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Reply #5: I Think MI & FLA Will Bite Us In November If We Do Nothing [View All]

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Dinger Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-24-08 07:44 PM
Response to Reply #1
5. I Think MI & FLA Will Bite Us In November If We Do Nothing
And that could hurt.
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  -What Do You Think Should Be Done About Michigan & Florida? Dinger  Apr-24-08 07:41 PM   #0 
  - nothing  iamthebandfanman   Apr-24-08 07:42 PM   #1 
  - I Think MI & FLA Will Bite Us In November If We Do Nothing  Dinger   Apr-24-08 07:44 PM   #5 
     - As has been mentioned in previous posts, it will have to be something that....  LakeSamish706   Apr-24-08 07:48 PM   #12 
     - Yup  Dinger   Apr-24-08 07:51 PM   #14 
     - only if everyone continues to make a big deal outa it.  iamthebandfanman   Apr-24-08 07:50 PM   #13 
        - I Agree, It Might Be Lame  Dinger   Apr-24-08 07:53 PM   #19 
  - 50/50, both states  tridim   Apr-24-08 07:42 PM   #2 
  - Seat The Delegation...BUT  iamjoy   Apr-24-08 07:42 PM   #3 
  - wrong place delete  SunsetDreams   Apr-24-08 08:24 PM   #32 
  - Seat Florida. Revote Michigan.  bluetrain   Apr-24-08 07:43 PM   #4 
  - Seat the delegations and let them caucus and come up with their own damn solution.  Capn Sunshine   Apr-24-08 07:44 PM   #6 
  - Nothing. Hillary had a gigantic advantage in Florida with her name recognition and  GarbagemanLB   Apr-24-08 07:45 PM   #7 
  - I Don't Blame The DNC Like The repuke Legislatures In Each State  Dinger   Apr-24-08 07:46 PM   #9 
     - You're half right  WesDem   Apr-24-08 07:57 PM   #25 
     - Florida is Repuke controlled, Michigan has a Dem Governor  Hippo_Tron   Apr-24-08 08:44 PM   #40 
  - Florida 50/50 Re-vote Michigan.nt  oldgrowth   Apr-24-08 07:45 PM   #8 
  - Seat Florida 50/50, Caucus Michigan  olkaz   Apr-24-08 07:47 PM   #10 
  - Seat Florida and penalize them with a 50% loss of delegates.  Tatiana   Apr-24-08 07:47 PM   #11 
  - Caucuses are built to disenfranchise minorities. Vote on paper.  bluetrain   Apr-24-08 07:52 PM   #18 
     - There is not enough time or $$$ to conduct a primary at this stage.  Tatiana   Apr-24-08 10:05 PM   #44 
  - They were two illegitimate elections  WesDem   Apr-24-08 07:51 PM   #15 
  - split in down the middle, seat the delegates  BklynChick   Apr-24-08 07:52 PM   #16 
  - What the point of rules without consequences???  C_U_L8R   Apr-24-08 07:52 PM   #17 
  - I Know, But I Just Wish There Was A Way To Make Them "Pay" Without Hurting The Democratic Party  Dinger   Apr-24-08 07:56 PM   #23 
     - So do I, so do I  C_U_L8R   Apr-24-08 08:01 PM   #26 
  - Seat Florida and Revote Michigan as soon as possible before convention. nt  Seabiscuit   Apr-24-08 07:54 PM   #20 
  - Seat both...can't afford to piss off swing states  Secret_Society   Apr-24-08 07:54 PM   #21 
  - Same thing that's being done now, not a damn thing. Why reward those that don't want to play.......  Exilednight   Apr-24-08 07:55 PM   #22 
  - I Think This Might Be Like Cutting Of One's Nose To Spite The Face  Dinger   Apr-24-08 08:19 PM   #30 
  - Anything suggested that does not benefit Obama is a racist solution.  gsaguyCLW54   Apr-24-08 07:57 PM   #24 
  - Why fix wasn't isn't broken?  rateyes   Apr-24-08 08:07 PM   #27 
  - Simple  quakerboy   Apr-24-08 08:09 PM   # 
  - Seat the delegations... "no vote on the first ballot" as penalty  featherman   Apr-24-08 08:09 PM   #28 
  - They should both have a firehouse caucus and count 1/2 delegates. NO SUPER D's  Obama_for_our_future   Apr-24-08 08:12 PM   #29 
  - They should be seated  sniffa   Apr-24-08 08:20 PM   #31 
  - 50/50 Just like the RNC...with no Popular vote awarded(with a long explanation)  SunsetDreams   Apr-24-08 08:37 PM   #33 
  - Saw 'em off and set 'em afloat.  ClassWarrior   Apr-24-08 08:39 PM   #34 
  - they had their chance for a revote  CalGator   Apr-24-08 08:40 PM   #35 
  - And what about the people who didn't vote because they knew  kevinbgoode   Apr-24-08 08:41 PM   #36 
  - Nobody can agree so why ask us?  mmonk   Apr-24-08 08:42 PM   #37 
  - We may have to eat them since Costco is all out of rice.  Rosemary2205   Apr-24-08 08:43 PM   #38 
  - exactly  SunsetDreams   Apr-24-08 08:48 PM   #41 
  - They could mate.  impeachdubya   Apr-24-08 08:44 PM   #39 
  - Divide it totally equal, right down the middle...  Raine   Apr-24-08 08:56 PM   #42 
  - Seat them both...we need Hillary this fall!  ileus   Apr-24-08 08:58 PM   #43 

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