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Reply #19: Yah, sometimes Keith goes a little far.... [View All]

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Barb in Atl Donating Member (254 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-08-08 12:58 PM
Response to Original message
19. Yah, sometimes Keith goes a little far....
I watch him regularly and he can be harsh on Hillary. I really thought the heel dragging thing last night was uncalled for. But I am fairly confident that were the roles reversed, Obama would be out of the race by now. And if he did not, I can only imagine the journalistic beat down he would endure - equal to or more severe than the one that Hillary has to face because he's a newbie. She's got some clout, still.

My brother came up with a great idea. He thinks that, for the good of the Democratic party, Obama should withdraw and watch the uproar and outrage that would ensue. I'm not in favor of that tactic. I think it would backfire badly.
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  -The Press v. Dr. King and The Mother Jones Wing of the Democratic Party McCamy Taylor  Apr-08-08 02:54 AM   #0 
  - Look, I'll back HRC if she's nominated...  Ken Burch   Apr-08-08 03:05 AM   #1 
  - Why hasn't Obama called for Bush to boycott the Olympics?  cornermouse   Apr-08-08 03:51 AM   #2 
     - I don't know.  Ken Burch   Apr-08-08 04:07 AM   #3 
     - cause it's a pointless empty gesture?  Tunkamerica   Apr-08-08 04:07 AM   #4 
        - China is already upset--the ceremony is a $$$ to China. Lehrer news Hr  rodeodance   Apr-08-08 08:48 AM   #14 
  - omg, there is a protest of the networks scheduled, over the media bias  McCamy Taylor   Apr-08-08 04:39 AM   #5 
  - Yes, Keith Olbermann is right-wing, while FOX News and Richard Mellon Scaife are left-wing.  chascarrillo   Apr-08-08 05:07 AM   #6 
  - Your argument is long and decorative, but Dems think KO speaks for Obama not the RW.  McCamy Taylor   Apr-08-08 05:15 AM   #7 
     - KO is a sorry excuse for journalism regardless of who he supports  GoldieAZ49   Apr-08-08 06:25 AM   #8 
        - And again, you two, along with Ed Rendell, can stick with the fair and balanced FOX News.  chascarrillo   Apr-08-08 09:23 AM   #16 
           - KO is a "News Source"?  GoldieAZ49   Apr-08-08 09:29 AM   #17 
              - Your reaction explains a lot, too.  chascarrillo   Apr-08-08 09:51 AM   #18 
  - hillary has "mother jones" votes?  madrchsod   Apr-08-08 07:15 AM   #9 
  - Fiction: Obama takes no lobbyist or corporate money. In fact he does.  McCamy Taylor   Apr-08-08 07:01 PM   #22 
  - Thanks for  dwahzon   Apr-08-08 07:18 AM   #10 
  - Would Mother Jones  Bluenorthwest   Apr-08-08 08:08 AM   #12 
     - And Mother Jones would have trusted Bush not to attack Iran, too!  nonoxy9   Apr-08-08 05:39 PM   #21 
     - She would not have imprisoned the Japanese during WWII either.  McCamy Taylor   Apr-08-08 07:07 PM   #23 
  - The corporate media  The Wizard   Apr-08-08 07:50 AM   #11 
  - The War on MLK continues.  reprehensor   Apr-08-08 08:20 AM   #13 
  - this is a great, well-researched article. thanks & kudos to you!  bpeale   Apr-08-08 08:58 AM   #15 
  - Yah, sometimes Keith goes a little far....  BleedinHeart   Apr-08-08 12:58 PM   #19 
  - Nicely done. I was hoping you would do a piece on this.  InfiniteNether   Apr-08-08 03:37 PM   #20 
  - God Bless  mdmc   Apr-12-08 08:05 PM   #24 

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