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Reply #29: Edwards was rising fast... [View All]

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DjTj Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-21-04 02:10 PM
Response to Original message
29. Edwards was rising fast... NH and many of the primaries after that. He shot up from single digits in the days leading up to vote in primary after primary.

I always felt like Edwards always needed one or two more days - he kept on falling just short.

Between Iowa and NH, the headlines were "Kerry Wins!" and "Dean Screams!" I think both Edwards and Clark would have gotten some boost if the Dean Scream story were allowed to die out and people got to actually hear a name besides Kerry.

Maybe Dean could have pivoted back to a campaign mesage about balanced budgets and health care, but I think the momentum was just too negative for him to recover after Iowa. Edwards and/or Clark may have been able to close the gap though, perhaps even laying the groundwork in a few later states. Maybe they would have just taken each other out though and still handed the nomination to Kerry.

...a lot of things could have happenned. Even then, I don't think everyone here was convinced it was all over.
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  -Would a different primary schedule have affected the outcome? Dookus  Jul-20-04 07:07 PM   #0 
  - I think it would have affected the outcome...  arcos   Jul-20-04 07:09 PM   #1 
  - well  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:11 PM   #2 
     - yes, but remember this year everything was unpredictable...  arcos   Jul-20-04 07:16 PM   #3 
     - well  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:19 PM   #4 
     - Kerry did plan things according to the dates or times  JI7   Jul-20-04 07:26 PM   #6 
        - correct...  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:39 PM   #10 
     - Dean announced that he was running for the Presidency  Nicholas_J   Jul-21-04 03:50 PM   #31 
     - disagree  Jim4Wes   Jul-21-04 04:06 PM   #33 
        - Clark may have ended up doing better  fujiyama   Jul-21-04 10:33 PM   #35 
  - New Hampshire  salonghorn70   Jul-20-04 07:22 PM   #5 
  - I agree...  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:29 PM   #7 
  - If the campaign hadn't started in Iowa, who knows?  mzmolly   Jul-20-04 07:33 PM   #8 
  - but it did start in Iowa...  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:38 PM   #9 
     - Well you asked the question "with a different primary schedule"  mzmolly   Jul-20-04 08:05 PM   #17 
        - ah, I see  Dookus   Jul-20-04 09:09 PM   #26 
  - well Dean was recovering before NH  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 07:42 PM   #11 
  - that's a misreading of history  Dookus   Jul-20-04 07:52 PM   #14 
  - now hold on Dookus  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 08:17 PM   #19 
  - You're right...  Dookus   Jul-20-04 08:58 PM   #24 
  - Because he lost Iowa in part.  madfloridian   Jul-20-04 08:32 PM   #21 
  - The reason Kerry  fujiyama   Jul-21-04 10:39 PM   #36 
     - yes, but Kerry's favorables were always high in New Hampshire  JI7   Jul-21-04 10:45 PM   #37 
  - Of course Dean did better in NH than Edwards  TexanForKerry   Jul-20-04 07:57 PM   #15 
  - I'm not sure how true this is  TexanForKerry   Jul-20-04 07:44 PM   #12 
  - true  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 07:49 PM   #13 
     - That wasn't really my point  TexanForKerry   Jul-20-04 07:59 PM   #16 
        - Kerry also has experience with the primary process  JI7   Jul-20-04 08:09 PM   #18 
        - well that was my point  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 08:20 PM   #20 
           - OK, I misunderstood  TexanForKerry   Jul-21-04 01:56 PM   #28 
           - I disagree  fujiyama   Jul-21-04 10:48 PM   #38 
  - Here is a chart of the dates of the primaries.  madfloridian   Jul-20-04 08:38 PM   #22 
  - I agree  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 08:48 PM   #23 
     - Florida was Dean/Clark most of the way.  madfloridian   Jul-20-04 09:03 PM   #25 
        - you make good points.  WI_DEM   Jul-20-04 09:11 PM   #27 
        - Dean did not really ever poll that well in Florida  Nicholas_J   Jul-21-04 09:58 PM   #34 
  - Edwards was rising fast...  DjTj   Jul-21-04 02:10 PM   #29 
  - It hurt Edwards the most  Yupster   Jul-21-04 02:19 PM   #30 
  - For one  Jim4Wes   Jul-21-04 03:57 PM   #32 
     - I think what hurt Clark  fujiyama   Jul-21-04 10:51 PM   #39 
        - That is obviously true  Tom Rinaldo   Jul-21-04 11:06 PM   #40 
           - yeah, it was accepted among all that Kerry's campaign was over  JI7   Jul-21-04 11:19 PM   #41 

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