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Come to think of it, one of the things I like most about Obama is his healthy ego. [View All]

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EFerrari Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-12-08 01:09 PM
Original message
Come to think of it, one of the things I like most about Obama is his healthy ego.
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Edited on Sat Apr-12-08 01:51 PM by sfexpat2000
When someone points out a mistake he's made, he can handle it. If he doesn't win something, he doesn't seem to beat himself up, he just focuses a little more, and keeps moving. If someone says he lacks X, he doesn't seem very defensive. He really doesn't seem to have a very high maintenance ego. It seems resilient and mostly balanced. Big enough to handle big projects but not out of control and / or in his way or, constantly burdening other people. He makes fun of himself a whole lot more than he pokes fun at others.

I really like that about him. What a change from the Torture President who is always asking us to understand him and to agree with him and to put up with his defensive bullshit, his miserable attempts at humor, and to pretend that we approve of his horrible "leadership".


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  -Come to think of it, one of the things I like most about Obama is his healthy ego. sfexpat2000  Apr-12-08 01:09 PM   #0 
  - One of the reasons I have come to like him alot  48percenter   Apr-12-08 01:12 PM   #1 
  - Humble pie can be quite nourishing AND it can be an opportunity to say things  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:22 PM   #11 
  - Sorry, but every President and every person running for Prez has a huge  joeybee12   Apr-12-08 01:12 PM   #2 
  - So, are you saying size matters?  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:13 PM   #4 
  - Yup, size matters...  joeybee12   Apr-12-08 01:55 PM   #40 
     - Size may matter if you're talking about a penis.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:04 PM   #42 
  - Definition of ego, please and thank you. nt  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:23 PM   #13 
  - HEALTHLY not huge......e.g. G W Bush..NT  caledesi   Apr-12-08 01:35 PM   #20 
  - Self-confidence and ego are not the same thing.  tinrobot   Apr-12-08 01:35 PM   #23 
     - Your ego is how you know who you are.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:49 PM   #35 
     - I disagree...they all have ego...many have self-confidence as well...  joeybee12   Apr-12-08 01:56 PM   #41 
        - Everyone who has any self awareness at all has ego.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:31 PM   #48 
        - True we all have ego...  tinrobot   Apr-12-08 05:35 PM   #84 
  - Sorry, but every President and every person running for Prez has a huge  joeybee12   Apr-12-08 01:12 PM   #3 
  - He Seems a Remarkably Sane and Hopeful Man  Demeter   Apr-12-08 01:14 PM   #5 
  - Remarkable is the right word, imho.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:16 PM   #7 
  - Reality testing is your friend. But I keep worrying about that too. nt  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:18 PM   #8 
  - Lol  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:22 PM   #12 
  - Well, He DID Have a Remarkable Mother  Demeter   Apr-12-08 01:24 PM   #14 
     - I really want to read that. Just saw the cover pic today. n/t  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:27 PM   #17 
        - It's on line. n/t  Demeter   Apr-12-08 01:34 PM   #19 
           - Super. I'm very curious. She sounds as though she passed along  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:35 PM   #21 
  - I'm reminded of ...  TahitiNut   Apr-12-08 03:07 PM   #60 
  - Absolutely!! This has been one of the Democrats BIGGEST problems. When someone comes after them,  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:16 PM   #6 
  - I've really started to enjoy Obama. Not as a groupie, exactly,  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:21 PM   #9 
     - I'm still and Edwards supporter. I was open to both HC and BO for a few months.  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:33 PM   #18 
     - In the beginning, I found him sort of irritating because his positions  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:38 PM   #25 
     - I Suspect That Events Will Propel President Obama and the Nation  Demeter   Apr-12-08 01:43 PM   #31 
     - That's good, patrice..  zidzi   Apr-12-08 03:16 PM   #68 
     - Long distance runner indeed. His sis, Maya, has stated that we should remember that Barack's father  MoJoWorkin   Apr-12-08 01:35 PM   #22 
     - I've never heard that. That's perfect!  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:39 PM   #27 
        - It was in an interview that she did somewhere, I will try and find it.  MoJoWorkin   Apr-12-08 01:40 PM   #29 
        - Here it is.  MoJoWorkin   Apr-12-08 01:44 PM   #32 
           - Thank you!  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:53 PM   #38 
           - Thanks, MoJoWorkin' ..  zidzi   Apr-12-08 03:26 PM   #70 
     - He's a good role  zidzi   Apr-12-08 03:06 PM   #58 
        - Woudln't that be something?  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:08 PM   #63 
  - He is not driven by his ego. He has a healthy perspective and  wienerdoggie   Apr-12-08 01:21 PM   #10 
  - It's a sizeable ego it's just not a FRAGILE ego  tularetom   Apr-12-08 01:25 PM   #15 
  - People who are at ease with themselves invite us to be at ease  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:27 PM   #16 
  - This is a Very Important Thread  Demeter   Apr-12-08 01:36 PM   #24 
  - This is why I'd never try to manage a campaign.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:40 PM   #28 
  - Ego is often equated with conceit, when, in fact, the opposite is true.  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:38 PM   #26 
  - Exactly. Ego is not conceit. It's the thing that glues you together  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:46 PM   #33 
  - As it turns out, he is spectacularly prepared for the job.  AtomicKitten   Apr-12-08 01:41 PM   #30 
  - You know, THAT's what has been generating the excitement that some mistake  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:48 PM   #34 
  - That's probably right. He's opened a window that has been jammed shut  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:15 PM   #45 
     - He's bypassing the m$$$m's  zidzi   Apr-12-08 03:29 PM   #71 
        - I believe there's a lot of truth in that.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 04:05 PM   #74 
  - Maybe being a risk taker is his character flaw.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:41 PM   #50 
     - Conventional wisdom says you're right -- Obama is proving it wrong.  AtomicKitten   Apr-12-08 03:52 PM   #73 
        - I'd love it if he proved me wrong every day until November.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 04:09 PM   #75 
           - I never suspected he would be so sassy, so resilient.  AtomicKitten   Apr-12-08 04:23 PM   #78 
  - Personally, I don't particularly like people who think they're better than everybody else.  ginchinchili   Apr-12-08 01:49 PM   #36 
  - You mistake someone who feels good in their own skin  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 01:52 PM   #37 
  - This is not an attack. I NEED to understand how you know he thinks he is better than everyone else.  patrice   Apr-12-08 01:54 PM   #39 
  - I don't believe you'll get a response that is a real answer.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:11 PM   #44 
     - I've had a similar problem my whole life. Largely because I am a "wordie".  patrice   Apr-12-08 02:28 PM   #46 
     - A healthy ego doesn't run around believing it is better than others.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:36 PM   #49 
        - AND a healthy ego doesn't go around thinking that others think they are better than s/he is.  patrice   Apr-12-08 02:54 PM   #52 
           - That's right. I thought about that after I posted.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 02:57 PM   #53 
              - It IS as Buckminster Fuller said "I seem to be a verb."  patrice   Apr-12-08 03:05 PM   #57 
     - That is generally the case.  merh   Apr-12-08 03:02 PM   #56 
        - I'm still waiting for that list of sexist crimes myself.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:07 PM   #61 
           - You would think they could give us a list  merh   Apr-12-08 03:26 PM   #69 
              - Maybe they're out of order.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:30 PM   #72 
  - Agree, its not a good personality trait for POTUS  OzarkDem   Apr-12-08 02:50 PM   #51 
     - By what means do you know what his "personality trait" is?  patrice   Apr-12-08 02:58 PM   #54 
  - I agree  Raine   Apr-12-08 02:09 PM   #43 
  - Agree completely. While pundits were putting us through  Vinca   Apr-12-08 02:30 PM   #47 
  - having a big ego and being a condescending snob are 2 different things. nt  VotesForWomen   Apr-12-08 03:02 PM   #55 
  - It would be helpful to your point if you would make your case for that. nt  patrice   Apr-12-08 03:06 PM   #59 
  - And having a "healthy ego" is different than those "2 different things."  Swamp Rat   Apr-12-08 03:07 PM   #62 
  - omfg  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:10 PM   #65 
  - Definitely. Just like believing the Democratic Party owed you the nom  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:09 PM   #64 
  - very well put and it also makes him look great when he gets pissed  grantcart   Apr-12-08 03:13 PM   #66 
  - I've no problem with people getting pissed over stupid stuff.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 03:15 PM   #67 
  - And bla, bla, bla, bla, blaaaahh.  Auntie Bush   Apr-12-08 04:10 PM   #76 
  - This is the second OP I've posted and the first one about a candidate.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 04:25 PM   #79 
  - Don't take it personally.  Auntie Bush   Apr-12-08 05:13 PM   #82 
     - It's all good.  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 05:19 PM   #83 
  - And if it was about a certain other candidate you'd be praising it to high heaven. nt  patrice   Apr-12-08 04:49 PM   #81 
  - "You really wouldn't want  H2O Man   Apr-12-08 04:11 PM   #77 
     - LOL!  sfexpat2000   Apr-12-08 04:25 PM   #80 

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