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Reply #3: And these Viet Nam vets [View All]

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jimshoes Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-04-04 07:09 PM
Response to Original message
3. And these Viet Nam vets
don't have a problem with * punking out of his Air National Guard service. Whatever.
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  -Vietnam Vets Organization Blasts Kerry in New TV Ad rmpalmer  Aug-04-04 06:59 PM   #0 
  - John O'Neill  LuLu550   Aug-04-04 07:01 PM   #1 
  - I'm well aware of O' Neill - too bad he shares his name  rmpalmer   Aug-04-04 07:03 PM   #2 
  - And these Viet Nam vets  jimshoes   Aug-04-04 07:09 PM   #3 
  - DNC or 527 needs to get some AWOL's TANG record out on the air  rmpalmer   Aug-04-04 07:11 PM   #4 
  - Why isn't there an Vietnam Vets against Bush Organization?  liberalnproud   Aug-04-04 07:13 PM   #5 
  - There's a generals against * group. But one with VN vets would be good  saywhat   Aug-04-04 07:25 PM   #7 
  - Lol  George_Bonanza   Aug-04-04 08:44 PM   #17 
     - Lol?  saywhat   Aug-04-04 10:09 PM   #26 
  - Because that group is made up of pretty much every vet that isn't  noahmijo   Aug-04-04 07:29 PM   #8 
  - Don't despair check out a post from the site of a proBush soldier.  Hoping4Change   Aug-04-04 07:20 PM   #6 
  - This is very heartening news  ajacobson   Aug-04-04 07:35 PM   #9 
  - That's what I thought because the proKerry soldiers he talks  Hoping4Change   Aug-04-04 07:43 PM   #10 
  - Better read the rest of this link folks. This guy has problems with Kerry  frankzappa   Aug-05-04 09:51 AM   #33 
     - Of course he has problems with Kerry because he is a  Hoping4Change   Aug-05-04 01:51 PM   #36 
  - Kerry will release all his military records, he has been expecting this.  LabMonkey   Aug-04-04 07:46 PM   # 
  - Kerry will release all his military records, he has been expecting this.  LabMonkey   Aug-04-04 07:46 PM   #11 
  - what do you mean he'll release his records? hasn't he done so  vickie   Aug-04-04 09:37 PM   #24 
     - Complete medical record.........  LabMonkey   Aug-05-04 02:47 AM   #31 
  - Fraud  kerrykat2004   Aug-04-04 07:49 PM   #12 
  - Links? Evidence. Need it in a hurry! thnx  LabMonkey   Aug-04-04 07:56 PM   #13 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-04-04 08:09 PM   #14 
  - How do you know this?  vickie   Aug-04-04 09:42 PM   #25 
     - Dont question anything. You will be called a troll. Need LINKS to fight  LabMonkey   Aug-05-04 02:17 AM   #30 
        - Links:  democratreformed   Aug-05-04 09:55 AM   #34 
  - These rear-echelon MFers should be outed. Let's see their svc. records...  rezmutt   Aug-04-04 08:22 PM   #15 
  - Rezmutt  kerrykat2004   Aug-04-04 08:36 PM   #16 
     - All Kerry has to do is tell the truth.  Kerryfan   Aug-04-04 08:46 PM   #19 
  - This is not wise  George_Bonanza   Aug-04-04 08:46 PM   #18 
  - George_Bonanza  kerrykat2004   Aug-04-04 08:53 PM   #20 
     - Welcome to DU Kerrykat  Joanne98   Aug-04-04 09:10 PM   #21 
        - DNC Coverage  kerrykat2004   Aug-04-04 09:22 PM   #22 
  - These "vets" are Kerry haters first and vets second  Mountainman   Aug-04-04 09:34 PM   #23 
  - Has anyone checked the funding of this group?  Eloriel   Aug-04-04 10:12 PM   #27 
  - Most of their money comes from one single Bush/Republican backer  Democat   Aug-05-04 02:59 AM   #32 
     - Unfortunately, this is what "campaign finance reform" has wrought  defoliant   Aug-05-04 10:02 AM   #35 
  - OMFG these vets should be stopped ASAP, otherwise  shivaji   Aug-04-04 10:25 PM   #28 
  - The skinny of these assholes  zulchzulu   Aug-04-04 11:21 PM   #29 

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