #5 
  - Sigh. Another Obama supporter ignorant of recent news stories about the help she's given  highplainsdem   Aug-01-08 10:50 PM   #6 
     - don't sigh too my post above. I want to know.  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 10:52 PM   #11 
     - Fucking Big Sigh coming from you..  zidzi   Aug-01-08 11:04 PM   #22 
  - ...and the horse he rode in on  tularetom   Aug-01-08 10:50 PM   #7 
  - let them do what they feel they need to do  swampg8r   Aug-01-08 10:51 PM   #9 
  - Please let it go....  RollWithIt   Aug-01-08 10:51 PM   #10 
  - I have let it go, but I had to get this off my chest.  redstate_democrat   Aug-01-08 10:55 PM   #14 
  - I don't understand why they can't pull out a checkbook and write a check? They are worth  my3boyz   Aug-01-08 10:53 PM   #12 
  - sorry, it doesn't work that way...  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 10:55 PM   #15 
  - I'm not saying she is evil! Even a million dollars is a lot of money. She has over 100 million  my3boyz   Aug-01-08 10:59 PM   #17 
     - I don't think they have nearly that much. But I could be wrong.  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 11:01 PM   #19 
     - im no financial genius  swampg8r   Aug-01-08 11:13 PM   #30 
     - I don't think they do either - the $109 million was - I think - what they  karynnj   Aug-01-08 11:37 PM   #32 
        - And they payed their fair share of taxes!....The way we know, and I'm sure they know, it should be.  DuaneBidoux   Aug-01-08 11:44 PM   #33 
           - True, that is likely the thing that would have most lower that amount.  karynnj   Aug-02-08 12:06 AM   #41 
     - She doesn't have over 100 million dollars. That's what they EARNED over a 7 year period  ruggerson   Aug-01-08 11:48 PM   #35 
  - more bicycles, please.  Whisp   Aug-01-08 11:04 PM   #23 
  - Hillary has been helping Obama..we shouldn't attack the Clintons  cbc5g   Aug-01-08 10:55 PM   #13 
  - Does wolfson work for fauxnooze now?  zidzi   Aug-01-08 10:59 PM   #18 
  - This email was sent out several days ago.  littlebit   Aug-01-08 11:02 PM   #20 
  - Of all the people I've had the privilege to break oath with  Whisp   Aug-01-08 11:08 PM   #26 
  - It is what it is...  NYC_SKP   Aug-01-08 11:08 PM   #27 
  - Old and tiresome  rpannier   Aug-01-08 11:12 PM   #28 
  - What's for dinner?  GoesTo11   Aug-01-08 11:12 PM   #29 
  - I'd think it was a good deal, if I were one of Hillary's financial supporters. Why not ?  iconicgnom   Aug-01-08 11:51 PM   #36 
  - That's actually kind of cute.  dkf   Aug-02-08 12:01 AM   #39 
  - He still won't even acknowledge Obama so I will not be giving him anything  ericgtr   Aug-02-08 12:04 AM   #40 
  - I don't blame the Clintons for trying to raise money  DFLforever   Aug-02-08 12:10 AM   #42 
  - Locking  mvd   Aug-02-08 12:17 AM   #43 

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