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Reply #77: An accusation of treason is a very serious matter. [View All]

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Laelth Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-14-08 10:39 PM
Response to Original message
77. An accusation of treason is a very serious matter.
I hope Obama responds to this attack directly and forcefully. I could care less what the artist intended. Treason is the most serious offense in American jurisprudence and the only crime defined by the Constitution. Accusing someone of being a traitor is worse than accusing someone of being a child molester and an axe murderer. I hope Obama will not make John Kerry's mistake and just pretend nothing happened. Silence is often interpreted as an admission.

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  -New Yorker Cover: Dumbest Fucking Thing I've Ever Seen crispini  Jul-14-08 08:16 AM   #0 
  - The New Yorker ut a face on the whole crazy business.  Jackpine Radical   Jul-14-08 08:21 AM   #1 
  - Ireland's economy is booming.  dammitann   Jul-14-08 08:22 AM   #2 
  - Hi Dammitann - Love your name by the way - Saw you were from TN - My sister lives there & I cannot  1776Forever   Jul-14-08 10:47 AM   #38 
     - Hello and thank you.  dammitann   Jul-14-08 11:24 AM   #44 
     - Wouldn't it be nice if all the idiots lived in one place?  mwb970   Jul-15-08 06:52 AM   #79 
  - If a right-wing rag had produced this everyone would be screaming  BeyondGeography   Jul-14-08 08:24 AM   #3 
  - You know, I love the East Coast, and I love New Yorkers, but they really do live in a bubble.  crispini   Jul-14-08 08:42 AM   #6 
  - All true, and I respond as a New Yorker and a dedicated subscriber to the magazine  BeyondGeography   Jul-14-08 09:04 AM   #22 
     - Thanks  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:09 AM   #25 
  - You do know that context means something in regard to satire.  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 08:47 AM   #9 
  - Of course they didn't MEAN it. That doesn't make any difference.  crispini   Jul-14-08 08:49 AM   #14 
  - Touche  demokatgurrl   Jul-14-08 09:24 AM   #31 
  - A just think....  AlbertCat   Jul-14-08 12:45 PM   #47 
     - You don't get out much, do you?  crispini   Jul-14-08 12:50 PM   #49 
  - Exactly! Excellent post!  Growler   Jul-14-08 01:01 PM   #53 
  - America is committing suicide...  mwb970   Jul-15-08 06:54 AM   #80 
  - Monday morning someone at work said- "Looks like the New Yorker got it right".  stlsaxman   Jul-15-08 07:11 AM   #81 
  - exactly !!!  marions ghost   Jul-15-08 07:12 AM   #82 
  - Merely being on the cover of a left wing magazine is not enough context  Raineyb   Jul-14-08 09:09 PM   #73 
  - In a nutshell and brilliantly you have summed up the entire objection.  watrwefitinfor   Jul-15-08 06:40 AM   #78 
  - This link is to one WVA newspaper's online responses to the NYer cover. THIS kind of response is  1Hippiechick   Jul-14-08 09:15 PM   #74 
  - And a lot of folks who PURPORT to be on the left are also...  LowerManhattanite   Jul-14-08 08:48 AM   #10 
  - Nice... thank you.  crispini   Jul-14-08 08:57 AM   #19 
  - See, Fuck Em' was satire,  AlbertCat   Jul-14-08 12:54 PM   #51 
  - Oh my...  LowerManhattanite   Jul-14-08 01:40 PM   #57 
  - Exactly, one is  zidzi   Jul-14-08 05:26 PM   #65 
  - That's because if a rightwing rag had done it, IT WOULD BE AN INTENTIONAL ATTACK  EstimatedProphet   Jul-14-08 12:43 PM   #46 
  - Quick question  JoFerret   Jul-14-08 09:32 PM   #75 
  - That cover opens up the floodgates of dirty Obama bashing. Wide open. It will be  AlinPA   Jul-14-08 08:38 AM   #4 
  - thank you for this post.  slinkerwink   Jul-14-08 08:39 AM   #5 
  - You've touched exactly on why i think a lot of us are upset with the cover.  DarienComp   Jul-14-08 08:44 AM   #7 
  - So let's just make sure that everything that comes out  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 08:49 AM   #12 
  - Newhouse JR owns the New Yorker  fasttense   Jul-14-08 08:47 AM   #8 
  - It coincided with a major hit piece on Obama in the magazine.  TexasObserver   Jul-14-08 08:49 AM   #11 
  - Right wingers are stupid, they don't du nuance so the satire has to be obvious  uponit7771   Jul-14-08 08:49 AM   #13 
  - How many Right Wingers read The New Yorker?  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 08:50 AM   #15 
  - They don't have to read the New Yorker for the pic to go viral in email or on FAUX news  uponit7771   Jul-14-08 08:59 AM   #20 
     - And what percentage of those  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 09:01 AM   #21 
     - It gels it pretty nicely.  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:11 AM   #26 
        - So what was your answer?  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 09:16 AM   #28 
           - Let me rephrase your question a bit.  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:29 AM   #32 
              - Oh, I know  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 09:37 AM   #33 
              - Ha. Ha. Ha.  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:47 AM   #35 
              - So here's what you do:  EstimatedProphet   Jul-14-08 12:52 PM   #50 
                 - LOL.  crispini   Jul-14-08 01:05 PM   #54 
                 - Sometimes you have to rub their faces in it  EstimatedProphet   Jul-14-08 01:31 PM   #56 
                 - Ta Da!  annabanana   Jul-14-08 01:08 PM   #55 
     - A cover is worth a thousand words n/t  janet118   Jul-14-08 12:59 PM   #52 
  - Honey, you think it's not going to be all over the internet as The Real Truth About Obama?  crispini   Jul-14-08 08:52 AM   #17 
  - When does RW notice NY covers?  repo   Jul-14-08 08:52 AM   #16 
  - Oh, they're not going to notice OPENLY.  crispini   Jul-14-08 08:55 AM   #18 
  - copies of the cover, with a bogus story to go with it, will appear within days  TexasObserver   Jul-14-08 09:17 AM   #29 
  - When Fox "News" shows it 24 x 7. nt  AlinPA   Jul-14-08 04:32 PM   #62 
  - They shouldn't have done it. But it is funny.  wurzel   Jul-14-08 09:06 AM   #23 
  - Oh, it is funny, and it's a great piece of art.  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:13 AM   #27 
     - It's just too bad they chose to put it on the cover.  kskiska   Jul-14-08 03:22 PM   #60 
  - Damn straight-- I am furious.  npincus   Jul-14-08 09:06 AM   #24 
  - It's at the top of CNN's political ticker  Abacus   Jul-14-08 09:20 AM   #30 
  - The right wingers are eating it up  Lorien   Jul-14-08 01:51 PM   #58 
  - images seep in, bypassing the rationality filter that words must navigate.  mopinko   Jul-14-08 09:46 AM   #34 
  - Thank you. It's all about the power of the image.  crispini   Jul-14-08 09:47 AM   #36 
     - if i am wrong here, then  mopinko   Jul-14-08 10:12 AM   #37 
  - Well, tell us this then....  HardWorkingDem   Jul-14-08 10:55 AM   #39 
  - There is no fighting and debunking, unfortunately.  crispini   Jul-14-08 12:49 PM   #48 
  - BORING SATIRE with an image that lasts to make an obvious point  Overseas   Jul-14-08 10:58 AM   #40 
  - Stereotyping in cartoons is a dangerous shortcut  janet118   Jul-15-08 07:57 AM   #83 
  - You need to get out more  Goblinmonger   Jul-14-08 10:59 AM   #41 
  - Inspired by Kramer...  johnlal   Jul-14-08 11:03 AM   #42 
  - What makes it unacceptable is the environment in which it is presented.  Gregorian   Jul-14-08 11:15 AM   #43 
  - exactly  Not the Only One   Jul-14-08 08:06 PM   #71 
  - The dumbest thing you've ever seen!  AlbertCat   Jul-14-08 12:14 PM   #45 
  - You Mean to Tell Me  otohara   Jul-14-08 02:50 PM   #59 
  - It's not supposed to "Clear up any doubts." It's supposed to RAISE doubts, and get people to think  Ron_Green   Jul-14-08 04:12 PM   #61 
  - it is NOT satire. In a vaccum it makes absolutely no sense, it is just a smear  TheDonkey   Jul-14-08 04:38 PM   #63 
  - I agree, the cover was just too clever by a half. And it wasn't funny to me either.  Major Hogwash   Jul-14-08 05:09 PM   #64 
  - I wish Obama had simply embraced it with a knowling wink  aikoaiko   Jul-14-08 06:08 PM   #66 
  - A comic miscalculation....  windoe   Jul-14-08 06:59 PM   #67 
  - K&R  DeepModem Mom   Jul-14-08 07:10 PM   #68 
  - These are the "too clever"  Sugarcoated   Jul-14-08 07:58 PM   #69 
  - Thank you, thank you, thank you! One of the best posts I've seen on this issue!  scarletwoman   Jul-14-08 07:58 PM   #70 
  - Starroute wrote a very excellent post in a different thread last night, and I'd like to add her  scarletwoman   Jul-14-08 08:09 PM   #72 
  - If McCain wins, I will enjoy laughing in the faces of freepers & dumb ass dems as they fill up  Truth Hurts A Lot   Jul-14-08 09:35 PM   #76 
  - An accusation of treason is a very serious matter.  Laelth   Jul-14-08 10:39 PM   #77 

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