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Reply #39: isn't it illegal for the ad not to have his approval in it? [View All]

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JackORoses Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-01-08 03:14 PM
Response to Reply #26
39. isn't it illegal for the ad not to have his approval in it?
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  -"The One" redstate_democrat  Aug-01-08 01:25 PM   #0 
  - He is completely off his rocker.  DangerousRhythm   Aug-01-08 01:26 PM   # 
  - Can someone explain it to me? I'm at work now.  ErinBerin84   Aug-01-08 01:26 PM   #1 
  - I'm not able to view it either  ellacott   Aug-01-08 01:28 PM   #2 
  - Its a McCain commercial that attempts to show that Obama is referring to himself  grantcart   Aug-01-08 01:30 PM   #5 
  - I say keep it up, mccain.  tekisui   Aug-01-08 01:32 PM   #12 
  - I say Happy Birthday  grantcart   Aug-01-08 02:16 PM   #24 
     - lol. Thanks!  tekisui   Aug-01-08 03:05 PM   #37 
  - Thanks  ellacott   Aug-01-08 01:38 PM   #19 
  - LOL! It is over. the. top.  tekisui   Aug-01-08 01:31 PM   #6 
  - what the fuck is with the campiness of the McCain campaign?  ErinBerin84   Aug-01-08 01:33 PM   #14 
  - What - no celestial choirs?  Kber   Aug-01-08 01:40 PM   #20 
  - a really over the top ad using clips  Bluerthanblue   Aug-01-08 01:31 PM   #8 
  - I don't even know how to explain this crap.  redstate_democrat   Aug-01-08 01:31 PM   #9 
  - This ad is clearly intended for the Republican fundie base.  sparosnare   Aug-01-08 01:29 PM   #3 
  - Exactly. That's exactly who it's intended for. The campaign must've  Indiana_Dem   Aug-01-08 01:37 PM   #18 
  - According to Ambinder, "McCain Camp Mocks Prophetic Obama...They hope it goes viral.  Pirate Smile   Aug-01-08 01:30 PM   #4 
  - Viral.  DangerousRhythm   Aug-01-08 01:31 PM   #10 
  - I kind of do too...  Abacus   Aug-01-08 01:33 PM   #15 
     - When you go over the top negative  Bleachers7   Aug-01-08 02:18 PM   #25 
  - Is this for real?  margotb822   Aug-01-08 01:31 PM   #7 
  - Are they serious with that ad?  pot luck   Aug-01-08 01:32 PM   #11 
  - Ok, that's really nasty. We may really be in the "end times"--  Indiana_Dem   Aug-01-08 01:33 PM   #13 
  - I agree with you  ellacott   Aug-01-08 01:41 PM   #21 
  - THese people are disgusting fuckers. Karl Rove is all over this bullshit. How sad for them when  Pisces   Aug-01-08 01:34 PM   #16 
  - Pathetic  VADem11   Aug-01-08 01:35 PM   #17 
  - As if that wasn't stupid enough, I mean really, stupid, the bush  monmouth   Aug-01-08 01:48 PM   #22 
  - Once again, the McCain campaign uses Hillary's play book to  hedgehog   Aug-01-08 01:51 PM   #23 
  - There was no "I'm John McCain and I Approve This Message"  IWantAnyDem   Aug-01-08 02:18 PM   #26 
  - I noticed that too....  gblady   Aug-01-08 02:23 PM   #27 
  - there was a "paid for by mccain 08" though- that  Bluerthanblue   Aug-01-08 02:29 PM   #30 
  - isn't it illegal for the ad not to have his approval in it?  JackORoses   Aug-01-08 03:14 PM   #39 
  - The media is getting ready to run with this one.  Skidmore   Aug-01-08 02:29 PM   #28 
  - Yep. Big surprise. McCain gets all his ads aired for free nt  Truth Hurts A Lot   Aug-01-08 02:32 PM   #32 
  - Oprah was, IIRC, the first to use "The One" in reference to Obama:  WinkyDink   Aug-01-08 02:29 PM   #29 
  - Fundies may believe it and vote for Obama though  Truth Hurts A Lot   Aug-01-08 02:31 PM   #31 
  - I'm surprised the Christians aren't complaining. Ok, I'm not... n/t  jkilvik   Aug-01-08 02:34 PM   #35 
  - Not. This. Time.  Greyskye   Aug-01-08 02:33 PM   #33 
  - ROFL...I kinda like the video  WIllo   Aug-01-08 02:33 PM   #34 
  - Oh yeah, this is for the RW fundies.....  cricket08   Aug-01-08 02:34 PM   #36 
  - may his facial cancer spread all over his body and devour him.  npincus   Aug-01-08 03:07 PM   #38 
  - It's already got his brain and soul n/t  margotb822   Aug-01-08 03:57 PM   #40 
  - If McCain camp thinks that comparing Obama to Moses will hurt Obama is some way  dontforgetpoland   Aug-01-08 04:26 PM   #41 
     - After thinking about it, I know what McCain camp is really trying to do.  dontforgetpoland   Aug-01-08 04:45 PM   #42 

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