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Reply #21: Ditto. Ditto... [View All]

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cosmokramer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-30-04 03:37 PM
Response to Original message
21. Ditto. Ditto...
...and ditto again.
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  -Why Clark for VP rather than Secretary of State? Tom Rinaldo  May-30-04 11:00 AM   #0 
  - Take a day off.  chimpymustgo   May-30-04 11:01 AM   #1 
  - ROFL!!!  eaprez   May-30-04 11:05 AM   #2 
  - Honestly I think that was a very poor reply  Tom Rinaldo   May-30-04 11:12 AM   #4 
  - Well said...  Rowdyboy   May-30-04 11:21 AM   #6 
  - Your post wouldn't have received that TASTELESS  in_cog_ni_to   May-30-04 11:27 AM   #8 
  - wish i could write like you  Paradise   May-30-04 11:32 AM   #10 
  - Mistaken post. Just ignore n/t  Tom Rinaldo   May-30-04 12:28 PM   #15 
  - Go find your manners  WesDem   May-30-04 03:15 PM   #20 
     - I think I found them over here under this yellow slimy rock.  Anti Bush   May-30-04 08:26 PM   #23 
  - Arkansas  lanparty   May-30-04 11:10 AM   #3 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   May-30-04 12:19 PM   #14 
  - Good show, Tom....  Rowdyboy   May-30-04 11:19 AM   #5 
  - Excellent Analysis  salonghorn70   May-30-04 11:26 AM   #7 
  - I think you put together a well researched and written...  rasputin1952   May-30-04 11:28 AM   #9 
  - There's no better choice than Clark  Sparkly   May-30-04 11:43 AM   #11 
  - As Secretary of State, Clark *still* adds to the ticket just as Powell  w4rma   May-30-04 11:44 AM   #12 
  - Excellent post!  Spazito   May-30-04 12:18 PM   #13 
  - You are SO right!  hf_jai   May-30-04 12:53 PM   #16 
  - Good point about managing rivalries between Defense and State  Tom Rinaldo   May-30-04 01:17 PM   #17 
     - Excellent point  hf_jai   May-30-04 01:35 PM   #18 
  - If I had to bet,  tameszu   May-30-04 02:01 PM   #19 
  - Oh, I disagree.  cosmokramer   May-30-04 06:55 PM   #22 
  - I think Clark could seriously help the ticket foreign policy-wise  tameszu   May-30-04 11:08 PM   #26 
     - Powell wasnt' announced...  cosmokramer   May-31-04 05:31 PM   #27 
  - IF he doesn't "want" to be VP,  in_cog_ni_to   May-30-04 09:20 PM   #24 
  - Ditto. Ditto...  cosmokramer   May-30-04 03:37 PM   #21 
  - I'm fine w/ either one- so long as Clark gets high exposure...  Dr Fate   May-30-04 09:34 PM   #25 
  - Uh, because we have to win, before we think of a cabinet?  robbedvoter   May-31-04 05:37 PM   #28 
     - I agree, that is the best argument for Wes as VP lol n/t  Tom Rinaldo   May-31-04 06:01 PM   #29 

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