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Reply #64: he does overdo his exuberation for Obama BUT..... [View All]

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ruby slippers Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-26-08 02:40 AM
Response to Reply #62
64. he does overdo his exuberation for Obama BUT.....
his show is one of few that will ask those hard questions of other things that the mainstream misses or intentionally leaves out. And, I like Rachel Maddow and Maria Milito. I just wish he would have a little more Stephanie Miller and Ron Reagan now and then....
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  -Olbermann Apologizes NYCGirl  Apr-25-08 02:56 PM   #0 
  - On occasion, Olbermann has named himself Worst Person In The World...  backscatter712   Apr-25-08 02:58 PM   #1 
  - Apologizing for figurative language now  tishaLA   Apr-25-08 02:58 PM   #2 
  - Silly, ain't it? NT  NYCGirl   Apr-25-08 03:01 PM   #4 
  - Girls and women all over the world are sold into sex slavery every frigging day of the week  WesDem   Apr-25-08 03:09 PM   #12 
  - Would the bolded part about Obama be silly, as well?  SaveOurDemocracy   Apr-25-08 03:15 PM   #18 
     - What would the Obama supporters here think if it was O'Reilly saying this about Obama?  kerry-is-my-prez   Apr-25-08 03:18 PM   #21 
     - this board would crash and they would be more OUTRAGED than after the last debate--calling  rodeodance   Apr-25-08 03:28 PM   #28 
     - OReilly: "I don't want to go on a lynching party..."  redstate_democrat   Apr-25-08 05:25 PM   #46 
     - It's a fairly common metaphor. NT  NYCGirl   Apr-25-08 03:42 PM   #33 
     - So, you'd be cool with ...  SaveOurDemocracy   Apr-25-08 03:51 PM   #34 
        - Personally, I'm not cool with Hannity saying "Good evening." But yes, I wouldn't  NYCGirl   Apr-25-08 04:20 PM   #35 
           - How very gracious of you.  Ronnie   Apr-25-08 04:35 PM   #38 
              - Now you're just getting silly.  NYCGirl   Apr-25-08 05:21 PM   #45 
     - For chrissakes, it was just a metophor  MindMatter   Apr-25-08 04:50 PM   #40 
  - We are truly in a sad state  ellacott   Apr-25-08 03:04 PM   #6 
  - Who are they?  Ronnie   Apr-25-08 04:39 PM   #39 
     - I know it does feel like high school around here...  ellacott   Apr-26-08 09:56 PM   #66 
  - Well yes but it does help calm the strain.  Zachstar   Apr-25-08 03:04 PM   #8 
  - Right, and we know Hillary's camp prefer Hannity and Fox Noise. n/t  ProSense   Apr-25-08 03:09 PM   #11 
     - They will get over it after they realize what the choice is.  Zachstar   Apr-25-08 03:19 PM   #22 
     - They will get over it after they realize what the choice is.  Zachstar   Apr-25-08 03:19 PM   #23 
  - and then Fineman and KO had a good laugh about only the 'he" coming out of the room.  rodeodance   Apr-25-08 03:30 PM   #29 
  - Figurative language? You mean like, "Shuck and jive?"  Rageneau   Apr-25-08 05:26 PM   #47 
  - After listening to the context in which he spoke, he obviously wasn't advocating murder...  Writer   Apr-25-08 02:59 PM   #3 
  - I remember that line. omg, can we say silly season?  BklynChick   Apr-25-08 03:03 PM   #5 
  - Its ridiculous that he should have to offer any kind of apology whatsoever.  hnmnf   Apr-25-08 03:04 PM   #7 
  - Both camps are in high stress for various reasons. So its good that he did so.  Zachstar   Apr-25-08 03:05 PM   #9 
  - Hyperbole...  BlueIdaho   Apr-25-08 03:07 PM   #10 
  - kicking for a good apology. I do think the metaphor was rather poor.  slinkerwink   Apr-25-08 03:10 PM   #13 
  - Whine Cry Lie Cheat Smear - Hilldog's got it all covered.  burythehatchet   Apr-25-08 03:11 PM   #14 
  - One thing I've noticed about NBC/MSNBC,  Uncle Joe   Apr-25-08 03:11 PM   #15 
  - Party leaders...  TTUBatfan2008   Apr-25-08 03:14 PM   #16 
  - Definitely  durrrty libby   Apr-25-08 03:15 PM   #17 
  - let this be a lesson to us all  Juniperx   Apr-25-08 03:16 PM   #19 
  - People who will walk on eggshells to avoid being racist do not worry about sexism  McCamy Taylor   Apr-25-08 03:17 PM   #20 
  - Olbermann - Worst Person in the Word  cricket08   Apr-25-08 03:21 PM   #24 
  - KO and Fineman yuked it up over KO comment that night. They were talking  rodeodance   Apr-25-08 03:22 PM   #25 
  - Amazing. The double standard on DU.  Evergreen Emerald   Apr-25-08 03:23 PM   #26 
  - Edwards left when it was time. So would Obama. She's bloodying our party.  jazzjunkysue   Apr-25-08 11:43 PM   #56 
  - I agree  ccharles000   Apr-26-08 01:31 AM   #60 
  - Its a shame HRC supporters don't know hyperbole when they hear it  BlueIdaho   Apr-25-08 03:27 PM   #27 
  - When evaluating hyperbole one considers the source.  Maribelle   Apr-25-08 03:32 PM   #32 
  - Only if one wants to sound delusional  BlueIdaho   Apr-25-08 07:29 PM   #53 
  - I'll Play  DemocratSinceBirth   Apr-25-08 05:13 PM   #44 
  - This is what I imagined when I heard that 'infamous' snippet...  Alii   Apr-26-08 02:03 AM   #63 
  - The Allegory of KOs Fables?  Maribelle   Apr-25-08 03:31 PM   #30 
  - How many of the above posters would certify that  zlt234   Apr-25-08 03:32 PM   #31 
  - The blind loyalty of the Obama folks is astounding, they defend things that  2rth2pwr   Apr-25-08 04:25 PM   #36 
  - Classier than the pundits lining up to spew Hillary's spin, by MILES.  redqueen   Apr-25-08 04:26 PM   #37 
  - Is it wrong to want to throw Hillary and her supporters in a bag and then throw the bag into a river  KaptBunnyPants   Apr-25-08 04:53 PM   #41 
  - If you throw away the old ones, who will be left to vote?  kiranon   Apr-25-08 05:57 PM   #50 
  - My side didn't betray you. Your betraying us.  KaptBunnyPants   Apr-25-08 06:46 PM   #51 
  - Agreed.  Voltaire99   Apr-26-08 03:17 AM   #65 
  - KO has zero credibility to begin with  JoFerret   Apr-25-08 05:06 PM   #42 
  - The ClintonCo Sphincter Police are at it again.  AtomicKitten   Apr-25-08 05:11 PM   #43 
  - When Hillary supporters get rid of all broadcast progressives  mmonk   Apr-25-08 05:42 PM   #48 
  - Olberman is a disgrace  OzarkDem   Apr-25-08 05:43 PM   #49 
  - What do you expect from a guy his age who's banging a 24 year old kid.  Beacool   Apr-26-08 01:26 AM   #59 
  - GOOD, get over it, its over, a non story.  Ichingcarpenter   Apr-25-08 06:50 PM   #52 
  - Perhaps women HIS OWN AGE scare Olbermann...  uncertainty1999   Apr-25-08 11:16 PM   #54 
  - I think that someone complained that he was implying that....  ruby slippers   Apr-25-08 11:28 PM   #55 
  - Fineman and Olbermann yucking it up about Hillary not coming out of the  rodeodance   Apr-25-08 11:57 PM   #57 
  - Olbermann and O'Reilly, ying and yang.  Beacool   Apr-26-08 01:23 AM   #58 
  - O'Reilley is cleaner...he uses louffas.....  ruby slippers   Apr-26-08 01:32 AM   #61 
     - I used to like watching KO,  Beacool   Apr-26-08 01:57 AM   #62 
        - he does overdo his exuberation for Obama BUT.....  ruby slippers   Apr-26-08 02:40 AM   #64 
  - Olbermann got lots of practice being a misogynist when he worked for Fox Sports Network  mtnsnake   Apr-26-08 10:03 PM   #67 

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