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newscaster Donating Member (586 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-14-04 01:20 PM
Response to Original message
7. I hate to agree
because I love journalism so much, but you are completely correct.
Members of the media have abrogated their time honored roles and have allowed themselves to be used like puppets.
Its really a new phenomenon. I retired in 1998 and this kind of thing was not evident but as soon as the Bush gang took over, things went to hell in a hand basket. I have am friend who is still working. I always new him to be incisive, fair, intelligent and thorough. Today, he is a hack. He rewrites news releases and reports what he is told to report regardless of the truth.

You are right...journalism used to be an honored profession. I remember speaking in high schools to students interested in journalism and their idols were Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame. All these kids wanted to be investigative reports and dig into stories and find the truth and report it. Not any more. Now, truth is boring, research takes too long and besides, these kids couldn't construct a grammatically correct sentence if their life depended on it. I wont even go into the issue of spelling.

The media has surrendered and we will all be the poorer because of it.
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