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Reply #25: Interesting double standard [View All]

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OzarkDem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-22-08 10:30 AM
Response to Original message
25. Interesting double standard
The Obama campaign is full of contradictions.
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  -****BREAKING: Bill Richardson DEFIES Obama Camp Request!**** LulaMay  Mar-22-08 05:27 AM   #0 
  - BREAKING NEWS!  Syrinx   Mar-22-08 05:39 AM   #1 
  - More Breaking News: Bill Richardson Defies Queen Hillary  lligrd   Mar-22-08 05:43 AM   #2 
  - Hey, write our own jokes! Cheater. :)  LulaMay   Mar-22-08 05:44 AM   #3 
     - Oops, That Wasn't A Joke. nt  lligrd   Mar-22-08 05:53 AM   #5 
     - I was just trying to be nice about it. Maybe a writing class would help?  LulaMay   Mar-22-08 05:54 AM   #7 
        - Not All Of Us Dropped Out Of School In The Eighth Grade Lulu  Binka   Mar-22-08 06:14 AM   #9 
     - Well, since Obama simply folllows Hilary's lead on healthcare, the economy,  joeybee12   Mar-22-08 07:02 AM   #11 
        - Mr. "I agree with her" you mean?  JoFerret   Mar-22-08 08:24 AM   #19 
  - Smoking Crack Again?  Binka   Mar-22-08 05:47 AM   #4 
  - Umm...  yibbehobba   Mar-22-08 05:54 AM   #6 
  - Great satire!  citizen_jane   Mar-22-08 06:07 AM   #8 
  - Satire needs an ironic connection with the truth. This was just dumb  MindMatter   Mar-22-08 05:33 PM   #33 
     - That is all subject to perception.  citizen_jane   Mar-22-08 09:21 PM   #34 
  - Blowback is a b.... bear  C_U_L8R   Mar-22-08 06:45 AM   #10 
  - More BITTER NEWS! tsk tsk tsk Hateration to the LaLa Max!  NDambi   Mar-22-08 07:13 AM   #12 
  - bitter much?  ulysses   Mar-22-08 07:14 AM   #13 
  - We're such dorks, here.  rucky   Mar-22-08 07:16 AM   #14 
  - pretty soon their will be no straws left to grasp at ....  mythyc   Mar-22-08 07:24 AM   #15 
  - I won't respond to any post, no matter how vacuous and histrionic, unless  Old Crusoe   Mar-22-08 07:31 AM   #16 
  - .  ulysses   Mar-22-08 07:33 AM   #17 
  - And grow the beard longer?  Maribelle   Mar-22-08 08:13 AM   #18 
  - Hillary should THANK Richardson for what he did  mw   Mar-22-08 08:42 AM   #20 
  - WOW...and more  pompano   Mar-22-08 10:18 AM   #22 
     - OMG... totally cracking up. Methinks it might be OP material :-)  K Gardner   Mar-22-08 10:27 AM   #23 
        - A Hillary supporter writes satire, is lambasted by O people. An O supporter does it and is lauded.  Straight Shooter   Mar-22-08 10:35 AM   #26 
  - Sad thing is  JoFerret   Mar-22-08 09:41 AM   #21 
  - I beg you pardon?  pompano   Mar-22-08 10:28 AM   #24 
  - Bill Clinton applied affirmative Action  DearAbby   Mar-22-08 10:43 AM   #28 
  - Interesting double standard  OzarkDem   Mar-22-08 10:30 AM   #25 
  - Maybe there's a connection between Richardson's decision  rocknation   Mar-22-08 10:42 AM   #27 
  - Since state delegates are proportional, why shouldn't the SDs be?  thecatburgler   Mar-22-08 10:48 AM   #29 
  - The Gov. of Oregon, who endorsed Hillary, will have to vote for Barack as a superdel  NormaR   Mar-22-08 11:15 AM   #30 
  - He's representing the people of NM who voted for Obama  Fighting Irish   Mar-22-08 11:22 AM   #31 
  - uh, he lives at the Gov.'s mansion in SANTA FE!  rusty fender   Mar-22-08 11:36 AM   #32 

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