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Reply #71: I can only encourage you to continue. [View All]

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Hoof Hearted Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue May-06-08 01:11 AM
Response to Reply #67
71. I can only encourage you to continue.
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  -A personal story about how much $30 really is to people stuggling - from Corrente Texas Hill Country  May-05-08 11:42 PM   #0 
  - People won't get 30 bux  datopbanana   May-05-08 11:44 PM   #1 
  - that is not the point, the point is that there are many american for whom ever PENNY counts  Texas Hill Country   May-05-08 11:57 PM   #19 
  - That is exactly the point he was making  quakerboy   May-06-08 01:16 AM   #75 
  - Bull, it would save us +/- $60+ a month We're the rural working class this board loves to dump on  Hoof Hearted   May-05-08 11:59 PM   #23 
     - Oil people haven't raised the price absurdly so far, we can trust em!  boppers   May-06-08 12:03 AM   #27 
     - Seriously  datopbanana   May-06-08 12:10 AM   #31 
     - the collusion investigations would halt that shit.  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:10 AM   #32 
     - gl  datopbanana   May-06-08 12:11 AM   #33 
     - DO know what two OilMen(tm) run this nation, right?  Duke Newcombe   May-06-08 12:28 AM   #50 
     - We'll get all over the collusion investigations the second we pass this Gas Tax Holiday in 20 Days  VolcanoJen   May-06-08 01:45 AM   #82 
     - continue to dump, it makes you look good  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 12:39 AM   #58 
     - and dont forget about people like my Trucker father... he would cry tears of joy if gas went down  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:11 AM   #35 
     - No kidding. Let the elitists tell him he doesn't deserve a brreak.  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 12:38 AM   #57 
     - You won't save a dime.  casus belli   May-06-08 12:19 AM   #43 
        - continue to dump, it makes you look good  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 12:40 AM   #61 
           - I'm not worried about what you think.  casus belli   May-06-08 12:49 AM   #67 
              - I can only encourage you to continue.  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 01:11 AM   #71 
              - I can only encourage you to continue.  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 01:12 AM   #72 
  - When I went on disability I had to get rid of my car -  cliffordu   May-05-08 11:45 PM   #2 
  - If someone is that poor, they may very well not even have a car  bluestateguy   May-05-08 11:45 PM   #3 
  - One in eleven Americans qualifies for food stamps.  MercutioATC   May-05-08 11:46 PM   #4 
  - It's a 1/2 tank of gas for the 3 months duration. period.  FrenchieCat   May-06-08 12:22 AM   #46 
  - If you eat for a month on 30 dollars you don't have a home let alone a car.  Boz   May-05-08 11:46 PM   #5 
  - read the story, he lost his job during dot com burst, had enough to pay rent and gas to find a job  Texas Hill Country   May-05-08 11:49 PM   #9 
     - and was he driving 200 plus miles a week to look for work? Not likely  onenote   May-05-08 11:53 PM   #13 
     - You sell your car to survive and use  Boz   May-06-08 12:00 AM   #24 
        - what if you dont live in a place with pub transport and need a car to look for a job....  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:18 AM   #40 
           - Then the only job you will get is where ever friends and family work, and you ride with them  Boz   May-06-08 12:39 AM   #59 
  - THEY WON'T SEE A DIME OF IT  scheming daemons   May-05-08 11:47 PM   #6 
  - Tell that Taylor Marsh wannabe that she ain't gonna get her tax holiday anyway.  thecatburgler   May-05-08 11:48 PM   #7 
  - I know exactly what $30 means to someone who needs it.  tofunut   May-05-08 11:49 PM   #8 
  - I appreciate your service, and I have lived off of similar amounts at times in my life  Texas Hill Country   May-05-08 11:54 PM   #14 
     - Thanks for the reply.  tofunut   May-06-08 12:11 AM   #34 
        - I have and will always respect those that gave this country years of their lives, and gave it  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:17 AM   #39 
           - $30 worth of change in their couch?  tofunut   May-06-08 12:27 AM   #48 
              - i think we have much in common lol  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:30 AM   #52 
  - Why do Hillbots HATE math, history, and economics?  Truth Hurts A Lot   May-05-08 11:50 PM   #10 
  - I actually have degrees in history and economics, and love both... there is a difference b/t past  Texas Hill Country   May-05-08 11:59 PM   #21 
     - How does your Queen get the windfall tax and the investigations past the current King?  thecatburgler   May-06-08 12:40 AM   #60 
        - especially since she's "on tour"  SoCalDem   May-06-08 04:48 AM   #100 
           - Standing on the backs of pickups across the land. nt  thecatburgler   May-06-08 08:41 AM   #104 
  - I hear you, but except for talking about it what has she done to get it passed?  book_worm   May-05-08 11:50 PM   #11 
  - She'll blame Obama that it didn't get passed in time. Accepting wagers. nt  votesomemore   May-06-08 12:06 AM   #28 
     - And that legion of Economists elite including her friend Krugman  FrenchieCat   May-06-08 12:25 AM   #47 
     - She isn't going to cast her lot with economists, you know. Doesn't give a crap about OUR lot.  votesomemore   May-06-08 04:40 AM   #97 
     - I'll take the over  VolcanoJen   May-06-08 01:54 AM   #87 
  - What utter bullshit. Just more lies from the Hillary gang.  last1standing   May-05-08 11:51 PM   # 
  - someone whose gas and electricity is shut off is commuting over 225 miles a week?  onenote   May-05-08 11:51 PM   #12 
  - the point is completely being missed  Skittles   May-05-08 11:55 PM   #15 
  - she offers a long term solution as well, but recognizes the need for a short term one as well. you  Texas Hill Country   May-05-08 11:56 PM   #17 
     - what the FUCK do you mean by "YOU PEOPLE" ?  Skittles   May-05-08 11:59 PM   #22 
        - i meant obama supporters in general, sorry... i just start assuming around here, and you know what  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:09 AM   #30 
           - it's just that  Skittles   May-06-08 12:35 AM   #54 
              - So who are you voting for in November?  VolcanoJen   May-06-08 02:02 AM   #90 
  - So it is worth it to those folks who faced horrid situations to  mcctatas   May-05-08 11:55 PM   #16 
  - hmmm... and how does that happen when the hwy fund is not affected by Hillary's proposal?  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:01 AM   #26 
  - Yeah...  mcctatas   May-06-08 12:18 AM   #42 
  - It wouldn't hurt the toll road construction though, would it. It would even help them with  votesomemore   May-06-08 12:16 AM   #37 
  - Obama is all about doing nothing about anything. He's big on  The_Casual_Observer   May-05-08 11:56 PM   #18 
  - Windfall taxes on Big Oil are sure to be signed by King George.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 12:35 AM   #55 
     - It opens the door. Apparently you are happy with the way it is.  The_Casual_Observer   May-06-08 01:36 AM   #77 
        - "Opens the door" when?  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:42 AM   #79 
           - with obama never, he'll do nothing, he's already said so.  The_Casual_Observer   May-06-08 01:45 AM   #81 
              - Whereas your candidate wants to do something STUPID, which is so much better.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:50 AM   #84 
                 - It's something. obama's hands are tied, he can't do a god damn thing  The_Casual_Observer   May-06-08 01:52 AM   #85 
                    - Hillary's offering pandering and lies, and YOU are buying it.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:54 AM   #86 
                    - Hillary's the one co-opting the "hope" message for short-term gain...  VolcanoJen   May-06-08 01:59 AM   #89 
  - $30 a month for food?  Gore1FL   May-05-08 11:57 PM   #20 
  - You are right.  malletgirl02   May-06-08 01:45 AM   #83 
  - ....  TheDonkey   May-06-08 02:13 AM   #94 
  - The Obama logic is this.  Neshanic   May-06-08 12:00 AM   #25 
  - Are you INSANE?  scheming daemons   May-06-08 12:06 AM   #29 
  - I live in Phoenix, fuckhead.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 12:37 AM   #56 
  - I deserve to be fucked because I live in Los Angeles?  Shakespeare   May-06-08 12:43 AM   #64 
  - Is this some form of "free-writing" nonsense.  TheDonkey   May-06-08 02:15 AM   #95 
  - Oooh, anecdotes!  boppers   May-06-08 12:16 AM   #36 
  - continue to dump, it makes you look good  Hoof Hearted   May-06-08 12:42 AM   #62 
     - Not sure what you mean. eom  boppers   May-06-08 01:04 AM   #70 
     - Oh, maybe now I get it.  boppers   May-06-08 02:11 AM   #93 
  - Wow.......  FrenchieCat   May-06-08 12:16 AM   #38 
  - If you increase consumption by lowering the gas tax then prices will skyrocket  Quixote1818   May-06-08 12:18 AM   #41 
  - You've got anecdotes...  mcctatas   May-06-08 12:21 AM   #44 
  - 1. It's fantasy because Bush won't sign it. 2. Thus how many highway worker jobs is $10/mo worth?  MidwestTransplant   May-06-08 12:21 AM   #45 
  - In other words.....just another bunch of bullshit for us to swallow.  FrenchieCat   May-06-08 12:29 AM   #51 
  - you are thinking of McCains proposal, not the same as hillary's...  Texas Hill Country   May-06-08 12:42 AM   #63 
     - No, because Bush won't sign a winfall profit tax, the oil companies won't pay  MidwestTransplant   May-06-08 12:43 AM   #65 
  - I agree with part of what you say  graycem   May-06-08 12:27 AM   #49 
  - It's about 28 dollars for the entire 3 months, not each month.  FrenchieCat   May-06-08 12:30 AM   #53 
     - I know..  graycem   May-06-08 12:50 AM   #68 
  - Mustard sandwiches taste good when you are hungry enough.  pirhana   May-06-08 12:47 AM   #66 
  - That windshield hurts when your head is going through it.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:04 AM   #69 
  - Maybe if you would listen to what Hillary has to say about this you would know  pirhana   May-06-08 01:15 AM   #73 
     - Yeah, Chimpy is going to sign a windfall profits tax into law by Memorial Day.  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:18 AM   #76 
     - You mean her "plan"...  whistler162   May-06-08 01:37 AM   #78 
     - Oh wait, wasn't the windfall tax thing supposed to be for alternative fuels?  thecatburgler   May-06-08 01:44 AM   #80 
     - Take two steps back  dbmk   May-06-08 05:37 AM   #103 
  - That $30 will cost us millions in tax revenues --  sfexpat2000   May-06-08 01:15 AM   #74 
  - Ya know what?  cliffordu   May-06-08 01:58 AM   #88 
  - sigh.....  crimsonblue   May-06-08 02:03 AM   #91 
  - Serious question. Did gas prices only *suddenly* go up?  VolcanoJen   May-06-08 02:11 AM   #92 
  - Then given how much $30 means  livingmadness   May-06-08 02:43 AM   #96 
  - I hope Hillie's ordered a semi convoy of ramen noodles  SoCalDem   May-06-08 04:47 AM   #98 
  - ridiculous. I'm sorry but $10 dollars a month does NOT fucking make  cali   May-06-08 04:48 AM   #99 
  - Sen Obama plans a genuine wage tax cut that is worth more tthan 30 bucks. Clinton has no cuts.  barack the house   May-06-08 04:49 AM   #101 
  - But not a single person will get $30 from the "gas tax holiday"  IWantAnyDem   May-06-08 05:05 AM   #102 
  - we have a winner  WoodrowFan   May-06-08 08:54 AM   #108 
  - they'll need it when they are forced to buy health insurance!  CreekDog   May-06-08 08:47 AM   #105 
  - I bet they'd like a unicorn too  WoodrowFan   May-06-08 08:50 AM   #106 
  - This is stupid if you don't work you probably don't drive  Jake3463   May-06-08 08:51 AM   #107 

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