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Reply #59: I think the Europeans have already made up their minds... [View All]

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rndmprsn Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-16-08 07:36 PM
Response to Original message
59. I think the Europeans have already made up their minds...
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  -Gregory: "Is Obama making a mistake by taking a trip abroad when the economy's in such bad shape?" jenmito  Jul-16-08 05:41 PM   #0 
  - turn the lurchy fuk OFF....n/t....  Oceansaway   Jul-16-08 05:43 PM   #1 
  - Oceans Away  SoFlaJet   Jul-16-08 05:44 PM   #5 
  - I can't-Rachel Maddow's on there countering these fools. n/t  jenmito   Jul-16-08 05:44 PM   #7 
  - Just because you turn off the tv, doesn't turn him off from talking to other people still watching.  Major Hogwash   Jul-16-08 08:38 PM   #65 
  - David Gregory  SoFlaJet   Jul-16-08 05:43 PM   #2 
  - He gushes over McCain  niceypoo   Jul-17-08 08:07 AM   #76 
  - Like McCain wasn't in Colombia  NattPang   Jul-16-08 05:44 PM   #3 
  - Gregory just said this trip may look like a "copy cat trip" following MCCAIN'S trip abroad.  jenmito   Jul-16-08 05:46 PM   #9 
     - they're really friggin reaching this year aren't they?  SoFlaJet   Jul-16-08 05:49 PM   #13 
     - Anything to make sure a white male is running the country...  butterfly77   Jul-16-08 05:52 PM   #17 
     - Who would want to copycat a doddering,  zidzi   Jul-16-08 06:01 PM   #23 
        - Everyone in the MSM that says McCain's a straight-talking war hero?  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:21 PM   #36 
           - mccain's base, the m $$m, needs to go  zidzi   Jul-16-08 06:35 PM   #45 
              - I agree. And McCain has the nerve to claim the media gives OBAMA a pass!  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:43 PM   #47 
                 - mccain doesn't have any nerve..he's just  zidzi   Jul-16-08 06:52 PM   #49 
                    - Hey-he's a WAR hero! How dare you call him  jenmito   Jul-16-08 07:29 PM   #53 
                       - You didn't need to add the  zidzi   Jul-16-08 07:35 PM   #58 
                          - I know...  jenmito   Jul-16-08 07:56 PM   #61 
  - If he goes abroad, it's bad timing. If he stays, he doesn't have foreign policy creds.  Alexander   Jul-16-08 05:44 PM   #4 
  - Yet he's still winning by large margins.  tridim   Jul-16-08 05:46 PM   #10 
  - Exactly. And today the McCain camp complained that the media is biased in favor of OBAMA!  jenmito   Jul-16-08 05:47 PM   #11 
  - Gaffe, after gaffe, after gaffe infinitum...  RNdaSilva   Jul-16-08 09:22 PM   #69 
  - WE don't...we treat them as the  zidzi   Jul-16-08 08:39 PM   #66 
  - I turned it off the other day and refuse to watch  eleny   Jul-16-08 05:44 PM   #6 
  - Exactly. Makes me want to punch him in the face, the dancing fool!  hisownpetard   Jul-16-08 05:45 PM   #8 
     - I'm watching a movie on TCM and pontificating all over DU  eleny   Jul-16-08 05:53 PM   #18 
        - Actually, I had to cross Tweety off my list a while ago when his spittle-whipped face just wouldn't  hisownpetard   Jul-16-08 06:00 PM   #22 
        - I'm right behind you  eleny   Jul-16-08 06:27 PM   #39 
        - I've stopped watching everything BUT KO  SoFlaJet   Jul-16-08 06:02 PM   #24 
           - I can hardly wait to watch his show tonight  eleny   Jul-16-08 06:28 PM   #41 
  - Is it mistake for David Gregory to sound like  zidzi   Jul-16-08 05:48 PM   #12 
  - Yup. And yet they're going to keep doing everything they can to try to make Obama  jenmito   Jul-16-08 05:58 PM   #20 
     - I keep wondering what the mediawhores  zidzi   Jul-16-08 06:08 PM   #32 
        - I hope there are a whole new bunch of media people and Obama  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:23 PM   #37 
  - ROFL!  blogslut   Jul-16-08 05:50 PM   #14 
  - Yuk!  jenmito   Jul-16-08 05:59 PM   #21 
  - Is Gregory making a mistake by living in La-La Land before the election?  MichiganVote   Jul-16-08 05:50 PM   #15 
  - I am listening to this garbage right now..  butterfly77   Jul-16-08 05:50 PM   #16 
  - Did you notice the other theme of the day-that Obama doesn't have a sense of humor?  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:02 PM   #25 
     - They are coming up with anything ..  butterfly77   Jul-16-08 06:06 PM   #28 
        - I agree...  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:24 PM   #38 
           - They will some how come up with..  butterfly77   Jul-16-08 06:44 PM   #48 
              - I believe you...  jenmito   Jul-16-08 07:30 PM   #55 
  - People are so worried about the economy right now  azmouse   Jul-16-08 05:56 PM   #19 
  - I hope and bet you're right  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:03 PM   #26 
  - exactly az  SoFlaJet   Jul-16-08 06:04 PM   #27 
  - They can't bear to see the overwhelming welcome and warm  monmouth   Jul-16-08 06:06 PM   #29 
  - Yup. And no matter WHAT Obama says the media is going to portray him as being naive  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:19 PM   #35 
  - Who is this Oppenheim guy? Really don't like this Obama elitist not likable meme.  MarjorieG   Jul-16-08 06:07 PM   #30 
  - I don't know-but he's been on this show before slamming Obama and praising McCain. n/t  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:31 PM   #42 
  - No. N/t  JoFerret   Jul-16-08 06:07 PM   #31 
  - It's just the way of the world. Just write a response in your local paper in the classifeds....  barack the house   Jul-16-08 06:11 PM   #33 
  - I write to the show almost every night to complain. Just like I complained to Joe Scarborough  jenmito   Jul-16-08 06:36 PM   #46 
  - Shut up, Gregory.  tbyg52   Jul-16-08 06:19 PM   #34 
  - in philly, there is a phrase....  tishaLA   Jul-16-08 06:28 PM   #40 
  - Also pretty dumb - Obama is on the SFRC  karynnj   Jul-16-08 06:31 PM   #43 
  - SCQ: "Did Gregory make a mistake by dancing with Rove while he undermined this country's laws?"  SemiCharmedQuark   Jul-16-08 06:33 PM   #44 
  - And I really liked Gregory until he got his own show.  Hieronymus   Jul-16-08 06:58 PM   #50 
  - So did I. I had high hopes for his new show. I'm disappointed in him.  jenmito   Jul-16-08 07:17 PM   #52 
  - oh noes! Senator goes on foreign trip while economy not good! the horror!!!!111  JoeIsOneOfUs   Jul-16-08 07:05 PM   #51 
  - he's the biggest concern troll ever.  slinkerwink   Jul-16-08 07:30 PM   #54 
  - Yeah, 'cuz we all know that the economy isn't global...  Kristi1696   Jul-16-08 07:34 PM   #56 
  - Gregory makes me want to vomit  VADem11   Jul-16-08 07:34 PM   #57 
  - I think the Europeans have already made up their minds...  rndmprsn   Jul-16-08 07:36 PM   #59 
  - My good God.. the msm is spinning like a top  peacetrain   Jul-16-08 07:37 PM   #60 
  - Yes-Gregory talked about that, too...  jenmito   Jul-16-08 08:04 PM   #62 
     - On my gosh!..  peacetrain   Jul-17-08 08:24 AM   #77 
  - Gregory is not too bright  detectivecastro   Jul-16-08 08:31 PM   #63 
  - Gregory also said that he didn't know what Obama's economic policy was!!  Major Hogwash   Jul-16-08 08:36 PM   #64 
  - MSNBC Is Starting To Make Me Sick  otohara   Jul-16-08 09:00 PM   #67 
  - It's not Obama's fault that this economy is in such dire straits...  windbreeze   Jul-16-08 09:03 PM   #68 
  - It's Bush's fault that he didn't see it coming  bambino   Jul-16-08 11:19 PM   #72 
  - Exactly what impact would Obama's trip be on the economy?  zulchzulu   Jul-16-08 10:06 PM   #70 
  - It's not like he's going on "The Grand Tour" for three months.  AZBlue   Jul-16-08 11:17 PM   #71 
  - I had the TV on in the Garage, doing chores with my kid  rufus dog   Jul-17-08 01:32 AM   #73 
  - Did he have any complaints about McSame's pandering tour  TheKentuckian   Jul-17-08 04:22 AM   #74 
  - No matter what Obama does, it's a mistake to some.  Vinca   Jul-17-08 07:54 AM   #75 

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