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Reply #2: Are you on crack? [View All]

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rockymountaindem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-23-08 10:53 AM
Response to Original message
2. Are you on crack?
Honestly, you're calling on the team that's ahead by three touchdowns with seven minutes to go in the 4th quarter to forfeit the game because they think the quarterback might not be able to lift the trophy or something stupid like that.

Obama should step aside now because... he's ahead in the popular vote? Won more states? More pledged delegates? Has a better chance against McCain? Oh wait, now he should drop out because he "knows he is not ready for the next stage". Don't you think he'd have thought of that before he even entered the race?

It's getting weird in here.
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  -If Obama is as good of a politician as I think, he will soon exit after extracting his next career CK_John  Apr-23-08 10:50 AM   #0 
  - Got your players reversed, have you?  Labors of Hercules   Apr-23-08 10:52 AM   #1 
  - Obama and his supporters are looking to the future, preparing for the next state...  PoliticalAmazon   Apr-23-08 11:19 AM   #21 
  - Are you on crack?  rockymountaindem   Apr-23-08 10:53 AM   #2 
  - I don't he ever thought he would get this far, and I don't think he can handle it. n/t  CK_John   Apr-23-08 10:55 AM   #4 
     - "I don't he ever thought he would get this far"  Bornaginhooligan   Apr-23-08 11:16 AM   #19 
     - Yeah, but you also said he knows the math and should exit. HAHAH. Obama HAS the math. You don't.  blm   Apr-23-08 12:15 PM   #26 
     - Considering that he DID get this far  NCevilDUer   Apr-23-08 12:38 PM   #28 
     - Like an old dog chasing tires, he doesn't know what to do when the car stops. n/t  CK_John   Apr-23-08 12:44 PM   #29 
     - He is more than handling it...  Growler   Apr-23-08 12:45 PM   #31 
  - I bet the sky on your planet is a nice shade of red.  guyanakoolaid   Apr-23-08 10:54 AM   #3 
  - How could so many Americans been wrong about him ?  jaysunb   Apr-23-08 10:56 AM   #5 
  - I did. n/t  CK_John   Apr-23-08 11:02 AM   #10 
  - that's beautifull delusional.  cali   Apr-23-08 11:00 AM   #6 
  - what?  helderheid   Apr-23-08 11:00 AM   #7 
  - Wow! What a monumentally stupid post!  bowens43   Apr-23-08 11:01 AM   #8 
  - Its off the charts!  thewiseguy   Apr-23-08 11:01 AM   #9 
  - dumb post  Pisces   Apr-23-08 11:02 AM   #11 
  - Obama is exiting straight into the White house. Just watch. nt  thereismore   Apr-23-08 11:03 AM   #12 
  - I have no time for this lunacy  SoonerPride   Apr-23-08 11:04 AM   #13 
  - mind warp  stillcool47   Apr-23-08 11:09 AM   #14 
  - Greetings to you and your friends in Opposite World!  Webster Green   Apr-23-08 11:09 AM   #15 
  - He knows the math, yes. The math that shows that Hillary is incapable of winning the nomination  Occam Bandage   Apr-23-08 11:10 AM   #16 
  - I really doubt he is going to exit the race he is winning  Innocent Smith   Apr-23-08 11:12 AM   #17 
  - He is not winning where/when it matters. n/t  CK_John   Apr-23-08 11:38 AM   #22 
  - If you say so. LOL. Would you exit if you were 150 ahead, of course not. What a very odd idea.  barack the house   Apr-23-08 11:14 AM   #18 
  - I have no idea what you're trying to say.  JBoy   Apr-23-08 11:18 AM   #20 
  - Well, that proves it......  sshan2525   Apr-23-08 12:05 PM   #23 
  - Wow, and I thought doing "shrooms' was passe now...  Spazito   Apr-23-08 12:09 PM   #24 
  - Interesting. nt  BlueIris   Apr-23-08 12:12 PM   #25 
  - why do you Hillbots keep floating this crap about Obama being #2  Az_lefty   Apr-23-08 12:17 PM   #27 
  - The part about him having an insurmountable lead seems to have escaped you.  AtomicKitten   Apr-23-08 12:45 PM   #30 
  - This is a new low for rubbish posts  TragedyandHope   Apr-23-08 12:45 PM   #32 
  - Nice try  livetohike   Apr-23-08 12:47 PM   #33 

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